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Trump's Super Tuesday; Cruz Clinches 3 More States; Make-Or-Break For Rubio; FBI & Apple Showdown; Fed's Beige Book: Economy Continued To



For Rubio; FBI & Apple Showdown; Fed's Beige Book: Economy Continued To

Expand In Fed In Most Districts; Ben Carson Drops Out of Debate, Tells

Supporters No "Pain Forward"; Mitt Romney To Make A Major Address Tomorrow

On State Of Race; Coal Mining Industry Loses More Than 200 Jobs Under Pres.

Obama; Fuel Behind Trump's Rise; FNC GOP Debate Tomorrow - Part 1>

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NEIL CAVUTO, FBN HOST: Whatever is while ...


CAVUTO: ... to you.

REGAN: It is while. Breaking right now. Thank you, Niel.

The Republican establishment is ringing its hands as it contemplates and unstoppable Donald Trump. And this just breaking moments ago, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney announcing that he will give a major address tomorrow on the state of this 2016 elections. He has been a huge critic of the frontrunner Donald Trump.

Is the establishment starting to panic? I've say so.

I'm Trish Regan. Welcome everyone to "The Intelligence Report".

No doubt about it. Donald Trump had a heck of a night there winning in 7 states in appearing. Shall we say, a bit more presidential in his victory speech? Watch this.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I am a unifier. Once we get all this finished. I'm going to go after one person. That's Hillary Clinton.


REGAN: Is this a new side of Trump. And with the next Republican Debate tomorrow night our sister stations Fox News by the way will be hid back in fighting form.

Plus Senator Ted Cruz was victorious in three states, including in his home state of Texas. Which was a do or die contest for him. Well, now he is urging other candidates to get out of the race altogether and unite them.


TED CRUZ, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: For the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not wrapped up significant delegates. I ask you to prayer fully consider our coming together. Uniting.


REGAN: And Marco Rubio, with his one win last night in the state of Minnesota he faces a must win scenario in his home state of Florida just two weeks away.

Now plus, the latest on the standout between the FBI and Apple. The company is filing an appeal against the court order forcing it to help the government unlock the San Bernardino terrorist iPhone, and the FBI Director admitting that is their case is successful. They'll use that same strategy to unlock other iPhones.

We're going to talk about all of that.

Plus, as we get to politics, right now. We've got Basil Smikle, the Executive Director of the New York State Democratic Party and Political Strategist Mark Serrano with us. All right guys, just so we, just call at here. Do you think that we can actually say at this point Mark Serrano that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee?

MARK SERRANO, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST AND PRESIDENT OF PROACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS: We can say that and today, Trish is a lousy day to be in the GOP elite, but a great day to be in the GOP. Because millions more voters than in 2012. Millions showed up to vote yesterday. Including by the way 20,000 in the state of Massachusetts to switch their party registration to voter's Independents to Republicans yesterday.

Look, this is and the Democrats, you know, there were millions that last who voted in 2008. This to me is the second wave of the Reagan revolution. And frankly I think Donald Trump is the likely nominee. I think he had a perfect night last night. If he swept all of the states ...

REGAN: Yeah.

SERRANO: ... that would have been as good a result. I think he benefits from the splits race. It prolongs it but I think it's more secure for that.

REGAN: OK, Mark, if you say this is a Republican revolution well how is that though that we're not saying more Republicans jump on this bandwagon. I mean, you got, Mitt Romney now coming out with some kind of press conference tomorrow. That news just breaking, moments ago.

The expectation is that he is going to come out and basically tell us once again how much he doesn't like Trump. I mean, what is that mean for the overall party when the establishment just can't stand the guy who is in first place?

SERRANO: I know, because if this is Rubio in this position. They say the race is over. Look, Governor Huckabee said, unusual a little while ago. It's about power. It's about control. They're grasping on to their power. They're used to being able to direct this and change it and control it, and they can't control it anymore.

This is why it is such a great day to be in the Republican Party because the voters are the ones who were telling the elite, you're going to get kicked to the curb. And so they can't control it, and they can't direct it anymore. And it's the voters who are fed up with what they put up with for eight years particularly at the hands of Republicans controlling the legislature at one.

REGAN: Sure, they're fed up and to your point earlier, they're coming out and drove. They're coming out of the woodwork. Registering to vote. In some cases as you said in Massachusetts thus Republican just said that they could vote for him.

Basil, looking ahead to how this all plays out. Assuming that Trump is the nominee, and assuming that there are people kicking and screaming and continuously about this. What kind of advantage is that give Hillary Clinton?

BASIL SMIKLE JR., NEW YORK STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Well, I think Hillary Clinton and the Democrats with large are excited to have a general election contest against Donald Trump. And let me be clear. I want to make distinction and it is not about the people that support Donald trump.

I actually do think and I think Hillary would tell you this. That there is real anger and frustration, and anxiety in the electorate. And yes, Mark is right. You're seeing tremendous influx of people into the Republican Party or at least voting Republican in this primary season.

REGAN: Sure.

SMIKLE: But it's not because of the establishment and .

REGAN: But here -- isn't her problem now. I mean, you talk about this anger amongst the electorate. Yes and that exists on both sides. I don't know how Hillary is going to bring in, a lot of those people that feel that anger and gets them excited about the change that she can offer.

I mean we heard from Donald Trump last night and he made a pretty salient point when she said, look she's have 25 years. I mean, it's on the Clinton for last 25 years. And look at where we are, folks. How can you see that about Basil?

SMIKLE: Well, a very easily actually. If you listen to Donald Trump when he does is stilt anger. That's how he's been able to get as far as he's gotten. But yes, when you look at Hillary Clinton's numbers. Her numbers are expect -- extraordinarily high when you're talking about her experience. And what that says is that she is able to actually find solutions to problems. So Yeah, I'll take those 25 plus years of experience now.

REGAN: I do not know about this, you know, he's talking about a lot of solutions as well.

SMIKLE: I don't know about that.

REGAN: Here is something that I want to play it for you guys. Him speaking last night in Palm Beach in Florida, where it seems to me he was making very much a move to the center. Here he is addressing Planned Parenthood.


TRUMP: Planned Parenthood has done very good work for some for many, many for millions of women. And I'll say it and I know a lot of the so-called conservatives. They say that is really -- because I'm a conservative. But I'm a commonsense conservative.

But millions of women have been help by Planned Parenthood. But we're not going to allow and we're not going to fund as long as you have the abortion going on at Planned Parenthood. And we understand that. Now I said it loud and clear.


REGAN: Mark Serrano, was that an attempt to sort of make that piss it to basically start taking her on because that's where she's going to hit him on things like women's issues?

SERRANO: Donald Trump has been running a general election campaigns since June 16 of last year. And the exit polls show he is building a very broad coalition. He's bringing new voters into the process.

So look this is really no different for him. But he is going to get more sharp about it. And let me tell you, the Clintons have never seen anything like this. There is now way they can anticipate what this will be like.

Donald Trump is just rubbing his hands together and saying, we're in come on.

SMIKLE: No one seen anything like that.

SERRANO: Because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created the problem. He can sort of ...


SMIKLE: Oh I would absolutely disagree. I would absolutely disagree.

REGAN: Well, I want to continue this. Andrea Tantaros joining me right now.

Guys I want to see you a little bit later in the hour.

The whole idea. What exactly would this battle look like between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

SMIKLE: Sure, no problem.

REGAN: And maybe Clinton should be fearing ...


REGAN: ... Donald Trump a whole lot more than she is letting on. Here she is taking a shot at the billionaire after her victories last night.


HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You know what, it works. Instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers and build -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. So, every American can live up to his or her potential, because then and only then can America live up to its full potential too.


REGAN: But she really be that confident. I mean it has been eight years of President Obama. You know what, our economy has nothing to show for it, absolutely nothing. Wages haven't grown at all. America as a whole is fairly growing. So, what exactly is this great record that she's got to run on?

Joining me right now, Andrea Tantaros, co-host of Outnumbered on Fox News. Andrea, great to see you.


REGAN: I want to point out to the viewers that you called this way back when you said this guy is going to run for president and he is going to do exceedingly well.


TANTAROS: Yeah, OK, thank you for remembering. You have a heck of a memory, Trish Regan. In 2011 in the New York Daily News and so it's all plying out, but who would have thought he would have potentially running against Hillary Clinton. I think people are excited to watch that take place, because as you mentioned what are her accomplishments?

When she's been in public office for almost three decades and even she herself couldn't name an accomplishment when she was asked. Why? Because she spent the last three decades advancing the needs, and wants, and desires of one woman, herself.

REGAN: So how do you think a Trump-Hillary Clinton race stocks up. I mean I think.


REGAN: And I told you before. I think he has an opportunity to get a lot of these blue-collar Democrats.


