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Now let's look at it again, from the defense angle. What you want to make certain that you do is have your mission understood by your troops. So, that they know what is their mission that they are to be fulfilling. We have had problems, with -- you know, you've got people that are -- the commanders in the field and then you've got the administration and then you've got, correct me if I'm wrong, and not everybody has been on the same page there. So, this is why I think Mr. Trump is going to choose someone who will be a significant part of that team who will work with him to send that right message clear, concise.

MCDOWELL: You are part of the Trump transition team also vice chair of the house energy and commerce committee, has Mr. Trump approached you about a position?

BLACKBURN: I have not been approached about anything in the administration. And I think one of the things that is important is for individuals to work where they can be most productive. And different personality types, different skill sets are going to flourish in different arenas. I like legislating, focusing on reducing the size and scope and cost of government that is kind of my mission you know. I think that now we have an opportunity to really get things done, and I have worked on that across state line purchase of health insurance bill for seven years. And I think, finally we are going to get it across the finish line. MCDOWELL: Congresswoman, great to see you.

BLACKBURN: Good to see you.

MCDOWELL: From fine state of Tennessee.

Trump tower digitally defaced. How the building was briefly dubbed dump tower on Google maps. And throwing money down a hole literally the ridiculous Black Friday sale that brought in 100,000 dollars to dig a hole in the ground.


MCDOWELL: Memorial services begin for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Cheryl Casone has details.

CHERYL CASONE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Cuba rolled out official nine-day period of national mourning beginning with a two-day memorial that starts 9:00 a.m. eastern time today. A mass rally will be held in the capital tomorrow night Castro died Friday night at 90. Government has made no other details available, about the cause of death. Cuba suspended unrelated public events in wake of Castro's death a mass rally planned in Havana's plaza a somber mood over the city until the ashes are interred Sunday.

U.S. airlines launching commercial flights to Havana starting today just in time for the start of Castro's funeral service. Timing is everything first one hour American Airlines from Miami to Havana followed by United, JetBlue, Delta, Spirit, Frontier, Alaska, Southwest Airlines.

For a few hours on Saturday someone renamed President-elect Donald Trump's Manhattan building on Google maps was renamed from Trump tower to dump tower. A Google spokeswoman told the AP that the company changed the name back to original name she said users can help create an up to date map that lead to inaccuracies at times. Basically, somebody got in there had fun.

President-elect has yet to comment, Trump has been using Trump tower as his transition headquarters. The people behind a popular card game are poking fun at black Friday at your expense. On black Friday, the group Cards Against Humanity raised more than 80,000 dollars to dig a money pit literally. The group says it will keep on digging the holiday hole as long as people give money. You don't get anything for a contribution the pit is not going to be used for anything, the games creator says he hates black Friday calls it a gross orgy of consumerism.

The company asked for 5 dollars for nothing, back in 2013 they raised prices on black Friday. AT&T is set to introduce Direct Now today. It is over the top video streaming service to television, mobile devices. You don't need a satellite dish or cable box to watch live TV. Direct now is going to be priced starting $35 a month for more than 100 live streaming channels, and there is a lot of buzz about this as you know cord cutting has been happening several years this is one company way of combating that.

MCDOWELL: A lot of news you covered there, Cheryl Casone.

Coming up recount controversy, Hillary Clinton's campaign under fire this morning joining efforts to contest the election, recounts starting with one state, three states on deck. The World Trade Organization coming down on Boeing, why the company's deal to build a long-range jetliner could cost them in the long run.


MCDOWELL: The election about three weeks behind us now a push for a recount sparking outrage, Blake Burman live from Washington with the very latest, hey Blake.

BLAKE BURMAN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Good morning to you, so much for accepting the election results moving on? Wisconsin officials set to meet today in the first step of conducting a recount throughout that state, after the Green Party candidate Jill Stein raised more than a million dollars to request a recount. Lawyer for Hillary Clinton's campaign writing over weekend they had not planned to participate in the exercise, but that they will now participate because the recount has been initiated. Incoming white house chief-of-staff Reince Priebus called that a hypocritical joke and described Stein's maneuver this way, watch.


