Supplements Increase Revenue For Food Bloggers

COVENTRY, R.I. (PRNewswire) — While the number of Food Bloggers has exploded over the last 3 years, the ability for these bloggers to make money from their passion has remained stagnant. Today Perfect Supplements, LLC announces a new affiliate program that will pay food and health bloggers at four times the industry average.

In the natural food industry, the average affiliate program pays out at 6 percent. The Perfect Supplements affiliate program will pay out at 25 percent on any Perfect Supplement brand products. In addition to having the highest affiliate payout rate in the natural supplements industry, Perfect Supplements also has the highest quality natural products.

Perfect Supplements is on a perfectly natural mission to promote optimum health for our planet and all living beings.  By using only the highest quality, all natural, superfood ingredients, Perfect Supplements is well on its way to achieving its mission.  Working with Food Bloggers via its affiliate program will allow Perfect Supplements to more rapidly achieve its goals, while providing income to Food Bloggers.

"Food bloggers share many of the same passions that we do as a company.  The idea that the food we put into our body plays a key role in our health is central to our company.  We want to reward food bloggers for their passion and for educating people on the value of eating a natural and healthy diet.  Our new affiliate program will allow food bloggers to make an income while blogging about their passion" states Paul Morelli, Affiliate Manager at PerfectSupplements.Com

The affiliate program is open to any blogger in the food, health, fitness or wellness category.  The affiliate program is free to join and provides creatives and templates to easily let bloggers get started. Learn more about the affiliate program here -

With all natural products such as Perfect Plant Protein, Perfect Spirulina and Perfect Fermented Kale – Perfect Supplements has a wide array of products that work well in an assortment of recipes.  By providing a simple link to buy the ingredients in a given recipe at Perfect Supplements, the food blogger is providing a valuable resource for their reader and making a 25% commission at the same time.

Morelli concludes, "If you are a passionate food blogger – let's work together.  Be it by our affiliate program, sponsored posts, giveaways or other projects – we would love to find a way to create a win-win scenario for Food Bloggers.  We encourage interested bloggers to reach out to us and we will find a way to work profitably together."