Natural Pet Food Maker Uses Color-Coded Packaging as Brand Recognition

Natural pet care maker "I and love and you" launched new packaging designs with color-coding and iconography so pet parents can quickly find the right food.

BOULDER, Colo. (PRNewswire) — Choosing Fido's dinner shouldn't be "ruff." Natural pet care maker "I and love and you" launched new packaging designs with improved color-coding and iconography so pet parents can quickly find the right food. 

Packaging now features the new "I and love and you" logo design to enable stronger brand recognition alongside color-coding features which include base packaging color (white for dogs, silver for cats), top and bottom banner colors (e.g. green for raw food, purple for kibble, teal for chews, etc.), and additional colors for the recipe flavors (blue for seafood, red for beef, orange for poultry, etc.).

"We wanted to make product selection easier and more intuitive," said Steve Ball, "I and love and you" CEO and co-founder.  "The refreshed designs improve shoppablity within the "I and love and you" set, making it much simpler for pet parents to find exactly what they're looking for by utilizing the fun, modern color cues.  The refreshed design works both functionally and emotionally to communicate features and benefits along with the brand's unique and fun personality, which is a huge differentiator in the pet category."

In addition, the new packaging includes health and wellness icons on the front label that highlight each product's functional benefits such as dental health, digestive support, and joint maintenance.  Consumers can now easily shop across the entire "I and love and you" line for products to support their pet's whole health. New packages also feature improved product benefit communication and ingredient driven images to highlight superior nutrition on the front and back, which help discerning pet parents make informed choices.

"When developing the design, we wanted to provide added information on the functional product benefits, and better highlight our quality ingredients and sourcing with all our food being made in the USA," said Ball. "Consumers really love the fun, conversational tone that communicates our brand personality."  

The new packaging helps "I and love and you" present a bold and visually impactful set in retail environments, resulting in a strong and lasting first impression with consumers.

About "I and love and you"
Founded in 2012 by a team of industry veterans and pet care experts, "I and love and you" ( knows all about that special bond between pets and humans. Committed to helping give pets the very best, all products meet rigorous ingredient standards and are approved by an on-staff holistic veterinarian. "I and love and you" has created the first Total Pet Care Solution with natural, easy-to-use products: healthy food + treats + chews, supplements + remedies and flea + tick protection. "I and love and you" offers everything a well-rounded pet needs. Minus a tummy rub. They're still trying to figure out how to put that in a package.