Congress remains in recess until after Labor Day, but today House majority leadership sheds some light on its upcoming agenda.  A key part of that agenda: rolling back regulations that are hurting job growth.

The House plans to hold one vote a week to repeal harmful regulations.  First up is a vote on the Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587), which will prevent the National Labor Relations Board from dictating where an employer can do business. (Votes on other pieces of the NLRBs agenda are possible later in the year.)

Also, on the docket are the various MACT rules-Boiler MACT, Utility MACT and Cement MACT.  These environmental regulations will hit manufacturers with huge compliance costs and hurt U.S. competitiveness.

The United States is already an expensive place to do business-18 percent more expensive than other industrialized nations-and new regulations will only make it more so.