USA Signal Technology, Inc. (USST.PK) Announces Change of Control, Appointment of New Board and Definitive Acquisition Agreement

USA Signal Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: USST) announced today that its majority stockholder, CTFLA, LLC, has sold its control shares in the Company to Healthcare of Today, Inc.As part of the transaction, Gary Westbrook, USA Signal Technology's ("USST") director and officer, resigned and...

USA Signal Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: USST) announced today that its majority stockholder, CTFLA, LLC, has sold its control shares in the Company to Healthcare of Today, Inc.

As part of the transaction, Gary Westbrook, USA Signal Technology's ("USST") director and officer, resigned and appointed Hongshin Pan as sole director and President of USST, effective on the closing of the Company's acquisition of Renewable Energy & Water, LLC from Healthcare of Today, Inc. ( ( ), which was approved at the same time. As previously announced, USST's former operating business has been distributed and continues to operate as USA Signal Technologies, LLC, an unrelated company. With the closing of the acquisition of REW, USST will amend its Articles of Incorporation to change its corporate name.

USST's new holding, Renewable Energy & Water, LLC of Irvine, California ( ( ) ("REW"), is a developer and systems integrator of renewable energy projects and water reclamation solutions. REW accommodates customers' unique needs by using a dynamic combination of technologies and processes including water treatment technologies, anaerobic digestion of waste to create energy and biogas, and fuel cell power plants.

REW integrates commercially proven stationary fuel cell power plant technologies as key components of its renewable energy projects and water reclamation solutions. Fuel cells are quickly emerging as the preferred technology to position large consumers of energy for independence from utilities and grid power. Along with this independence they may provide substantial long term cost savings as well as higher, and often faster, return on investment. Fuel cell power plants are able to generate electricity with 25% higher efficiency compared to conventional fossil fuel plants, with virtually no air emissions.

REW is based in California, which alone represents an approximately $1 Billion waste water market and is highly interested in clean, renewable solutions such as those provided by REW. Another process REW utilizes within its systems, anaerobic digestion technologies, substantially reduces landfill gas emissions.

The company's diverse and accomplished leadership team includes CEO Cliff Bream, a former Fortune 500 executive and graduate of both the U.S. Naval Academy and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bream says, "As part of a publicly traded company, we will be able to help set a standard, providing sustainable and renewable solutions to long-standing problems while delivering strong shareholder value."

About USA Signal Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: USST) USST (PINKSHEETS: USST) is a public holding company based in Florida, focused on offering a range of renewable energy and water reclamation solutions.

About Healthcare of Today, Inc. Healthcare of Today is a vertically integrated holding company. Founded in 2008, it has since acquired a number of companies, many specializing in the senior health care industry. Its subsidiaries are engaged in a wide range of businesses including: nurse staffing, residential care facilities for the elderly, home healthcare services, home healthcare equipment sales, healthcare information technology, medical equipment, healthcare consulting, insurance, data security, education, alternative energy, and more. Our business strategy allows clients and partners to save both time and money, while accessing the best healthcare products and services the industry has to offer them -- at any stage of life or health. For more information please visit (

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