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Consumer Trends: Celebrating National Egg Month

In honor of National Egg Month this May, Safest Choice™ Eggs is partnering with popular cookbook author and founder of, Catherine McCord, to encourage families to cook wholesome, healthy meals together and ‘Make the Safest Choice’ while doing so.

Lansing, Ill. (Safest Choice) — In honor of National Egg Month this May, Safest Choice™ Eggs is partnering with popular cookbook author and founder of, Catherine McCord, to encourage families to cook wholesome, healthy meals together and ‘Make the Safest Choice’ while doing so. Although eggs are naturally packed with health benefits, the more than 2.3 million eggs containing salmonella each year pose a risk to children.* Lucky for eager taste-testers, parents can eliminate the risk of salmonella by using Safest Choice pasteurized eggs  in all family recipes — bringing fun back into the kitchen and getting kids involved in the process.

“Eating meals together is a priority in my family, and involving my children in the process enhances the time we spend together in the kitchen,” said McCord. “Whether I’m baking sweet treats or preparing a quiche, I use Safest Choice Eggs. Not only do they taste incredibly fresh and have a longer shelf life, I can invite my kids to taste-test as we go without worrying that they may get sick.”

Tom Izzo, director of marketing at Safest Choice Eggs, agrees that pasteurized eggs give parents a great opportunity to get the family cooking together in a safe, fun way.“We’re excited to partner with Catherine to share the benefits of cooking pasteurized eggs and inspire families across the country to come together in the kitchen,” Izzo said. “We hope her family-friendly recipes and tips will open an array of culinary possibilities that bring families together to enjoy safe, nutritious food.”

McCord’s Tips for Cooking with Kids:

    1. Shop with your little one. Whether headed to the local farmer’s market or grocery store, bringing your children along will make them feel more involved in the experience. If available, allow them to try samples of various fruits, veggies and other treats. The more they feel a part of the process, the more likely they will be to enjoy it.


    1. Play dress up. It’s no secret kids love to use their imaginations and don different outfits and with them, new personas. A little chef’s hat or mini apron can spark their creativity and get them excited to dig in and help prepare a meal. Many brands offer utensil lines that are made for small hands and are perfect for your kids to use to cook alongside you.


    1. Involve your kids as much as possible. While children can’t slice vegetables or sauté meat, they can still help with simple tasks. Have them peel bananas, whisk eggs, stir batter, shape dough into cookies or ground beef into meatballs or burgers and taste test dishes as you go. Giving them a task will keep them busy and also make them feel accomplished.


    1. Talk as you’re cooking. The kitchen should be full of conversation. As you prepare food with your children, it’s important to not only give them instructions but to talk through your process to help them learn about food and cooking techniques. Encourage your children to ask questions and ask for their opinions on how a recipe is coming along.


  1. Eat together. Bringing the family together around the table creates an emotional connection between your children, cooking and eating. If you’ve prepared the meal with the help of your kids, discuss their contributions to the dish as you eat. Praising them for their accomplishments will make your children proud and that much more likely to want to help with the next meal!

McCord’s Eggcellent Recipes
From breakfast to dinner, McCord has the perfect family-friendly recipe featuring Safest Choice Eggs for any time of day.

    • Breakfast: Cottage Cheese Pancakes
      Not only are they quick and incredibly easy to prepare, they are also packed with protein to help you and your children get the day started off right.


    • Lunch: Egg Pesto Melt
      This great, lunchtime recipe is sure to brighten up the average sandwich. With only five ingredients, this dish is easy to prepare with a delicious result. Involve kids by asking them to whisk the egg or sprinkle mozzarella on top of the bread, and enjoy!


  • Dinner: Mexican Fried Rice
    Nothing but leftovers in the house? No problem. McCord’s rice recipe takes only 14 minutes to prepare and uses a mixture of canned and frozen ingredients you are sure to have on hand. If you need to throw a quick but healthy meal together for your family, this is the recipe for you!

For more information, visit the Safest Choice Eggs website at, and to view Catherine McCord’s recipes visit

About Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Shell Eggs
Safest Choice Pasteurized Shell Eggs are produced by National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc. (NPE), a privately owned company headquartered in Lansing, Ill. NPE provides pasteurized shell eggs to retailers, consumers and foodservice operations throughout the U.S. The unique technology to produce Safest Choice Pasteurized Shell Eggs is being licensed around the world.