The High-Performance End Of Non-Stick

DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions celebrates 70 years and increases stakes for Plunkett Awards

To mark the 70th anniversary of the discovery of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), later branded as DuPont™ Teflon®, DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions has announced the expansion of its long-running DuPont Plunkett Awards with environmental sustainability as a new selection criterion. The Plunkett Awards for Innovation & Sustainability recognize companies around the world using fluoropolymers to create innovative solutions that contribute to sustainable growth and help reduce environmental footprints. "The discovery of DuPont™ Teflon® PTFE fluoropolymer has revolutionized our everyday lives. Its high performance and durability have benefitted non-stick cookware, and other consumer and industrial products made with fluoropolymers, including: semiconductors; waterproof and breathable apparel; data communication cables; and components for automotive, aerospace and renewable energy," according to Patrick E. Lindner, Global Business Director of DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions. "DuPont has a strong tradition in innovation and sustainability, which makes our lives better, and as a global leader in fluoropolymers, we want to recognize others who have the same commitment." Named after DuPont scientist Dr. Roy Plunkett, who discovered PTFE in 1938, the Plunkett Awards for Innovation and Sustainability will be launched with a call for entries beginning in August 2008, and will include increased award values and a new honorable mention category. Winners will be announced at special events around the world in 2009. Since Plunkett, the company has introduced an entire family of these versatile plastics with unique properties that have enabled hundreds of significant developments across many diverse industries.