Automated Steel Saw Improves Delivery & Tolerances

Automated Steel Saw at Industrial Tube and Steel Improves Delivery and Tolerances on Custom Orders

KENT, Ohio -- Industrial Tube and Steel, one of the leading suppliers of custom cut metal, steel tubing and cast iron, has added a high tech sawing machine to their factory equipment. Their new Hyd-Mech Shark Steel Saw features a semi-automatic cutting cycle using the latest in generation technologies to ensure fast and accurate cutting of steel bar and tubing.

"Our focus has always been custom orders with a fast turnaround. Our recent investment in this state-of-the-art saw machinery ensures that our customers receive their product as quickly as possible," said Dick Siess, president of Industrial Tube and Steel. "The Hyd-Mech Saw allows us to cut 100 pieces of pipe in the same time it used to take to manually cut one or two, allowing for faster production in cutting tubing with more accurate tolerances."

The computerized double column band saw has a 16.5 inch cutting capacity. The automated saw blade cuts a higher volume of materials within a fraction of the time of manual machinery. This translates to even greater accuracy and faster delivery times for customers.

"When our customers need steel bars or tubing to ensure their production line continues to operate effectively, time is of the essence," said Siess. "This saw is one of the first of its kind here in the United States."