Packaging Industry Unites Around Commitments to Carton Recycling

Packaging industry unites around carton recycling

Four of the country's leading carton manufacturers have joined forces to help advance improvements to carton recycling infrastructure across the country, building on the already significant environmental benefits afforded by carton packaging.
The formation of the Carton Council by Tetra Pak, Elopak, Evergreen Packaging and SIG Combibloc signals an unusual move by companies who are strong industry competitors. However, a shared commitment to sustainability has brought them together as they seek to improve environmental performance of their products.

The Council is specifically committed to increasing carton recycling in the U.S. By promoting recycling technology and local collection programs, it believes it can help limit the number of cartons that become waste.

The Council will also encourage consumers to consider the environmental impact of product packaging before they make a purchase. Both gable top and aseptic cartons are made primarily from paper, a renewable resource that is highly recyclable. In general, cartons have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional packages.

The Council plans to work with communities that wish to add cartons to their recycling programs and will serve as a resource and forum for carton education.

For more information on the Carton Council, including a searchable database to identify community carton recycling programs, visit