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Infographic: Everyday Foodie vs. Authentic Foodie

What's the deal with "foodies?" The Hartman Group's ongoing analysis of food culture shows that those individuals who describe themselves as foodies are really only at a mid-point in terms of where they really intersect with "foodie-ism."

To say you're a foodie today actually carries a bit of baggage, somewhat like openly admitting you’re a Democrat or a Republican: it just depends on the company you keep and how you use the word. To some, foodies are snobs, the type of people seen cataloging elite, epicurean moments in vivid detail via Pinterest or a blog, or as Yelp Elites. For others, the term foodie simply reflects those who appreciate food in all of its dimensions, ranging from peasant simplicity—and the joy of sharing and discovery—to palate-busting, transcontinental, modern cuisine. (The Hartman Group)