Under pressure, BP tries again to contain oil spill

GALLIANO, Louisiana (Reuters) - Energy giant BP made another attempt to siphon gushing oil from an offshore well as political pressure and public outrage increased over the company's slow progress at stopping environmental disaster.

LONDON (Reuters) - Energy giant BP captured oil and gas leaking from an offshore well in the Gulf of Mexico and had to interrupt the operation, but believes a new attempt on Sunday could be successful, a source close to the operation told Reuters.

Gas was taken to the surface and it was flared in the suspended operation on Saturday. The oil entered the pipe but didn't make it all the way to the surface, the source said.

"The concept can now be considered proven," the source said, referring to the operation to siphon leaking hydrocarbons by inserting a pipe into the damaged riser. The source added a new bid would be made on Sunday.