Today the National Association of Manufacturers joined 118 other business groups in sending a letter to President Obama on the importance of shale gas and hydraulic fracturing. Its essential that manufacturers have access to affordable energy as they use nearly one third of all the energy consumed here in the Unites States.

Excerpt from the letter:

Natural gas is an enormously versatile fuel that helps power our nation and enhances its energy security. There is huge potential to expand development, which can strengthen our nations economic recovery and put people back to work. Without hydraulic fracturing, that potential will not be realized, and we will not enjoy the tremendous economic and job creation benefits our nations abundant supplies of natural gas can provide. Government policies must encourage the continued investment in new energy development and allow it to proceed efficiently. Hydraulic fracturing is of critical importance to the success of both oil and natural gas production here at home, and the industry is committed to ensuring that it will continue to be employed in a safe and responsible manner.

The discovery of shale gas has been creating jobs and boosting our economic growth whilealso contributing to our energy security. Any additional regulations on the industry will hurt job growth in this important industry. Manufacturers hope that Congress and the Obama Administration will continue to support the development of shale and hydraulic fracturing technology.