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WORLD at 0400 GMT

NEW THIS DIGEST:US-GULF OIL SPILL. BP begins attempt to cut off gusher by pumping mud.US-WORKPLACE SHOOTING. 'Cold as ice' US beer driver kills 8, self.EMIRATES-BLACKBERRY. Saudi Arabia orders BlackBerry ban starting Friday.IRAQ. Car bomb kills 15 in Shiite city south of Baghdad.IRAQ-MOVING OUT....


US-GULF OIL SPILL. BP begins attempt to cut off gusher by pumping mud.

US-WORKPLACE SHOOTING. 'Cold as ice' US beer driver kills 8, self.

EMIRATES-BLACKBERRY. Saudi Arabia orders BlackBerry ban starting Friday.

IRAQ. Car bomb kills 15 in Shiite city south of Baghdad.

IRAQ-MOVING OUT. Departing US troops pack millions of items in Iraq.

SOMALIA-MORE TROOPS. More troops in Somalia not a solution, experts say.

RUSSIA-FUGITIVE BUSINESMAN. Mother's death overshadows UK extradition case.

US-INTEL-FTC-ANTITRUST. Intel, FTC settle antitrust case, as expected.

CHINA-STUDENTS ATTACKED. 3 children, 1 teacher killed in kindergarten attack.

HAITI-ELECTONS-WYCLEF. Wyclef Jean expected to run for Haiti president.



ON THE GULF OF MEXICO - BP embarks on an operation that could seal the biggest offshore oil leak in U.S. history once and for all, forcing mud down the throat of its blown-out well in a tactic known variously as "bullheading" or a "static kill." Moved. By Harry R. Weber and Greg Bluestein. AP Photos.


ADEISSEH, Lebanon - Lebanese and Israeli troops exchange fire in a fierce border battle that kills a senior Israeli officer, two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist - underlining how easily tensions can re-ignite along the frontier where Israel and Hezbollah fought a war four years ago. Moved. By Bassem Mroue and Zeina Karam. AP Photos.


BAGHDAD - A car bomb rips through an outdoor market in a mainly Shiite city southeast of Baghdad in the deadliest of a series of attacks that killed at least 23 people nationwide, officials say. Moved. By Hamza Hendawi. AP Photos.


JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - Everything from helicopters to printer cartridges is being wrapped and stamped and shipped out of Iraq. U.S. military bases that once resembled small towns have transformed into a cross between giant post offices and Office Depots. Moved. By Rebecca Santana. AP Photos.


KABUL, Afghanistan - The Taliban have issued a new code of conduct ordering fighters to protect civilians - as long as they don't side with the Afghan government or NATO coalition. If they do, the punishment is death. Moved. By Deb Riechmann And Amir Shah. AP Photos. AP Video.


MOSCOW - A high-profile extradition case between London and Moscow has taken a surprise pause amid an investigation into the mysterious death of a Russian millionaire's mother, who was found covered in blood in her Moscow apartment. Moved. By Nataliya Vasilyeva. AP Photo.


ROME - Silvio Berlusconi has survived corruption charges, a sex scandal and a nasty public divorce, but a break with a key ally could spell the beginning of the end of a 16-year political career for the multibillionare businessman. Moved. By Alessandra Rizzo. AP Photo.


BEIJING - A knife-wielding assailant storms a kindergarten in eastern China, slashes three children and one teacher to death and injures several others in the country's latest attack at a school. Developing.


BEIJING - A month ago, China's premier ordered mining officials to go down into the shafts with their workers, but the step meant to improve safety in the world's deadliest mines hasn't saved lives. More than 100 people have died in that time, with 24 people killed in two mine accidents reported Tuesday. Moved. By Cara Anna. AP Photos.


LONDON - The U.S.-led coalition's battle against the Taliban has already been lost because of its failure to win over the Afghan people, Pakistan's president has warned before tough talks this week with Prime Minister David Cameron, who has accused the country of exporting terrorism. Moved. By Paisley Dodds. AP Photos.