REINCE PRIEBUS, CHIEF OF STAFF, WHITE HOUSE: It is ridiculous this is a fund-raising notoriety driven fraud by a person had won 33,000 votes in Wisconsin to President-elect who won 1.4 million.


BURMAN: Donald Trump reacting over the weekend with a series of tweets that culminated with following, quoting here from Trump. "In addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally."

He then went on to write as well, "serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California so why isn't the media reporting on this serious bias, big problem. End quote. Dagen, California secretary of state called that reckless and absurd.

MCDOWELL: With that millions of people who shouldn't have voted tweet, it seems as if he is backing up with what some Democrats and Jill Stein and her fund-raising are alleging.

SCARAMUCCI: He could have phrased it that he thinks there is a -- fraud on the Democratic side obviously thinks could have won particular vote had he campaigned differently, so he ran the campaign based on what the rules of the game are which is you have got to win in the electoral college. The nonsense about the popular vote hopefully will hopefully die town this recount obviously financially motivated there is nothing to it I was at brunch yesterday people coming over saying do you think there is a toss of the election the answer is no.

HARLAN HILL, FOX NEWS COMMENTATOR: And so this is purely a money grab by Jill Stein's people. It is her last attempt to be relevant and I think based on what I have heard in the Democratically party this is an attempt by John Podesta, Donna Brazile to Leverage Jill Stein to plant seeds of doubt about the election of Donald Trump. I know they don't believe they can overturn the election but I think they think can impact the way he governs.

MCDOWELL: The Clinton campaign itself, despite looking at the voting results last on three weeks, it has seen no actionable evidence of vote hacking that might taint results otherwise. The White House came out more one once said that in terms of Russian interference in the election that it concluded the election was free of interference. Jill Stein raised millions more than she initially said and says I can't guarantee it is going to be used on recounts.

ORTAGUS: Jill Stein a factor in the election anyway, in individuals in three states she got actually a significant amount of votes the only person to blame for Hillary Clinton getting over 6 million less votes than Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton her campaign, and I think it is time to move on.

MCDOWELL: Let me quote from "The Wall Street Journal" he had editorial page today, "the silver lining may be to teach a lesson in electoral federalism, it is all but impossible for hackers to rig elections because they are run locally and voting machines are not connected to a national internet network, progressives not conservatives want to nationalize election laws, so go ahead and do the recounts and then Mr. Trump won fair and square."

SCARAMUCCI: I think that is it. Interested to get her on the air and see what she would say she can't say we are recounting I am down 1.37 million votes, we are recounting contesting election because I think I deserve the American presidency or to win that state what is she doing it for.

HILL: It is also important to say even though Hillary Clinton campaign is saying they don't see evidence of this we know John Podesta had conversations with political scientists behind this effort on Jill Stein's part. There is some coordination between campaign and effort to recount just don't want to be seen publicly as asking for it.

MCDOWELL: Doesn't hurt Trump in transition do you think.?

SCARAMUCCI: Listen I don't think it hurts I am not worried at all about that I think the only thing that it hurts is it just further intensifies the hypocrisy of the political establishment for the American people. They are just rolling their eyes saying don't we have better things to do?

MCDOWELL: A spotlight why Donald Trump won in the first place.

SCARAMUCCI: You are scratching your headed saying enough nonsense from government.

MCDOWELL: That will be the final word for now but coming up Cuman exiles celebrating the death of dictator Fidel Castro. Questions swirl around what is next for the communist country and Democrats in disarray why the congressman challenging, house minority leader Nancy Pelosi says Dems are no longer a national party.


DAGEN MCDOWELL, MORNINGS WITH Maria HOST: Welcome back. I'm Dagen McDowell. It's Monday, November 28. Your top stories at 8:30 AM Eastern, a record $3.34 billion on online sales highlighting a massive Black Friday for retailers and it is not over, the huge savings you can look forward to cyber Monday is expected to be the largest shopping day online ever. Despite the controversy surrounding secretary of state, the rest of Trump administration beginning to take shape, the big names set to meet with the president-elect today.

Democrats, meantime, in disarray, the future of the party amid a power struggling at the top. The world reacting to the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, but even with the leader gone Republicans are warning U.S.- Cuba relations still have a long way to go.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: We're not going to have a unilateral deal coming from Cuba back to the United States without some changes in their government, repression, open markets, freedom of religion, political prisoners, these things need to change in order to have open and free relationships, and that's what President-elect Trump believes and that is where he's going to head.

UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: We didn't get political prisoners release. We did not get assurances that Cubans who still lives on the island would in fact be religiously, and politically, and economically free. We just can't romanticize Fidel Castro now that he's gone.


MCDOWELL: Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, forced to walk back to his original statement on Castro's death, the outrage after Trudeau expressed deep sorrow and referred to the former Cuban dictator as a legendary revolutionary. Boeing facing discipline over tax breaks, the details as the world trade organization prepares to hand down possibly sanctions.

Looking at your market, futures pointing to a lower open, Dow futures down 55 points after all your major market gauges hit new record high on that shortened trading day, Friday. In Europe, the markets have been heading south off their lows of the day so far. And in Asia, overnight, markets where mostly higher other than Nikkei in Japan.

Memorial services for Fidel Castro begin today at 9:00 AM. Meantime, Miami's Cuban exiles continue to celebrate his death. Fox News' Rick Leventhal is in Little Havana, Miami, with the very latest. You're out in front of one of the greatest Cuban restaurants I've ever been to, Rick, oversight.

RICK LEVENTHAL, FOX NEWS: No question about it, Dagen. The Cuban coffee and the empanadas are out of this world, and we've had some this morning. So as many of the members of Miami's very large and influential Cuban exile community, and many of them would agree with some of the comments you played earlier, including Reince Priebus about the situation in Cuba. And that's one of the reason they've been rallying out here in the street. And another reason why they're planning a much bigger and more serious rally later this week, hoping for change in Cuba now that Fidel Castro has died. It was an emotional meeting yesterday at the Bay of Pigs museum, which is not far from here, where the folks there said the easing of sanctions by President Obama against Cuba has done nothing to improve freedom or human rights on the island nation. So the Cuban exiles say they will rally to support liberty and democracy in their homeland.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: The darkness of Cuba is dead. It's dead. A chapter has been closed.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: We now thank -- begin a new country, a new country, a beautiful country.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Everything is going to change now I think.


LEVENTHAL: The organizers are hoping the rally, Wednesday afternoon, will draw thousands of people. We've certainly seen hundreds of people filling Southwest A Street or Calle Ocho here in front of Caf, Versailles, a pretty much every afternoon, and every evening since Castro's death, massive rallies, police closing the street to traffic, people banging on pots and pans, honking horns, chanting and singing songs, celebrating the death of a man they say oppressed the people for decades. Stole homes and jailed or killed people who opposed him. A big question now, Dagen, is whether any U.S. officials will attend Castro's funeral in Cuba. There were statements issued by President Obama and secretary of state John Kerry, offering condolences and support to the Cuban people. But no word yet, whether those two or Vice President Joe Biden will actually head to you Cuba for the ceremonial which is scheduled for December 4.

MCDOWELL: Rick, thank you for all that reporting.


MCDOWELL: Rick, I'll leave you with these two words, guava pastry. Go in there, and get a guava pastry because they're delicious.

LEVENTHAL: We're on it.

MCDOWELL: Thanks, Rick.

LEVENTHAL: Thank you.

MCDOWELL: Rick Leventhal in Miami for us. President-elect Trump administration warning that Cuba still has to make changes to its government following the death of communist leader Fidel Castro, before the U.S. normalizes its relations. This is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to walk back his statement praising Castro leadership. Trudeau originally wrote, quote, a legendary revolutionary and orator. Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and health care of his island nation. While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people, who had a deep lasting affection for El Commandante. Joining me now is former U.S. ambassador to the United Nation, and former New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson. Bill Richardson, that leaves out the how -- how Castro murdered, repressed, and tortured his own people, does it not?

BILL RICHARDSON, FORMER NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR: Well, I went to Cuba many years ago, and got some political prisoners out there, was repression there, human rights violations. I think the prime minister of Canada who I believe is doing a good job. His statement was a little bit over the top. But the reason being that Canada has lots of investments in Cuba, Fidel Castro was a pallbearer at his father's funeral former, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, so there was some -- probably, emotional attachment. But I think Fidel Castro leaves a mixed legacy. He was an icon of the Cold War. He was a historic figure, but there was a lot of repression, there was human rights violations, little democracy, hardly any democracy, and I think Cuba has to move in that direction. But I think President Obama is correct in normalizing the relationship so that Cuba achieves those changes. And I think Raoul Castro, the brother, no longer shackled by Fidel may move in that direction, it remains to be seen.

