Victoria Fine Foods: What's Brewing in Your Pasta Sauce?

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) — Victoria Fine Foods (VFF), the #1 slow kettle cooked pasta sauce manufacturer in the US, will be launching a multimillion dollar integrated media campaign to ask consumers the question: "Have you ever really looked to see what's in your pasta sauce?"

Extensive consumer research conducted among primary consumers of pasta sauce indicated that they were very interested in trying Victoria vs. their typical brand(s) of pasta sauce when they saw the ingredient comparison. These results led to the revolutionary decision to place Victoria's ingredients as the primary content on the front of their new "V" shaped label, which is a focal point of the new campaign.

"We are very excited about the launch of our new Victoria ingredient comparison campaign," indicated Don Davide, Chief Strategy Officer, VFF. "Our loyal users prefer Victoria's taste and were not surprised to learn about the difference in Victoria's ingredients vs leading brands. Therefore, our new campaign educates competitive brand users about Victoria's premium ingredients. We believe this message will resonate as consumers become increasingly more savvy and interested in the ingredients in their food."

The TV ad starts by showing the front of eight leading pasta sauce jars with the voiceover "Have you ever really looked to see what's in your pasta sauce?" The jars then rotate showing their ingredients with 3 being highlighted; "Water? Sugar? Tomato Puree?" The spot continues "Only Victoria puts its premium ingredients on the front of their new package" while the camera pans a close-up of the ingredients on the front of the new label. The voiceover asks "Which would you rather feed your family?" closing with "Victoria. Ingredients Come First."

The Victoria campaign begins September 1 with :15 second television and :60 second radio ads in metro NY, as well as, digital ads, and in-store promotional support throughout the northeast corridor from Boston to Baltimore Washington September - October. VFF full service agency of record, MME of New York, created the integrated campaign including redesigning the Victoria labels and all advertising / marketing / promotional materials.

About Victoria Fine Foods

Victoria Fine Foods ( is a Brooklyn- based company founded in 1929. As the #1 slow kettle cooked pasta sauce manufacturer in the U.S., Victoria uses fresh ingredients for their specialty Italian sauces and condiments. Using traditional cooking methods, Victoria sauces are slow kettle-cooked in small batches to ensure rich flavor and a homemade taste. Committed to their values of quality, honesty, authenticity, and community, Victoria believes that ingredients come first.

About MME

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