Clearing The Air

AAF International recently partnered with ENERGY STAR to exemplify its aim to protect the environment in every aspect of its air pollution control business

AAF International, manufacturer of American Air Filter® and AAF® products, not to mention air pollution control products, recently partnered with ENERGY STAR. The partnership exemplifies the company's aim to protect the environment in every aspect of its business: product design, development, materials usage, manufacturing, and product usage and disposal. "In more recent years, as greater attention has focused on global warming and the effects of greenhouse gases to our climate, we have continued the legacy in accelerating the development of air filter products designed and constructed with energy savings, reduced ownership costs and superior performance in mind," states Brian Thompson, Vice President of Global Marketing. "Being a responsible corporate citizen is important; that's why AAF products provide safe, healthy and productive environments with a minimal carbon footprint." A joint program of the EPA and DOE, ENERGY STAR works with more than 12,000 public and private sector organizations to: improve the energy and financial performance of their business, manufacture products to meet ENERGY STAR specifications, sell ENERGY STAR-labeled products to meet consumer demand for more environmentally friendly choices, promote ENERGY STAR-qualified products and more. Thompson explains, "As a member of the Daikin Group, our corporate mission is to create and provide products and services that contribute to the conservation of the global environment by capitalizing on our vast experience and capabilities." The company's filtration products have been aiding in protecting the environment and managing air pollution issues for more than 85 years.