TV makers have adopted the "you can never be too rich or too thin" philosophy.




debuted is OLED W7 TV. The W stands for wallpaper because it`s thinner than

two dimes put together.>

ANNE-MARIE GREEN: TV makers have adopted the "you can never be too rich or too thin" philosophy. The latest screens are super skinny and very pricey. Kara Tsuboi checks out the innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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KARA TSUBOI: Thin is in for the newest televisions at CES 2017. How thin? LG debuted is OLED W7 TV. The W stands for wallpaper because it`s thinner than two dimes put together.

MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, that`s one-tenth of an inch.

KARA TSUBOI: The sixty-five-inch model clocks and it`s only eighteen pounds, making it light enough to hang with just magnets.

DAVID KATZMAIER (CNET`s Senior Editor): Kind of what I think the future television`s going to be like, you can imagine in five years, ten years, all these TVs are going to be so thin that they seem like a part of the wall.

KARA TSUBOI: The TV is so thin, wires and cable plug into a sound bar that provides Dolby Atmos sound.

GILES BAKER (Dolby Laboratories Senior Vice President): The cinema is always going to be the place where you can get the biggest pictures and the biggest sound. But in the living room and on the go, there are lots of opportunities to make it more immersive.

KARA TSUBOI: What makes the thinnest possible is the OLED technology, organic light emitting diodes.

GILES BAKER: They really run circles around LCD in terms of giving you that superb, superb, picture quality from every angle, great deep black levels, all of that excellent color.

KARA TSUBOI: OLED`s skinny screens allow for a first-of-its-kind television debut by Sony, which turns the whole screen into a giant speaker.

GILES BAKER: So they have these little modules behind the TV, but it creates sound through the screen itself. So if, yes, somebody talking on the screen, the sound actually seems just coming out of their mouth.

KARA TSUBOI: TV makers are also envisioning ways to use the screens when the television is off. Both LG and Samsung showed off framed television screens that mimic paintings.

But you may need a fat wallet to pay for these skinny screens. Expect to pay a thou-- ten thousand dollars when the LG wallpaper TV goes on sale later this spring.

In Las Vegas, I`m Kara Tsuboi, for CBS News.

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ANNE-MARIE GREEN: Nice, but I might have to pass with that price tag.

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