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ABB to showcase analytical equipment at WWEM 2010

ABB will showcase instrumentation and analytical equipment at the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) 2010 exhibition on 10-11 November at the International Centre in Telford.

ABB will showcase instrumentation and analytical equipment at the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) 2010 exhibition on 10-11 November at the International Centre in Telford.

The company, which will be found on stands 107 and 108, will exhibit a range of products, including the new Aztec series of analysers designed for potable water treatment.

Built on ABB's new analytical instrument platform, the Aztec 600 aluminium, iron, manganese, phosphate and ammonia colorimetric monitors offer enhanced accuracy with simple operation and maintenance.

The Aztec range incorporates features such as automatic two-point calibration, a self-cleaning functionality and automatic sample dilution.

The inherent product design and auto-calibrating features mean that maintenance is typically only required annually, compared with every three months for some units.

Also on display will be ABB's Mcertified Watermaster flowmeter.

Designed specifically for the water and wastewater market, it features an octagonal flow sensor and the company's Verimaster verification system.

Accompanying it will be the Aquamaster GSM-SMS electromagnetic flowmeter.

Based on the same technology as a mobile phone, the Aquamaster can be contacted using a PC or through a mobile phone via SMS messaging, providing operators with instant remote access to accurate flow data.

These will be joined by ABB's range of pressure and temperature measurement products for use around water and wastewater treatment processes, along with examples of the company's recorder products including the SM500F, a field-mountable videographic data recorder.

Capable of being installed anywhere, such as a panel, wall or pipe, with no additional cost, the SM500F takes recording out of the control room and offers users localised access to operational data.

Its fully sealed IP66 and Nema 4X enclosure provides protection against water and dust ingress.

The stand will also feature an interactive display demonstrating how ABB's technologies can be integrated to help monitor and control water supplies.

The display features various examples from ABB's instrumentation, drives, motors and low-voltage product ranges, all controlled by the company's latest PLC automation technology with Profibus and Ethernet communications technology.

ABB specialists will speak at the main seminar and at two practical workshops, covering some of the latest issues affecting the water and wastewater industries.

Tony Hoyle, ABB UK flow product manager, will present a seminar (from 12:00 until 12:30 on 10-11 November) and a workshop (from 14:30 until 15:00 on 10 November in Room 5) on Mcerts.

The sessions will cover topics such as EPR/PPC permits, operator monitoring assessment (OMA) and the self monitoring of effluent flow.

The workshop will cover regulatory flow monitoring requirements and verification, while giving a review of the progress made on these fronts in the UK's industrial and water sectors.

The second workshop, on 11 November from 13:30 until 14:00 in Room 6, will be presented by Steve Donnelly of ABB's Continuous Gas Analysis business.

The seminar will provide advice to plant operators that monitor emissions to atmosphere, covering issues such as the importance of selecting the best continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS), the maintenance and operational best practice of CEMSs and how to meet the demand of current UK and European legislation.

ABB manufactures and supplies a range of equipment for controlling, measuring and monitoring water and wastewater treatment processes, for both utilities and industrial applications.

These products are backed up by the company's service team, which provides a range of support options including verification and onsite support contracts.