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VIDEO: Johnsonville to Host "Bratsgiving Day"

Johnsonville is celebrating a new holiday by hosting the first "Bratsgiving Day," to recognize the sausage holiday on August 16, known as National Bratwurst Day. The new holiday takes favorite holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and spices them up with bratwursts.

Mnet 137127 Bratsgiving Lead

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. —  Johnsonville is bringing the holiday spirit to National Bratwurst Day by hosting the first ever "Bratsgiving Day," to give the due recognition to this special sausage holiday on Saturday, August 16. Tired of the same traditions? Bratsgiving Day takes the best parts of your favorite holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween and spices them up with delicious bratwursts straight from Sheboygan. To help celebrate, Johnsonville created the below video to inspire fans to develop their own Bratsgiving Day traditions.