Consumer Trends: Dog Owners Shell Out Cash for Premium Pet Food

Despite the tough economic climate, dog owners say they are still prepared to spend for their pets by purchasing premium dog food. In a recent questionnaire, 74 percent of dog owners said that they buy top quality, premium pet food products.

(PRWEB UK) — Despite the tough economic climate, dog owners are still prepared to spend out on their pets and ensure that their health is in good check by purchasing premium dog food.

In a recent customer questionnaire, conducted by online pet supplies store GJW Titmuss, the company observed that 74 percent of dog owners buy top quality, premium pet food products.

The questionnaire, based on the dietary requirements of man’s best friend, also found that 28 percent of owners purchase specialist food for their pet dog due to skin problems, weight, sensitive stomachs, and old age.

To reinforce the point that owners are prepared to splash out on a decent doggy diet, the statistics highlighted that ‘quality’ over ‘cost’ is the most important factor when choosing suitable dog food - (61%), compared to cost (9%) and brand (7%).

Other key findings indicated that 85 percent of people who purchase from solely use the internet to purchase pet food. This shows that once people start purchasing online, they tend to stick with this method of ordering, which highlights convenience and keen pricing. The remaining 15 percent of owners purchase both online and at supermarkets, pet stores, and less than one percent purchase from the vets.

Chicken (60.90%) and lamb (36.32%) were also deemed as the most popular flavours of dog food, whilst duck (8.33%) and rabbit (7.08%) were the least common. In addition to how people snack throughout the day, the survey revealed that 81.66 percent of people purchase treats for their dogs. These findings detail how pets are becoming even more humanised in their nature.

Interestingly, whilst 74 percent of owners are prepared to purchase high quality pet food, 94 percent believe that their dog’s weight is ‘average’. A large proportion of people therefore perceive their pet to be in a healthy and stable condition overall.

A Spokesperson for GJW Titmuss commented on the findings: “The research that we have conducted has shed light on some interesting insights from a large and representative sample of dog owners.”

“Buying habits have changed dramatically over the years with the Internet becoming one of the dominant methods for people to purchase dog food. In addition, people aren’t shy when it comes to spending money on their pet and making sure that their health remains positive, which is fantastic to see.”

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Customer Questionnaire

Research was calculated and analysed from a GJW Titmuss customer questionnaire which looked at the dietary requirements of pet dogs. The questionnaire captured 675 responses from dog owners and was live between October and December 2013.

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