PumpScout.com Offers New Site Feature

The website’s search engine connects buyers with pump suppliers to get price quotes.

PumpScout.com makes the purchasing process easier and faster by inviting buyers to enter information about the type of pump they’re looking for and the application into the website’s industrial search engine. The search tool not only provides a list of companies that offer the appropriate pump – but it also lets the buyers immediately request a price quote.

Buyers can specify whether they prefer a local or national supplier. PumpScout.com culls the best results from its database of hundreds of pump companies, including some of the biggest names in the industry from Wilden Pump and Cat Pumps to Gorman-Rupp and Blackmer. PumpScout.com’s partners load their products into the website’s database so buyers have access to everything that’s available. Companies offer a wide range of pumps from mag drive to diaphragm and many more to fit nearly every application.

The process takes minutes, and the service is free.

In addition to helping buyers connect with suppliers, PumpScout.com also offers a wealth of pump-related information and content. The website features helpful articles from fluid handling experts and comprehensive guides to assist buyers in identifying the right pump for their application.

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