Sertec Group Holdings Deploys aPriori's Cost Management Technology

LONDON – aPriori, a provider of product cost management software solutions, has announced that automotive parts specialist Sertec has adopted the aPriori software platform to deliver more rapid, accurate and detailed responses to manufacturer requests for quotations (RFQs). Sertec’s objective in deploying aPriori is to secure a higher volume of profitable business by quickly gaining detailed understanding of the cost requirements of any particular project.

Sertec Group Holdings Ltd is a and assembly processes for the automotive industry, including transfer and progression presswork, tube manipulation, wire forming,deep drawing, welded and self-piercing riveted components. The company operates its headquarters and three manufacturing sites in the UK, as well as a further manufacturing plant in Estonia and a tooling operation in China.

Using aPriori's flexible virtual production environment (VPE) feature, Sertec will be able to model each of its manufacturing facilities throughout the world, including site specific material stock types, pricing, machine types and operating attributes, intelligent process routings, labor and overhead costs, and more. Setup of VPEs is very straightforward, and aPriori provides quarterly updates for material and machine data. Once established, Sertec Cost Estimators will be able to open any 3D CAD model (e.g. CATIA, Siemens NX, or even a STEP model), answer a few basic questions about how the part will be made and let the aPriori system automatically produce a highly-detailed cost assessment for the part in just a few seconds. This capability will enable Sertec to respond to a far greater number of customer RFQs with greater accuracy and detail than ever before.

“Sertec is an ambitious, rapidly expanding business, so we want to be able to react more quickly and accurately to new business opportunities,” said Dave Steggles, Sertec Group commercial director. “aPriori’s software platform enables us to deliver very accurate responses to RFQs by taking product models from CAD to costs in minutes rather than days or weeks, providing precise cost assessments that update in real-time and keep us one step ahead in a highly-competitive industry.aPriori’s Northern Europe managing director Myles Peyton said: “aPriori significantly improves the chances of suppliers winning new contracts by rapidly and consistently transforming client CAD models into highly detailed and accurate quote responses. In a recovering economy and highly competitive manufacturing industry, these are truly formidable advantages that can help suppliers like Sertec secure contracts, increase revenue and expand their operations. aPriori is capable of automatically generating not only the fully-burdened cost of a part, but all of the associated details of how it can be manufactured most efficiently. Details calculated by aPriori include: operation and routing, machining and tooling, manufacturing times, materials, labor and many other variable and capital costs.”

Sertec will unlock further huge potential by deploying aPriori technology to replace traditional cost-estimation techniques with real-time cost visibility and estimation capabilities. Faster, more detailed, more consistent cost estimates will allow Sertec to respond more quickly to RFQs, win more profitable business and drive future growth. With aPriori, RFQs for commodity parts will now be turned around by Sertec in a matter of minutes, enabling its highly-experienced cost engineers to focus on more complex part processes and overall production strategy.