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Self-Service Technology is Changing the Landscape of Society

Many industries are beginning to embrace self-service technology. The world's largest fast-food chain, McDonald's, has even installed the self-service kiosks with touch-screen terminals in Europe to allow customers to order and pay electronically.

CORONA, Calif. (PRNewswire) — AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (, a leader in automated retailing systems and custom vending machines, commented on the many industries that are embracing the rapidly growing self-service industry.

"Self-service technology, kiosks especially, may be changing the way we access health care," Kiosk Marketplace reported.

In an August report on pharmacy automation, the industry was valued at $4.7 billion globally, and is expected to reach $7.8 billion by 2018, Pharmacy Times reported. 

The largest share of that value comes from automated medicine dispensing systems — kiosks that track and supply medication and are designed to eliminate human error in the workplace.

"Among the latest systems in medicine dispensing are the marijuana dispensary kiosks gaining traction across the country as laws change in favor of medicinal or recreational cannabis," Kiosk Marketplace reported. "One such kiosk solution comes from Medbox, a provider of technology to marijuana dispensaries across the nation." AVT is the exclusive manufacturer of Medbox systems.

It is not just healthcare that is embracing self-service technology. Industries in virtually every sector are realizing the benefits of "Automated Retailing."

McDonald's is another example.  The world's largest fast-food chain has installed self-service kiosks with touch-screen terminals in Europe to allow customers to order and pay electronically.

Mark Fabes, Director of IT at McDonald's Restaurants, said his main challenge is keeping up with consumer expectations. "Our customers have technology at their fingertips and expect to engage with our business using technology," he told Computer Weekly.

McDonald's says the kiosks will make its restaurants more convenient and efficient, and is expected to spread across the U.S. soon, according to MSN Money.

Fabes said the McDonald's board is incredibly supportive of investment in technology. This support comes from explaining in business terms what the technology will bring to the company. "It's more than enablement, it's business growth."

AVT is at the forefront of implementing new technologies into kiosks, to deliver an optimum customer experience. "Automated Retailing is an ideal solution for many situations," commented Shannon Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of AVT, Inc. "The customer prefers the automated experience, and businesses save time and money," he stated. "It's a win-win."