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Chevron Accuses Ecuador Judge, Officials Of Bribery

SAN RAMON, Calif. (Business Wire) - Lawyers for Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) provided

SAN RAMON, Calif. (Business Wire) — Lawyers for Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) provided evidence to Ecuador authorities today, including video recordings and emails, to assist with the investigation of a $3 million bribe scheme associated with an environmental lawsuit against the company.

In a letter to Ecuador authorities, the company asked that several important points be examined by the investigation into the scheme, which implicated the judge hearing the case, as well as ruling party and government officials. The information provided today supports last week’s written notification to the government about the existence of video recordings showing discussions of a prejudged verdict against the company by the judge and details of how the bribe would work. (Videos, emails and the letter sent to Ecuador authorities are available on and on

The letter requested:

  • An investigation into the bribery scheme discussed in the videos and emails;
  • An investigation into the possible government involvement of Alexis Mera, legal adviser to the president of Ecuador, and other government officials said to be working to influence the outcome of the trial, including assisting the judge to write an opinion against Chevron;
  • An investigation of transactions involving a bank account and the account holder at a bank in Galveston, Tex., which was to hold the bribe payments;
  • An investigation into the relationship between Judge Juan Nunez and Richard Cabrera, who submitted a report to the court on the case that Chevron disputes. (The judge refused to allow Chevron to depose Mr. Cabrera and denied Chevron’s attempt to obtain source materials and other alleged support for his recommendations);
  • An investigation into any communication between any parties involved in the Lago Agrio suit (including the plaintiffs, the court, the presidency or any government entity) relating to the distribution, use or administration of any damages relating to the damages awarded by the Lago Agrio court.

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