Allomet Selects Harper International For Advanced Rotary Furnace For Metal Powders

The system is engineered to drive increased throughput of Allomet’s material by many multiples over previous batch systems.

BUFFALO, NY – Harper International, world leader in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, has been selected by Allomet Corporation for the design of a new continuous Rotary Furnace for the production of specialty composite metal powders.  The system is engineered to drive increased throughput of Allomet’s material by many multiples over previous batch systems, significantly improving their operations via increased productivity, shorter delivery lead-times, and reduced production costs.

Allomet made their selection after several process evaluation sessions at Harper’s Technology Research Center, where Harper’s experts supported the fine tuning of their carburization process. The results yielded an optimized system design, and will provide an increase in output efficiency that supports Allomet’s continuing production volume growth while minimizing new capital investment. Allomet recognized Harper’s expertise in thermal process development across a range of material industries, and Harper’s knowledge in this area was a key factor for its selection as a partner.

“As we looked to significantly increase production capacity to meet the growing global demand for our unique and extremely wear-resistant Tough Coated Hard Powders (TCHP), we recognized that careful consideration and understanding of our thermal processing steps was required,” commented Allomet’s President, John Keane.  “Harper provided exceptional technical proficiency in this area, and then followed through with a tailored furnace that optimizes our process and delivers efficiencies in multiple areas.”

The new Rotary furnace is designed to accommodate Allomet’s use of argon, hydrogen and methane atmospheres, either in combination or singularly. Harper’s expertise encompasses systems up to 3000°C in a variety of high purity and specialty atmosphere environments. As a part of its Ignite™ process, Harper works with many customers to successfully scale up their thermal processes through on site testing and development, engineering studies, and tailored design solutions from research to pilot to full production scale.