DuPont Seeks to Move Chemical Leak Trial After Bad Publicity

Bad publicity has prompted chemical giant DuPont to ask a federal judge to move a second trial stemming from a 2004 sulfur trioxide release.

ASHLAND, Ky. (AP) - Chemical giant DuPont has asked a federal judge to move to northern Kentucky a second trial stemming from a 2004 chemical release.

DuPont's attorneys, John M. Famularo and J. Clarke Keller, also want the Jan. 8 trial in Ashland postponed. The Ashland Daily Independent reports that the two attorneys say the company cannot get a fair trial in Ashland because of publicity following a $1.25 million verdict against the company in July.

The jury found DuPont liable for skin burns, eye irritation and respiratory and eye problems sustained by six neighbors of the company's plant.

The leak happened Oct. 11, 2004, and stemmed from a cracked pipe at the plant. It resulted in sulfur trioxide, a chemical that formed white clouds composed of tiny droplets of sulfuric acid, being released into the air.

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