Food Sentry Makes Food Risk Ratings Free to Consumers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (PRNewswire) — Food Sentry, the Global Food Source Monitoring Service that finds and reports worldwide food safety events, has ended its subscription policy for access to its Food Risk Rating Guide and has made the product free to use.

"When we started Food Sentry over two years ago, our business model had the consumer at the center," says President and CEO Robert Silver, "but since then we've decided that consumers shouldn't have to pay for food safety."

Instead, Food Sentry has changed its model so that it helps businesses and organizations discover risks to their import food supply chain. This change has allowed them to make available their proprietary consumer Food Risk Ratings Guide at no cost through their website.

The Food Risk Ratings Guide is based on information that Food Sentry analysts find every day around the world about food safety issues. This information, typically found written in a variety of languages, is translated and entered into Food Sentry's database. That information is then used by their system to determine the risk to consumers posed by different unprocessed or minimally processed food that has been imported.

According to their website, the Food Risk Rating Guide was designed to help consumers make safer food choices by providing them with advice and information on risks to foods they may encounter while shopping.

Aside from the now free Food Risk Rating Guide, the Food Sentry website also provides United States and Canada-based food recalls, warning letters from the FDA to non-compliant food manufacturers in the US and internationally, and import alerts. Import alerts are unique in that they provide consumers and businesses information about contaminated or recalled food from other countries that still may be imported to the US.

About Food Sentry

Food Sentry is a global food monitoring service that provides businesses and consumers important and timely information on food product safety from around the world. Food Sentry is unique in that its team of highly trained analysts uses open-source intelligence gathering techniques to comb through immense amounts of information from both foreign countries and the United States to identify risks posed by imported and domestic food. Food Sentry then creates actionable intelligence and predictive assessments for risk avoidance and mitigation.