WCA Family Launches Perishable Cargo Partnership

Perishable cargo partnership

The WCA Family of Logistic Networks has created the WCA Perishables Partnership (including produce, vegetables, seafood, flowers, frozen foodstuffs, biotech goods, etc.) in response to demand from manufacturers and suppliers for more responsive, flexible and cost-effective supply-chain solutions in these areas.
The WCA Perishables Partnership features carefully selected independent forwarders in strategic locations around the world, all of which have the know-how to move the time and temperature sensitive goods safely, quickly and with precision. Every partner is an expert in improving clients' logistical effectiveness, while at the same time reducing operational costs. Partners are all able to offer tailored specialized solutions to any specific perishables problem for industrial, commercial, agricultural and retail customers.

Members of the Partnerships are all part of the world's largest grouping of independent logistics professionals – the WCA Family of Logistic Networks, which has more than 2,500 member offices in more than 150 countries and provides insurance programs and financial protection for all transactions between members as well as the world's top track and trace system and a host of other business tools. Partners meet at regular conferences to examine ways of improving and extending the service they can offer.
Potential clients in these industries, as well as forwarders who believe they can satisfy the highest standards to qualify as a member of the WCA Partnerships, should visit www.wcapartnerships.com or contact Brian Majerus at (847) 800-7226.