MCDOWELL: Governor, should we've extracted though and as we normalize relations with Cuba more from the country, in terms of Joanne Chesimard, cop-killer still there, for more political prisoners released and the like.

RICHARDSON: Well, there's been some improvement but not enough, no question about it. There needs to be free and fair elections. There's still a lot of dissidents there. There's still a need for more transparency, no question about it. But the issue is how do you achieve that, and I believe you achieve that by what President Obama has done, more travel, more people to people relationships. More American tourism, more economic activity, bring the private sector to Cuba, and I think the economic embargo that still exists is a mistake, I think the way you open Cuba up is expose them to American capitalism to the American private sector.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, SKYBRIDGE CAPITAL FOUNDER: Governor, one of the risks in that -- some of the people would say by doing that though would keep Raul Castro in power longer as those profits head back to him and some of his cronies, and what would you say to that?

RICHARDSON: Well, he said that he's only going to serve until 2018. So we don't know what the next path of leadership is. But I think there is a bunch of younger Cubans there that realize that the socialist system there has not worked, and they want to move forward. It is very unclear right now. But if you look at what Raul has done in comparison to his brother, he has done a little more privatization. He has brought a little more capitalism. He has allowed for some private property. Look, it's not enough obviously, but I think opening up to Cuba makes more sense than closing it. So I was a little concerned with President-elect Trump, you know, he has to fulfill campaign promises. You've got a lot of Cuban- American votes that he's says is going to kind of shut things again. I don't think that's the way to go.

MCDOWELL: Moving on to a different topic, governor, the future of the Democratic Party in limbo as congressman Tim Ryan challenges long standing top Democratic Nancy Pelosi for house minority leader, acknowledging the issues confronting the party.


TIM RYAN, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE: Even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we're not a national party right now. We can't claim to be.


MCDOWELL: Governor, your take on what's happening?

RICHARDSON: Well, look, we had a bad year, we the Democrats. I think Nancy Pelosi has been an effective leader. I served with her -- I don't know Tim Ryan. But, you know, when you don't do well we were expecting to win 12 seats in the house, we won six. We needed new economic message. We need a new Democratic bench of new leaders. So, you know, I think this ferment that exists within the party of a new message, of new leadership is healthy. But I think Nancy Pelosi under circumstances has done a good job. She'll be reelected, but at the same time, this kind of debate within the party on the future of the party is healthy.

HARLAN HILL, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Governor, Harlan Hill here. So I got to say, I mean, based on her job performance, I don't think Nancy Pelosi deserves to be -- to be pointed the lead of the house Democrats again. I mean she had two historic losses, she hasn't won since 2008. She really hasn't been a very effective leader for the Democrats. So it's time for somebody else to step up, I mean, can you point to something she's done recently that has been a success for Democrats? I mean, she held up as probably one of the greatest fund-raising tools for Republicans. I mean, she's like the boogeyman. And, you know, this is -- she is a reason to vote against Democrats across the country. And somebody like Tim Ryan represents the future, potentially, of Democratically Party and the Midwest. So where do you see this going? I mean she -- she doesn't deserve to win.

RICHARDSON: Well, I disagree. I believe she's been an effective leader. She's also a very good fund-raiser, herself, through the party. She's been in the opposition and, you know, we were sadly outnumbered in the House of Representatives. So you can't legislate much, you can block as much as you can. So it's a different role, I think, when she was speaker. She was effective in the first years with President Obama, with the affordable care act and other issues. So, look, this is still healthy, the fact that within the party we're talking about change, we're talking about a new economic message, we're talking about -- as you mentioned, we have to appeal back to the rust belt, we can't be a bicoastal party, California and the East Coast. We have to appeal to working class Americans, to the Angelo white voter that we lost in droves. We can't just be a party of special constituencies. We have to have a clear economic populist message and that's what's happening.

HILL: Democratic leaders are in their mid-70s and white, so they don't representative the new Democratic Party.

