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Dekalb® Brand Genuity® VT Triple Pro™ Corn Delivers Strong Yield Advantage for Southern Farmers

Early Harvest Results Show 8-Bushel Per Acre Yield Advantage

Mark Kellermeier (above), a Texas farmer, compares a DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO corn ear (right) to that of a hybrid without in-plant corn earworm protection (left) that shows significant kernel damage.

ST. LOUIS (August 16, 2010) – Armed with exclusive genetics and the industry’s latest technology to protect against important above-ground insect pests, including corn earworm, Southern farmers are reporting impressive yield results with their DEKALB® Genuity® VT Triple PRO™ corn.

Based on early harvest results, DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO corn is delivering an average yield advantage of 8 bushels per acre compared to corn hybrids without in-plant corn earworm control. The results are based on many trial locations across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas.

DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO offers advanced insect protection designed to protect corn and provide higher yield opportunity. It provides dual modes of action to protect against ear-feeding insects such as corn earworm, which is extremely difficult for farmers to effectively control with insecticides. The technology also offers the first insect refuge reduction in the Cotton Belt – from 50 percent to 20 percent – resulting in the opportunity for higher whole-farm yield. 

Losing just three kernels per ear to corn earworms can equal one bushel of yield loss per acre. With heavy corn earworm pressure in parts of the South this season, many farmers are seeing very good ear protection in their DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO corn. 

“The combination of exclusive DEKALB genetics and advanced trait technology provides farmers with a proven line of defense against corn earworm with a broad spectrum of above- and below-ground insect protection,” said Jason Hoag, DEKALB Marketing Manager. â€śThe result is superior protection, consistent performance and increased confidence.”

For more information on DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO, and to track the performance of this technology this harvest season, visit .