Consumer Trends: Edible Label for Cannabis Products

CannaBadge has introduced an all-natural frosting label that goes directly on a cannabis infused product, such as cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes.

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) — CannaBadge, the inventor of edible cannabis product labels for cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes, have introduced an all natural frosting label that goes directly on a cannabis infused product.

Completely customizable, the edible labels can feature logos, warning information, serving suggestions, or even a QR Code.

"Putting a label on the product instead of just on a bag or wrap is the smart and responsible method of meeting child safety and packaging regulations," said Carolyn Sevos, Founder and CEO of CannaBadge. "An edible label enhances brand identity and customer loyalty, and protects manufacturers and dispensary owners from potential liability when accidental or over ingestion occurs when a product becomes separated from its packaging.

People who would be at risk for accidental ingestion now have an extra level of protection with CannaBadge. Brands can achieve more immediate product identification, and dosage awareness can no longer be easily ignored. "Just as importantly, if you've forgotten exactly what it is you're holding in your hand, CannaBadge is there to remind and help you," Sevos added.

Made with all natural ingredients, each CannaBadge is made to order for each state, brand and provider with custom full-color images and text.

The CannaBadge edible graphic can be customized to include THC levels, dosages, state-specific warnings and brand logos, and can be applied to almost any edible infused product.

Manufacturers of infused edible products can receive free design and sample kits. Qualified manufacturers may also request a larger sample kit to allow for experimentation on applying the edible label on their product line.

"Rather than receiving negative publicity that may lead to tighter regulations or serious liability, now manufacturers, distributors and sellers of infused edibles can get great publicity, as well enhanced branding by applying a CannaBadge today."

For more information on CannaBadge, or to discuss an edible label solution, call (646) 246-1742, or visit: