Food-Chemical Manufacturer Expands to WA

To serv e the growing needs of the food- grade manufacturing industry, the company is developing a new production and distribution facility in Tacoma.

BHS Specialty Chemical Products will expand the scope of its food-safe chemical manufacturing operations. To serve the growing needs of the food-grade manufacturing industry, the company is developing a new production and distribution facility in Tacoma, WA.

The new site is over twice the size of the current BHS manufacturing facility in Nampa, ID, will more than double the company’s production capacity, and will expand its reach in the Northwest and worldwide, said BHS Chairman & CEO Phil Johnson. “BHS has acquired manufacturing space at Olin Corportions’ Tacoma plant. This strategic site will allow BHS access to integrated, economical, chlor alkali products produced by Olin.”

The BHS facility will be located on Thorne Road just east of Tacoma in the city’s

Tideflats industrial area. With easy access to the Seattle & Tacoma ports, this will be an international gateway to the Pacific Rim and the world.


BHS Specialty Chemical Products is a SQF-Certified company that specializes in an array of chemicals created for the food industry, including food-safe plant sanitation products and food ingredients. With a focus on the needs of food manufacturing plants, the company will have increased ability to facilitate the growth of a variety of industry segments, including everything from potato products to fruits, vegetables, seafood and sugar.

BHS is also the world’s largest producer of soda ash briquettes used in aluminum smelting operations, as well as in neutralization for the high-sulfur coal industry. BHS’s strong standing as the leading provider in soda ash makes them the largest independent marketer of powdered soda ash in North America.

Production at the Tacoma location will start as a phased approach; product rollouts will begin before the end of the year. Ultimately, the new facility will produce all products that are manufactured at the company’s home base in Nampa, ID, thereby doubling the company’s total output. Including warehousing locations, this will be the fourth facility for BHS, which provides service from coast to coast. Other locations include Fort Lupton, CO and Salt Lake City, UT. A total of 75 million pounds of product annually is projected for the Tacoma facility.

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