In case you missed it, on Monday Boeing Company CEO Jim McNerney was a guest on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News. During the interview he discussed how the overreaching actions of the NLRB are impacting manufacturers throughout the country and he mentioned the results of the NAM poll on this issue.

Here is the transcript from that portion of of the interview:

Cavuto: Your concern is, if the NLRB wins at this, then it’s going to handicap not only companies like yours that want to expand in right-to-work states and elsewhere, but all companies, right?

 McNerney:  Yeah.

Cavuto: That’s the gist of it?

McNerney:  There was a recent survey, by the National Association of Manufacturers, that indicated that 60% of American companies feel the chill you’re talking about, sort of restrains decision-making while this is…

The information from this poll is available here. The results clearly demonstrate that manufacturers of all sizes are very concerned about the recent actions of the NLRB and the impact of these actions on their businesses.

See below to watch the interview with Boeing CEO Jim McNerney.