Breville Introduces Hotcup Hot Water Dispenser

As a quick and easy alternative to tea kettles, United Kingdom-based Breville introduced the HotCup™, a one-cup hot water dispenser made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

Kingsport, Tenn., USA Nov. 29, 2011 As a quick and easy alternative to tea kettles, United Kingdom-based Breville introduced the HotCup", a one-cup hot water dispenser made with Eastman Tritan" copolyester. Tritan is a new-generation copolyester that provides a balance of properties, including clarity and durability, which give the HotCup a luxury look and feel. Tritan also is free of bisphenol A.

There are many types of tea kettles available in the market, and Breville wanted to create a unique product that would stand out from the crowd in functionality and design, said Stewart Gordon, industrial design manager at Brevilles parent company, Pulse Home Products.

The HotCup was designed as an energy-efficient alternative to tea kettles, which typically waste a great deal of energy when boiling too much water. The HotCup provides a fast, convenient and ecologically and economically favorable way to boil just the right amount of water for a cup of tea. The HotCup user can select between 150 milliliters and 300 milliliters of water to boil, which ranges from a normal-sized, small cup to a large-sized mug.

We chose Eastman Tritan" copolyester because it is an easily molded material without the cloudy appearance of polypropylene, Gordon said. The superb clarity helped us achieve the effect we want and gives the device more of a premium appearance. In addition, the glasslike body of Tritan wont craze over time, ensuring a durable, luxury look.

Brevilles knowledge of Eastman Tritan" copolyester dates back to the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago in 2008. Since then, Breville has been looking for the ideal product to showcase the capabilities of the material.

The HotCup was the first product that Eastman Tritan" copolyester was absolutely perfect for, Gordon said. In fact, it was the properties of Tritan that allowed us to create the HotCup and position it at the forefront of fashion-conscious kitchenware.

The HotCup is available at various retailers in the United Kingdom as well as online at

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