REGAN: Because he feel like they were betrayed by NAFTA, that lost their jobs because, you know, manufacturing plants relocated overseas. Perhaps under her husband's tenure. All right, can he bring those people in?

TANTAROS: No question and he already is. Wall Street Journal reports 53 percent of blue-collar voters, especially men, this disaffecting group, Trish, that doesn't feel like the Republican establishment connects with them. They don't have country club memberships. They're not elite's, they're not hob nabbing with Mitt Romney's to the world. They don't have a voice.

And they feel that Donald Trump has given them that voice back. They don't identify with Hillary Clinton. All you got to do is spin around to talk construction workers. How do you feel about your jobs? Going to say illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump seems to resonate with them and the way that he speaks when he talks about Marco Rubio choked and he made a football analogy, I thought, "Gosh, he's reaching out to those blue-collar voters.'' And he is doing what your last guest said, expand that Reagan coalition.

REGAN: Andrea, stay with me .


REGAN: . we got some breaking news that we want to report right now.

We are getting word that Ben Carson is going to be dropping out of the race. Ben Carson who just say -- recently, as yesterday was saying how he was going to stay in it and he was going to go for the long haul. He is dropping out. He has performed quite poorly in the number of states. As of recently, I mean just last night, really no performance there out of Ben Carson. So now he is choosing to drop out.

The question's going to be, where do those votes now go?

Andrea Tantaros is still with me here, co-host of "Outnumbered."


REGAN: Do they go to Trump?

TANTAROS: I think a lot of them do, Trish. And I'll tell you why. A lot of Ben Carson voters chose him because he is an outsider, but if he is the softer, outsider than Donald Trump. And he saw the exit polls last night, a lot of evangelicals again vote for Donald Trump.

These are evangelical voters. A lot of them, that if they haven't gone to Trump, they went to Ben Carson already. So I think that might be split among say, Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump. But I don't think that Ted Cruz to the pathway to the nomination even though he won .

REGAN: Well, I mean, let's talk about that, I mean, you've got Mitt Romney now .


REGAN: . who's going to say something tomorrow. He's scheduling a news conference. He's going to come out, make some kind of news. The expectation is, it's going to be to blast Trump and to try and make this last speech effort for the Republicans to rally around someone else. I mean, why are they fighting this so hard right now? I mean the handwriting seems to be on the wall. The American voter has spoken.

TANTAROS: Arrogance, ignorance, they're so out of touch, Trish. I swear. So many of these establishment folks haven't left the Washington, D.C. beltway in a long time. They're professional career campaign workers. They've worked for Bush, they've worked for McCain. They did the same thing to John McCain's campaign. That they did to Jeb Bush's campaign.

REGAN: And now, they're unemployed or .

TANTAROS: Now, they're unemployed.

REGAN: . they're going to be unemployed .

TANTAROS: And you what, they're grasping on to their own power and their own privilege and they're so out of touch that they never saw Trump coming, because also it's a rebuke on the last 15 years of what they've done.

On Mitt Romney, I feel very strongly about this. Mitt Romney is an embarrassment. He is an embarrassment. Nobody should be listening to him and believe he has anything kind of to say.

REGAN: Why you say that because he has .

TANTAROS: Because Mitt Romney's record. The establishments handed us Mitt Romney last time around. He's record was extremely libertarians in a Massachusetts. Not only did he not have the guts to go after Barack Obama on ObamaCare, he couldn't, Trish, because on Romney care, the blueprint for ObamaCare, he had Planned Parenthood on the board.

REGAN: Right.

TANTAROS: He used to be pro-choice. So the Trump voter is now effectively saying to the establishment, "You handed us John McCain. You handed us a liberal in Mitt Romney. Don't you dare lecture us on conservatism. You can show it." And that's what they're going to say to Mitt Romney tomorrow and they should.

REGAN: So, in the meantime, what happens with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan? Both of whom have expressed their lack of interest, to put it nicely in Trump?

TANTAROS: I think they're rendered basically irrelevant. The basis so disappointed that they gave them majorities in the House and Senate and they squandered them on that omnibus feeling. So many other things that Mitch McConnell and everyone else who spent millions attacking Trump.

Trish, every time they're attacking, there's a racist and a bigot and a sexist. They're essentially attacking their voters. They're calling the Republican voters racist, bigots, sexist. It doesn't help them. It doesn't help the party. And it only helps the man that they vain and that's Donald Trump.

