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VIDEO: Meeting the Demands of Microwaved-Food Consumers

In today's time-starved, always on-the-go world, eating can occur anytime, anywhere. Eating alone is an increasingly common practice and family dynamics have also shifted. Approximately 75 percent of decisions about what to have for dinner are made that same day.

ATLANTA (PRNewswire) — Leading packaging manufacturer Graphic Packaging International has created a 90-second video that showcases how microwave cooking is meeting the demands of today's increasingly time starved, always on the go consumer. 

"The fact that the global market for microwave packaging is projected to grow to $12 billion by 2018 clearly demonstrates that today's consumers are busy and seek convenient cooking solutions," said Jeff Voyzey, Business Development Manager for Graphic Packaging. "Graphic Packaging is meeting those needs with innovative microwave cooking solutions."

Changing Demographics and Eating Habits

  • 46 percent of adults eat alone daily (The Hartman Group Eating Occasions Compass, 2012)
  • Single parent households make up more than 50 percent in some countries (Nickelodeon Kids and Family GPS, The Global Family Study, 2013)
  • One in five Americans take an on the go approach to eating (IRI– Consumer Eating Behavior survey, May 2013)

Microwaves Provide More than Ease and Convenience

  • Environmentally friendly:  microwaves have energy efficiency of 65 percent, the most environmentally friendly method of cooking smaller meals (
  • Kid safe:  microwaves heat food; the risk of burns is reduced
  • Healthy alternative: microwaves don't change nutritional content of foods any more than conventional cooking
  • Time savings: microwaves require shorter prep times

Graphic Packaging International provides world-class cooking solutions that allow brands to thrive in the marketplace.  Its proprietary microwave technology has succeeded in doing what no other microwave packaging design has ever done – focus microwave energy right where it's needed to deliver consistent even heating, browning and crisping of food.

View the Video HERE

About Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Graphic Packaging International, Inc. (NYSE: GPK), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading provider of packaging solutions for a wide variety of products to food, beverage and other consumer products companies. The Company is one of the largest producers of folding cartons and holds a leading market position in coated unbleached kraft and coated recycled board. The Company's customers include some of the most widely recognized companies in the world. Additional information about Graphic Packaging, its business and its products, is available on the Company's website at