Society of Manufacturing Engineers Annual Conference: A "Cool Geek" Candy Store

DEARBORN, Mich., February 9, 2011 - Manufacturing professionals who attend the 2011 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Annual Conference will have a tough time selecting which manufacturing “candy” most appeals to them. The conference, Manufacturing Velocity, to be held in the...

SME Event Focuses on Manufacturing Innovation and Leadership

DEARBORN, Mich., February 9, 2011 — Manufacturing professionals who attend the 2011 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Annual Conference will have a tough time selecting which manufacturing "candy" most appeals to them. The conference, Manufacturing Velocity, to be held in the suburbs of Seattle, June 5-7, is a treasure-trove of "cool geek" choices — geared to advance both careers and companies.

"This event pulls together the best of everything SME has to offer in just a few days," said Mark C. Tomlinson, executive director and general manager of the Society. "C-level presenters, the year's biggest manufacturing trends and developments, tours at top-line manufacturing facilities and hundreds of like-minded manufacturing professionals sharing ideas and solutions with each other."

This highly informative conference presents insights into the latest technologies and processes that span the scope of manufacturing. A primary focus of the event is SME's 2011 Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture (to be announced March 10, 2011). This annual list identifies the latest innovations that are already in use in the manufacturing field. This year's technologies include a new generation of fasteners, extremely sensitive sensors, light "bulbs" that can last a lifetime and robots that can scale walls without touching them.

The keynote presentation by Lou Tice, CEO, The Pacific Institute, will inspire participants to take the limits off their own velocity and understand why any adversity becomes an opportunity to move forward with both speed and direction. The leadership track will help attendees assess their own leadership style and how it contributes to the overall culture of the organization—and understand the correlation between leadership styles and bottomline results.

In addition to more than 20 presentations led by industry leaders, attendees also can select a tour of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility:

  • Boeing Everett Facility & The Future of Flight Aviation Center — Participants will experience the marvel of commercial jet aviation and production in the Aviation Center prior to touring the Boeing commercial jet facility to see assembly production lines for 747s, 777s and 787s.
  • Nintendo of America Inc., North Bend Packaging and Distribution Center, which has an order accuracy rating for shipments of 99.99993%. Participants will see the automated lines utilizing sophisticated packaging equipment, and the manual lines used for retailer-specific builds.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is including a one-year membership with all paid conference registrations.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers International Awards Gala will feature the leaders of manufacturing who will be honored for their contributions to the field along with the best of the younger professionals who will be recognized for accomplishments early in their careers. Attendees are always inspired to hear from the SME Education Foundation scholarship winners who are preparing to enter the field.

This year's chapter host, SME's Seattle Chapter 39, will welcome fellow members to Seattle with a "Night at the Races" at K1 Speed sponsored by Impact Washington. Chapter members also have organized a session of particular interest to local and regional attendees: The "State of Manufacturing in the Northwest," presented by Egils Milbergs, executive director, Washington State Economic Development Commission.

Randy Raikes, SME Milwaukee Chapter 4, summarized his experience at last year's SME Annual Conference: "It was very inspiring. I left with a sense of purpose and action after meeting so many motivated people. I was amazed at the quality of presentations offered for the leadership series and the technical topics. I watched presentations on mass production of nanotubes and biodegradable car parts with my mouth open in awe. I will be taking this experience back to my chapter with a renewed sense of purpose and to help my group access the SME resources."

Event details, registration and housing information for the SME Manufacturing Velocity Annual Conference are available at or by calling 800.733.4763.

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