REGAN: It's really remarkable. I mean, can you think of any other election were the Republican establishment or the Democratic establishment for that matter, were any establishment has come out so vehemently against a candidate.

TANTAROS: I can't. Not the way that they have against Donald Trump. The money that they've spent, the media that they've spent, the Super PAC. It's been astounding. And it hasn't hurt him.

So even though Trump is under 50 percent, he should be doing better as the front-runner, considering the money they've spent on him. He's doing pretty well. Hillary Clinton also should be noted not above 50 percent.

So to your original question, I think a general election match-up would be the Clinton's worst nightmare.

REGAN: What she going to do about women now? I mean, what he, rather going to do about women? That seems -- that's why I .


REGAN: . say the Planned Parenthood by because he seems to be trying to make this overture, to say, "Look, I care about women. I care about women's issues." But that could be where she has an advantage.

TANTAROS: True. I do think though on the issue of women, because of her husband and because of her behavior, it's neutralized.

REGAN: Yeah.

TANTAROS: I mean really, when you look at what Bill Clinton did, it's awful. But then you look at how Hillary Clinton bullied, effectively bullied victims of assault from her own husband.

Trish, I don't have to tell you women are very smart. The one thing they don't like is a woman who bullies other women. That really resonates with women.

Trump, I think it takes that issue off the table. And then there's the other issues he can point out which is her FBI issue, brings ...


REGAN: Trump goes on.

TANTAROS: Trump will do it. Trump will of it. And I think it will be an incredible match-up to watch.

REGAN: Andrea, thank you for stopping by.

TANTAROS: Thank you, Trish. Thank you.

REGAN: Good to see you.

All right. Make sure you tune in. You can watch Andrea on "Outnumbered" on Fox News weekdays at 12:00 p.m. Eastern.

And tomorrow, fresh off, its Super Tuesday sweep. Donald Trump's going to be facing his Republicans challengers at the Fox News debate at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

And in Saturday, Fox Business will be live for analysis of the libertarian and primary, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Nebraska caucuses. Lou Dobbs is going to kick it off at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Followed by Neil Cavuto, I'll be joining him there. You don't want to miss it.

Coming up everyone, the very latest on the war between Apple and the FBI. The company filling its appeal against the court order forcing it to help the government unlock the San Bernardino terrorist cellphone. This act of the FBI director admits that if successful, the government will use the same strategy to unlock other iPhones.

Plus, former presidential candidate, Herman Cain is going to be joining us to explain why he says establishment Republicans need to just get over it and embrace Donald Trump.

Stay with us. I'm back in a two.


REGAN: All right. Apple filing a late-night appeal against the court order forcing the company to help the government unlock one of the San Bernardino terrorist iPhone. The filing comes near hours after FBI Director, James Comney, did admit in Congressional hearing that is successful, the government will use the same strategy to unlock other iPhones. I mean, that's they probably should, right, if there's a terrorist involved.

Here with the latest, our very own Elizabeth MacDonald and Cyber Security Analyst, Morgan Wright. Good to see both of you guys.

All right. Liz, get us up to speed on where we stand right now.

ELIZABETH MACDONALD, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK STOCKS EDITOR: So 11:00 last night, Apple did file this new motion. It is essentially saying, "Listen what the government wants, what the FBI wants would give the courts unlimited judicial power and it will give extra powers or not allowed in the constitution." Basically saying that any court would be able to get into iPhones ...


MACDONALND: ... but forcing Apple to write new software Mark Cuban, is going to tell us network same thing.

REGAN: So that's the big like sticking point. Right. There -- we won't have to write this new software by you telling us to write this new software. It's an overstep. Overreach of government.

MACDONALD: That's right, that's right. That's exactly what Apple is saying in this new court violent left side.

REGAN: It's kind of amazing to me that this software doesn't actually already exist. I want to get to our tech expert and get your sense of I mean, how hard is this. Does an Apple know how to do this sort of already. I mean they've unlock 70 other phones?

MORGAN WRIGHT, CYBER SECURITY ANALYST: Yes they do. They've been doing until a year ago. I actually sat and thanks for having me on. I sat in Q&A session yesterday down here at the RC Security Conference. Almost exact 24 hours ago. I was listening to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Answer questions some of reporter that there is going to Q&A about this.

And, look I talk to a professor out of the Computing Science Department at the University of Southern California. He is an expert. It's basically a five lines of code we're talking about here. And it only works on one phone. This is already hearing this suggest that we're creating the backdoor for all phones. We're not. One piece of software one phone, the majority of this already exists. It's tiny little bit on top that allows the FBI to do only three things.