RICHARDSON: Well, look, there's -- you shouldn't be down on old people, you know.


RICHARDSON: My point is that.

MCDOWELL: Governor, that's why we love having you on. You bring the humor. You want to end with that or do you have something else you want to say?

RICHARDSON: Well -- no, I think all of this is healthy, but these are good leaders, you know, we need in the party to develop a new bench, especially for 2020.

MCDOWELL: Governor, it's great to see you, please in studio next time if you can, Governor Bill Richardson. Coming up, Colin Kaepernick tackling a new controversy, the 49ers quarterback comes out in defense of Fidel Castro during the team stay in Miami, and it got booed, and made me happy. The world trade organization could ground deals for Boeing, while the plane manufacturer is facing sanctions.


MCDOWELL: Welcome back, everybody. We're 44 minutes away from opening bell. Take a look at stocks on the move this morning, we're watching Boeing, the company expected to face sanctions from the World Trade Organization over a Washington state tax break that the company received. The WTO is expected to rule that the company was granted illegal subsidies for its 777X jetliner, the tax incentive valued at about $50 million a year. Also keep an eye on Tesla, the automaker planning to roll out its upgraded auto pilot system about three weeks from now. Buyers of Tesla Model S and Model X will be able to enjoy the new self-driving system next month. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, also saying that new features will be rolled out incrementally in monthly releases. First, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick kneeled in protests in national anthem, now praises the late Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, and he got booed. Joining me now is the host of Varney & Co., Stuart Varney.

STUART VARNEY, VARNEY & CO. HOST: Why are you laughing?

MCDOWELL: Because I love it that the people in Miami booed him, booed him roundly.

VARNEY: Here's the story, go back to last week, OK. The 49ers, they're going to play this game in Miami, yesterday. They hold a presser last week, a reporter who I believe is connected to Cuban exiles, a reporter asked Kaepernick, hey, why are you wearing the shirt? It got Che Guevara on it, it got Castro on it. He's a Castro supporter. And respond that he is essentially a Castro supporter. Then, Castro dies. Then, the Miami Dolphins played the 49ers, Kaepernick's team on Sunday. And lo and behold, he walks on the field -- and he's booed, roundly. But irony of ironies, the last play of the game, as Kaepernick, as quarterback, lunges for the end zone, if that's the right word to use in football, and he is tackled and prevented from scoring, here you have it, right there -- no -- and they stop it. And guess who stopped him? It was the son of a Cuban immigrant, that young gentleman right there. Irony of ironies, don't you love it. I'm making a big deal out of this today.

MCDOWELL: I think -- I love it when you make big deals out of things. But also, the fact that so many people, even world leaders, like the Trudeau, and candidates, need a history lesson about who Castro was, and what he did to his own people?

VARNEY: Yeah, the left is all over the place with this one. They know that he ruined Cuba. They know that he was a brutal dictator. But -- ah, he brought education to the masses, and he hated America, therefore, they are on his side. It really is pathetic, I don't know where this is going, but I don't see any good coming out of it for the left. In fact, I would expect Donald Trump to renegotiate this relationship with Cuba, because our corporations have been squeezed out of any renovation job that they're doing on the island. I think Mr. Trump will make a difference there and I hope he does.

MCDOWELL: Stuart, we're going to see you in exactly 11 minutes, I promise on the nose.


MCDOWELL: Varney & Co. starts each and every day at 9:00 AM Eastern time, Monday to Friday. Coming up, a Seattle Nike store falls victim into a Black Friday frenzy, it happens because you can't see the shoes in the box, women understand this, the new video going viral of a massive mess that shoppers left behind.


MCDOWELL: Demonstrators near the site of an oil pipeline in North Dakota are now facing a deadline to leave. Cheryl Casone has the details on this developing story, Cheryl.

CHERYL CASONE, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: That's right, Dagen. Authorities are telling the activists they have until December 5th to leave that protest kit, the U.S. army corps engineers which manages the land with the camp is located says it will be closed off to the public, and part of the reason behind that move is to protect people from violent clashes between the demonstrators and law enforcement. Organizers say they are not going anywhere, while the North Dakota sheriff says he will enforce the law. Protesters stage a rally against the oil pipeline yesterday in Washington D.C. We've been following this protest for some days now.