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Powerful Synergy Of Pneumatic Technologies

Clyde Process Solutions acquired MAC Equipment and has since integrated technologies to accommodate a range of material-handling and air filtration solutions

MAC Equipment, a pneumatic conveying and air filtration solutions provider, has entered a new phase in its development. Last year, the company was acquired by Clyde Process Solutions, a UK-listed company that also owns and operates Clyde Materials Handling, a pneumatic conveying and injection solutions business predominately targeting the metals and minerals markets. Clyde acquired MAC in April 2007 and has since integrated the conveying and injection technologies of Clyde Materials Handling with MAC Equipment to establish a powerful synergy of process technologies for the North American market. In an effort to strengthen MAC's position as a process solution supplier, the company decided to enhance its brand and identity. According to the company, this new brand retains the characteristics that have helped build its business in the process industry, while incorporating the brand assets inherited from its newfound parent company. Through the integration of Clyde's U.S. operations with MAC, the company can now offer the process industry a wide range of material-handling and air filtration solutions, which encompass:
  • Dense-phase pneumatic conveying for high-tonnage, low-velocity transportation of difficult raw materials.
  • Accurate and reliable pneumatic injection of materials direct to process.
  • Spheri Valve for low-maintenance, durable control of material flow.
The company feels that these new technologies complement its existing range of products, which include:
  • Continuous dense-phase conveying offering true continuous feed, reduced air consumption requirements and minimized product degradation.
  • Low-pressure continuous dense-phase conveying for gentle handling of fragile food products.
  • Dilute phase conveying systems, also know as suspension flow, accomplished by metering product into a moving air stream.
  • Central vacuum systems for industrial cleaning needs.
  • Medium-pressure controlled cleaning for energy-efficient air filtration.
  • Pulse jet dust filters for tough industrial applications.
  • Custom-built cyclones, dust filters and cartridge collectors with a variety of filter media.
  • Real-world lab testing prior to final system selection to ensure desired results can be achieved.
MAC Equipment