Get past the pass code, hook they're computer up to it, so they can guess what the password is. And then don't erase the data and don't limit the number of attempts we can make which is the way the iPhone works now. So, to me its do about nothing and the question is why did they change their policy from a year ago when they were doing it for the government and today now they're not.

MACDONALD: Well, you know, I hear just saying, and I'm just reporting back what FBI Director Comey said, he said, "Yes if we with this, this court order does stand. We would use it to get into other phones". Meaning, that Apple would have to write new software to get into even more phones. That's why Apple said we would have to build a forensic lab on site to handle other request. I'm just reporting exactly what Apple been saying.


REGAN: I mean, are they basically trying to create a level of privacy that does not currently exist. I mean are they trying to create a product that could endanger people because it would enable, sorry terrorist was this on San Bernardino to communicate.

WRIGHT: Right.

REGAN: There by hurting all of us. I mean, don't they have some obligation to protect us and to work with the government.

MACDONALD: Well that's a good question, yes. Because the telecoms and the banking institutions have worked for the government in terms of wiretapping, but what we're talking about now is potentially having all devices not just be subject to wiretapping but be broken into and Mark Cuban, I'm just playing double duplicate owner of the Dallas Mavericks says, listen an defendant, attorney could say, you know what, show as the software code. That software code then gets out and the bad guys could get in.

And, what would prevent the government for saying, you know what, we have access to this code. Let's plan default seven inside an iPhone or let's plan something ...


MACDONALD: ... this, you know, dependent ...


REGAN: Morgan you're thoughts on that on what Liz saying here.

WRIGHT: Look, I used to teach computer crime safety investigation actually to the FBI. So Apply already has a lab they do this you can actually send a phone to Apple. And prior to this, they would have unlocked it for you got the data and send it back yet. This is not anything new that guys what I'm trying to say is.

Even the Loretta Lynch yesterday said and the reported said, can I do anything more tech, you know, technically can Apple do anything more? She said it's very simple. Follow the law. Follow the court order that top there. This is not a much bigger issue that everybody is trying to portray.

REGAN: So you don't see that this about, you know, Apple in this privacy. You're saying now that ...

WRIGHT: The phone belongs to County of San Bernardino.


REGAN: Yeah.

MACDONALD: That's right.

WRIGHT: The customer is asking for it be unlocked. Not -- all this folks that are up they're just belongs to the county of San Bernardino. They say help us unlocked it. And guess what, though the other thing I thought was very instructive what Loretta Lynch said, was no one company should be able to decide what we can and can't do an investigations.

You know, do we -- allow that in any other industry? No we don't. So this is not about broader issue.


REGAN: I mean, you know, it seems a little crazy that they can -- create something that would effectively be beyond the law. And there is no recourse for it.

MACDONALD: You wonder if it prevails that the ownership of that iPhone as this gentleman points out is the San Bernardino County. And if that point prevails in this one case.

REGAN: I think that that might be -- that's a fascinating point. Thank you Liz.


REGAN: Thank you, Morgan. Good to have you here.

WRIGHT: You bet.

REGAN: All right coming up everyone, reports today that so-called establishment Republicans, they're freaking out. We don't have to go on the report. We know they're freaking out. We've been hearing that they're freaking out.

And a lot of them are going to, you know, no matter what, their not going to support Donald Trump if he is the nominee. But, what would that mean for the party? I mean if they cannot unite behind the candidates that their voter want, what is they do to the Republican Party. Does it get broken up? Where does that leave them?

That's next.


REGAN: OK. I want to get back to that breaking news, that we're getting word that Ben Carson had issued a statement saying that he will not be attending the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate tomorrow night in Detroit.

He went on to say that he does not really see a path forward. I'm going to quote here, "I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's Super Tuesday primary result. Of course, Ben Carson has been very talent says have late. And he has not said he is actually dropping out of the race. But the language being, I do not see a political path forward. It seems to suggest that that may be in fact soon the case.

Again he said he will not be participating in the debate tomorrow night. So the question is where might Ben Carson supporters actually migrate to? Would they go to Trump? Would they go to Cruz? Would they go to Rubio?

Meanwhile, the big question out there as Mitt Romney gets ready to make a statement tomorrow. His holding a news press conference, the expectation being that he will be increasingly critical of Donald Trump. What's going to happen to the Republican Party in all of this?