Dry-Age Steak Refrigerators Come to Consumers' Kitchens

A San Diego entrepreneur is developing the first in-home dry-age refrigerator. Called the Steaklocker, it uses the relatively simple process that has been used in fine restaurants for many years. Steak-lovers can save 50-70 percent on current retail dry-age prices.

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SAN DIEGO (PRNewswire) — Dry-aging steaks is a relatively simple process that has been used in fine restaurants for many years. It creates superbly tender and flavorful steaks by letting naturally-occurring enzymes slowly tenderize the meat in a controlled refrigerated environment.

The steaks will continue to become more flavorful for up to 90 days.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done in a traditional home refrigerator because the high humidity and fluctuating temperatures promote bacterial growth, which can ruin the meat and create health issues, such as cause foodborne illnesses. So it has not been possible for the general public to safely dry-age prime cuts of beef in their homes.

Until now.

Nadia Bruno, a San Diego entrepreneur, is developing the first commercially available dry-age refrigerator for the home chef. Called the Steaklocker, it combines the best of old world dry-aging techniques with sophisticated modern technology, allowing the consumer to control the process.

Not only that, but by purchasing the beef in supermarkets and butcher shops, and then dry-aging at home, steak-lovers can save 50-70 percent on current retail dry-age steak prices. "Steaklocker is going to change the way people dine at home," said Bruno.

Bruno and her technical team are developing a state-of-the-art digital hygrometer controller, which allows consumers to adjust the recommended settings that vary the flavor and tenderness of the meat. In addition, the Steaklocker will also feature a smart app that provides instant feedback on the temperature and humidity operations of the refrigerator.

Steaklocker recently had a very successful Kickstarter campaign in the food category. It was No. 1 in San Diegoand No. 11 in food for the entire history of Kickstarter campaigns. It raised over $191,000.

To help continued funding of this project, she has launched an Indiegogo campaign.

Donations of any amount are welcome. Those pledging $29 or more will receive a Steaklocker chopping board. Other perks include aprons and chefs jackets.

Backers can also take advantage of the early bird special, a first-edition Steaklocker dry-age refrigerator for$575, almost 50 percent less than retail pricing.

"We need help from steak-lovers to finish this project," Bruno said. "We have suppliers waiting to manufacture the fridge and engineering partners ready to finalize the electronics and wireless applications.

For additional information, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/steaklocker-the-world-s-first-chef-inspired-in-home-dry-age-steak-fridge; the Steaklocker website, or the Steaklocker Facebook page.