Olympic Ads Help Boost GM Sales

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors says its U.S. sales rose 10 percent last month as advertising on the Olympics and a Chevrolet money-back guarantee program drew more customers.

GM rebounded from a bad July to sell almost 241,000 cars and trucks in August. Chevy brand sales were up more than 11 percent, and Chevy car sales rose 25 percent. But SUV sales tumbled in a month with rising gasoline prices.

Industry analysts expect GM's sales to lag the rest of the industry. Overall U.S. sales were expected to rise about 20 percent compared with a year ago.

Sales of GM's top-selling vehicle, the Chevrolet Silverado pickup, rose 4 percent. Chevy Cruze compact sales were up 19 percent.

GM began offering a money-back guarantee to Chevrolet buyers on July 10.

All automakers are reporting U.S. auto sales on Tuesday.