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BASF at the European Coatings Show

Combined expertise comprising five different industries.

(1888PressRelease) February 15, 2011 - BASF will be presenting its products and services at the European Coatings Show 2011 (ECS) in Nürnberg, Germany, the leading trade fair for the international coatings industry, from 29 - 31 March. Specialists from BASF will be available on booth 411 in hall 7A to inform customers about its comprehensive range of products from one single source for formulating coatings for a wide variety of industries, such as architectural coatings and construction, coatings for furniture and flooring, automotive and transportation coatings, industrial coatings as well as printing and packaging.

Architectural coatings and construction

BASF supplies the largest and most versatile range of products for use in interior and exterior coatings applied to roofs, walls and floors. The dispersions, pigment preparations, resins and additives fulfill the highest standards of performance in both architectural coatings and construction and can have a low VOC content and be free of APEO. This allows BASF not just to maintain environmental standards but also to set new ones. BASF's products make possible very attractive surface effects and coatings which are less susceptible to soiling and weathering. Floor coverings can be laid more quickly and easily, interior paints are more resistant to stains and wood coatings last longer. Special effect pigments for decorative coatings, such as a new pearlescent pigment and new inorganic pigment preparations for architectural coatings, are just a few of the many innovations that will be on display at the European Coatings Show. Visitors may also find out about the latest acrylic monomers as well as binders for paints and waterproofing membranes.

Coatings for furniture and flooring

The market for wood paints and floor coatings for interior and exterior applications is diverse, and it includes products such as kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom furniture and many different types of flooring from PVC and laminate to luxury parquet floors. Continuous advances in technology and the growing demand for more environmentally friendly products are posing new challenges. BASF supplies a comprehensive range of resins, pigments, dyes, photoinitiators, light stabilizers and formulation additives and offers a high level of expertise in formulating coatings that meet the demands of the wood industry. Finding ways to speed up the curing of water-based and UV-curing coatings is a particularly important requirement here. The resins supplied by BASF provide customers with an economic means of improving the performance of their products and also help to protect the environment, such as with the rheology-controlled polymer dispersions for industrial and DIY applications. BASF also supplies a wide range of special resins for various applications. UV-curing coatings can be formulated with binders that boost their scratch resistance and abrasion resistance to ensure that they stay looking as good as new. BASF's significantly extended range of binders, photoinitiators, light stabilizers and formulation additives offers customers new opportunities to improve the performance of their products.

Automotive and transportation coatings

The pigments, resins and additives supplied by BASF satisfy the highest quality standards demanded by manufacturers of automotive and transportation coatings. BASF will present several new color pigments, special effect pigments and a new isocyanate at the European Coatings Show, which will extend its attractive range of existing products for this area of application. BASF's high-quality pigments set new aesthetic trends and enable distinctive metallic and pearlescent effects. Functional pigments can be formulated into coatings applied to car bodywork and automotive interiors which prevent vehicles from heating up excessively when exposed to sunlight, in spite of their dark color. The polyisocyanates, amino resins and acrylic monomers supplied by BASF make surfaces more scratch resistant and enhance other properties such as their resistance to chemicals. Innovative light stabilizers can be used to protect carbon-fiber-reinforced materials from sunlight, enabling them to be visible in application. The BASF range of raw materials for manufacturers of automotive coatings also includes a comprehensive selection of formulation additives and solvents. For instance, wetting agents and dispersing agents based on controlled free-radical polymerization (CFRP) make it possible to create customized solutions for use in high-performance vehicle coatings, and obtain striking jet black shades from undercoats that incorporate black pigments.

Industrial coatings

The BASF range of solvents, pigments, resins and additives covers all applications in the field of industrial coatings, from agricultural machinery, construction machinery, protective and marine applications to computers and consumer goods. BASF will present the whole breadth of its complete range of pigments at the European Coatings Show, including its complete range of lead-free pigments: these pigments enable formulators to formulate coatings that comply with REACH regulations and do not have to be labeled. BASF will also present a new pigment that creates matt glitter effects on computers, consumer goods and communication devices. The resins supplied by BASF are employed in many different types of industrial coatings and they have an important protective function. Some of the binders in the range are particularly effective for inhibiting corrosion to metallic substrates due to their excellent chemical resistance and barrier properties. BASF offers resins to formulate low VOC coatings as well as APEO-free dispersions and will present a new isocyanate i n Nürnberg . BASF formulation additives help to improve the appearance of high-performance industrial coatings. Slip and leveling agents can be used to obtain optimum surface quality and to prevent defects such as orange peel. CFRP technology makes it possible to create customized wetting and dispersing agents for use in industrial coatings. For instance, pigment pastes can be formulated that are compatible with a variety of different types of coatings. Furthermore, BASF offers a broad portfolio of acrylic monomers to be used in chemicals and weather-resistant industrial coatings.

Printing and packaging

The products supplied by BASF make it possible to manufacture innovative printed goods that are brightly colored and hard wearing. The pigments, photoinitiators, acrylic monomers, oligomers, acrylic resins and dispersions supplied by BASF enhance the performance of water-based, solvent-based and UV-curing printing inks and make it possible to achieve the highest standards of color quality, adhesion and lightfastness. The spectrum of applications ranges from flexography and digital printing to special UV-curing ink jet printing . Decorative laminates, large-scale advertizing banners, tablecloths and wall coverings can be made to have excellent wear resistance and a very attractive appearance. BASF's pigments can be used to create metallic and pearlescent effects, and dispersing agents improve the viscosity and color strength of printing inks . Defoamers and slip and leveling agents add to these effects and enhance the appearance of the packaging. BASF's wide-ranging expertise makes it possible to create customized solutions for every requirement. For instance, the properties of dispersing agents made by controlled free-radical polymerization (CFRP) can be adapted to suit individual pigments . Apart from its innovative products for high-quality food packaging, BASF will also be displaying new dispersing agents for ink-jet printing in Nürnberg.

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