Former Hostess Plant in Maine Up For Sale

BIDDEFORD, Maine (AP) — A former industrial bakery in Biddeford, Maine is for sale for $8.45 million.

The Portland Press Herald reports Wednesday that the listing ends hope the bakery will be reopened by the company that took it over after Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy and laid off 370 employees. Flower Foods acquired the bakery last year and is selling the plant and eight other bakeries and 21 depots across the country.

A spokeswoman for Georgia-based Flower Foods told the Press Herald the Biddeford bakery and the eight others don't fit the company's strategic growth plan.

The 265,000-square-foot bakery was built in 1998.

The Hostess shutdown in November 2012 put a total of 500 Maine residents and 18,000 people nationwide out of work.