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LDPE-Market Begins Its Recovery - New Study From Ceresana Research

Coatings and some other applications of low density polyethylene will recover relatively quickly from the economical crisis.

(1888PressRelease) May 09, 2010 - Low density polyethylene is one of the oldest plastics - and continues to be in demand. LDPE is primarily used for films, carrying bags, and sacks, but can also be used to reinforce levees, for example. Screw caps and lids are also produced from this soft, ductile, and flexible material. LDPE can hold its ground against competition from newer plastics, as a result of its advantageous characteristics: low melting point, high clarity, and good process-ability. "The trend of substituting LDPE with other polymers is declining again throughout the industrialized nations," says Oliver Kutsch, owner of Ceresana Research: "Opportunities for LDPE can be seen, for example, in the application of coatings and packaging for medical products. These applications will recover relatively quickly from the effects of the economical crisis."

Recovery in Sight

LDPE prices fell by as much as 30 percent in certain regions during 2009, and Western Europe and North America exhibited considerable decreases in demand. Consequently, global revenue fell by 15.9 billion € (22.2 billion US$). However, Ceresana Research expects to see growth again starting in 2011. The Asia Pacific region in particular, already the largest consumer of LDPE, will see growth and increase its share of global consumption to more than 39 percent.

Upsurge in the Middle East

LDPE production is particularly being expanded in the oil-rich countries of the Middle East: Capacity increases of approximately 3.5 million tons are planned to take place by 2014. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, and the other countries that make up the region will be the world's largest plastic exporters.

A Useful Reference Work

The multi-client Market Study: Polyethylene - LDPE provides a concise overview of the most important information regarding this plastic on 870 pages: from manufacturing, to legal questions, to recycling. Then the LDPE market is closely analyzed- including prognoses until 2016: Individual data regarding production and capacities, consumption in individual application areas, as well as imports and exports is presented for the entire world, seven regions, and in detail for 67 countries. The study is particularly extensive in its analysis of the 12 countries with the highest revenues. Current and future LDPE manufacturers are introduced with 87 company profiles. The world's most comprehensive market report on LDPE is available in English or German from Ceresana Research:

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