NAIROBI, Kenya - It's been almost two decades since U.S troops were forced out of Somalia after the "Black Hawk Down" battle. Troops from neighboring Ethiopia spent more than two years trying to restore order before withdrawing last year. Now, the U.S. is backing a push by African states to add troops to combat Somali militants. But Somalia experts are warning that more troops will not bring peace. Moved. By Malkhadir M. Muhumed. AP Photos.


KADANOK, Russia - Some of the devastating wildfires sweeping western Russia are out of control, Russia's emergency chief says, as fears grow there ae not enough firefighters to battle them. Moved. By Mansur Mirovalev. AP Photos.


NAIROBI, Kenya - Long lines of voters form before sunrise in the Kenyan capital, as voters cast ballots on a new constitution that would reduce the powers of the presidency and give citizens a bill of rights. Developing. By Tom Maliti and Tom Odula. AP Photo.


JAKARTA, Indonesia - The jumpy video shows a prisoner lying in a jungle clearing in eastern Indonesia moments after troops allegedly sliced open his abdomen with a bayonet, sending intestines tumbling from his stomach. Using the little life he has left in him, Yawen Wayeni lifts his arm into the air, and says weakly, "Freedom! Papua ... Freedom!" Moved. By Robin McDowell. AP Photos.


MANCHESTER, Connecticut - A driver caught stealing beer from the warehouse where he worked agreed to resign his job and then as "cold as ice," one of his victims said, went on a shooting rampage, killing eight people and injuring two before committing suicide. Moved. By Stephen Singer. AP Photos. AP Graphic.


NEW YORK - A city panel clears the way for the construction near ground zero of a mosque that has caused a political uproar over religious freedom and the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks even as opponents vow to press their case in court. Moved. By Karen Matthews and Beth Fouhy. AP Photos.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti- Singer Wyclef Jean is about to announce his candidacy for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the former head of the country's Chamber of Deputies says. Moved. By Jonathan Katz.


MEXICO CITY - President Felipe Calderon says he would consider a debate on legalizing drugs as his government announces that more than 28,000 people have been killed in drug violence since he launched a crackdown against cartels in 2006. Moved.



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Saudi Arabia is ordering its mobile operators to halt BlackBerry services throughout the kingdom this week, heightening tensions between device maker Research in Motion Ltd. and governments demanding greater access to data sent on the phones. Moved. By Business Writers Adam Schreck and Erika Kinetz. AP Photo.


TOKYO - Toyota releases quarterly earnings that are expected to underline a recovery in the auto market despite lingering worries about damage to its image from massive global recalls of its cars. Expected by 0800 GMT. By Yuri Kageyama. AP Photos.


GUANGZHOU, China - The wave of strikes rippling through China's southern manufacturing heartland have forced the country's officially sanctioned unions to try something novel: speak up for workers or risk being permanently sidelined. Migrant workers, wary of company unions seen as ineffective or allied with management, chose to shut them out altogether when they made demands for higher wages and better benefits. Expected by 0500 GMT. By Tini Tran. AP Photos.


CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela's state oil company says its earnings plunged 53 percent last year, citing lower prices for crude on the international market as a primary cause. Moved. By Fabiola Sanchez.



WASHINGTON - U.S. consumers did not boost their spending in June and their incomes failed to increase, further evidence that the economic recovery slowed in the spring. And Americans saved at the highest rate in nearly a year. Moved. By Economics Writer Martin Crutsinger. AP Photo.



SAN FRANCISCO - The Federal Trade Commission's antitrust lawsuit against Intel Corp. was the harshest yet against the world's biggest semiconductor maker, which has been battling regulators around the world over charges its tactics have hurt consumers. Investors will find out the severity of Intel's punishment Wednesday morning, when the FTC reports details of a settlement between the two sides. Expected by 0600 GMT. By Technology Writer Jordan Robertson.


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