MECON Limited Successfully Developed Continuous NOx Monitoring System

R&D Division of MECON Limited successfully Designed, Developed , and Field Tested Continuous NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) Monitoring System

Ranchi, Jharkhand, July 19, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- R&D Division of MECON Limited successfully Designed Developed and Field Tested Continuous NOx Monitoring System: Oxides of Nitrogen (nox) in the atmosphere cause both acid rain and ozone depletion. Monitoring of Oxides of nitrogen in the flue gas is essential to control as the emissions are very harmful to the environment and to society.

The main objective of the project is to develop continuous NOx monitoring system, based on infrared Absorption principle, also known as NDIR technique, and to field test the system in a running stack in a steel plant.

Principle of operation : In this technique infrared radiation interacts with all gas molecules, except homonuclear diatoms, by exciting the molecular vibrations and rotations. The oscillating electric field of the IR interacts with the electric dipole of the molecule, and when the IR frequency matches the natural frequency of the molecules, some of the IR power is absorbed. The pattern of wavelength or frequencies absorbed identifies the molecules in the sample gas. The strength of absorption at particular frequencies is a measure of the sample gas connection.

The developed system was field tested at three locations in Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP). The system will help steel plants and all industries in general. The total system is operated using developed software and incorporated many features like generating on-line reports, trend graph, over emission alarms etc. This project was completed successful and completion report was submitted to SDF, Ministry of Steel in July, 2009. Patent was been filed. This project was sponsored by Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India from Steel Development Fund (SDF).

After successful development and field trials, BSP approached MECON for the development of monitoring multi gases (Like NOx, CO, CO2 and SO2 etc.) Multigas monitor, using a single unit. Such systems have more demand in the market are imported and cost prohibitive.

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