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CLINTON: This is someone who had another rally yesterday, actually said out loud to himself "Stay on point Donald, stay on point". His campaign probably put that in the teleprompter.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Anybody who is upset about a "Saturday Night Live" skit you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. This guy who likes tweets, (inaudible) "Saturday Night Live" -- I don't like how Alec Baldwin imitated me -- and you want to be president of the United States. Come on, man. Come on.


BARTIROMO: Let's bring in Amy Holmes, a political analyst with Rasmussen Report and Erin McPike, a political analyst. Good to see you both. Thank you so much for joining us ladies.


BARTIROMO: Erin, I want to kick this off with you. Which strategy should Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump deploy with just these four days to go now?

ERIN MCPIKE, POLITICAL ANALYST: You know, Maria, in the last 72 hours of a campaign -- campaigns generally want to get positive. They want to project a modicum of hope so that when voters actually go into that voting booth on Tuesday they are actually voting for something and not against someone.

So I'm actually surprised that the insults are continuing to fly on both sides. There is a new "New York Times" poll out this morning that shows 80 percent of Americans are repulsed by what they're seeing on the campaign trail. So it's time for the both to pivot and say what they actually want to do for the country. That's what we should be seeing this weekend.

BARTIROMO: We will see if they do that. Amy -- this whole campaign season has been about I want to vote in this person because I don't like that person. What do you think?

HOLMES: Well certainly. And in Rasmussen Report we have that the unfavorables for both of these candidates are of course, sky high. This is no surprise. And I agree. I think the American voter -- they want to hear what these candidates are going to do for America. How they're going to move America forward.

I think Donald Trump is actually in a stronger position to do that because of James Comey and the FBI renewing the investigation into her email that was just announced on Friday.

Hillary Clinton she is on defense right now. And Donald Trump I think his best position is to go positive and I think that he can gain some ground with that.

BARTIROMO: Not the usual place that we find Hillary Clinton on defense.

HUCKABEE: But I think that there's a definite difference in the attitude of the candidates at the podium. Donald Trump is having fun. You can listen to his crowd.

HOLMES: Absolutely. He's having the time of his life.

HUCKABEE: He's having -- he is.


BARTIROMO: He's been making fun of himself. Stay on point, Donald.

HOLMES: That was great, I loved that.

HUCKABEE: Hillary looks like somebody gave her a big glass of vinegar just before she got to the podium. She just doesn't look she's having any fun. It's the joy of sucking a lemon. And I think it's --

HOLMES: Voting for Hillary at this point is like eating your spinach -- right.

HUCKABEE: It's Trump versus the Grump -- that's what our choice is.


Meanwhile, a lot of conversation on Twitter. I want to get your take about this; about President Obama on the trail spending a lot of time with Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is questioning Obama's presence on the trail. Watch this.


TRUMP: I just left, by the way, Miami and in leaving I see Air Force One. So I said to myself I wonder who that could be. And it's our president and he's down here campaigning for Crooked Hillary. Why isn't he back in the office, sometimes referred to as the Oval Office? Why isn't he back in the White House bringing our jobs back and helping our veterans? Considering that she is under criminal investigation, I think he's actually got a conflict.


BARTIROMO: Well, I mean the Twitter-verse is saying who's paying for this. What do you think?

MCDOWELL: I think that all -- when it gets to people criticizing the American people paying for this --


MCDOWELL: -- like all presidents have done this in the past. And it would be -- and I've said this before. It would be ridiculously stupid for the Clinton campaign if they didn't harness all their resources, number one.

And number two, given what the President has done in terms of regulation in the last almost eight years and the record numbers of regulations -- their economically impactful coming out of the White House, do you really want him in Washington?


MCDOWELL: Isn't he better off on the campaign trail? Where they've been mucking up with all their might.


HOLMES: You know what, I have to say that that is what my argument for the obstructionist Congress, the worst thing that ever happened in American politics was air-conditioning. That they can work all year round.

But of course, all presidents go out on to the campaign trail to you know, campaign for their successor.

MCDOWELL: It's just like when presidents go on vacation.


BARTIROMO: How precarious does this FBI investigation put the President in that he's got to go out there and say it's all rainbows and puppy dogs meanwhile there's a criminal investigation.

HUCKABEE: Yes. I think that's a bigger problem. By the way, campaigns have to pay for the presidential travel when he's doing a campaign event. So Hillary -- she's got plenty of money -- all these Wall Street folks have thrown plenty of money at her feet. So she can pay for it. But to be fair that cost -- the cost of the trip is covered by the Clinton campaign.

HOLMES: I think what's more worrying is when President Obama goes out on the campaign trail and he called Trump supporters, people who would be supporting the Klan.



MCPIKE: They've started doing that.

HOLMES: And when he starts actually attacking millions and millions of Americans who generally want to make America great again.

MCDOWELL: It shows how concerned the Clinton campaign is with the African- American vote because they are worried about the number of African- Americans --

HOLMES: We're seeing lower turnout.

MCDOWELL: -- right, lower turnout. So there is a very specific reason why you hear that kind of incendiary line.

HOLMES: Sure but you know, what I think is strange about that. They should have anticipated this. We have seen this in the midterm election. That President Obama's popularity with African-American voters has never translated. It didn't translate in the midterm in 2010 nor in 2014.

So why would it for Hillary?

HUCKABEE: But his efforts is like McCarthyism though. When you try to do guilt by association -- and I really resent the President for throwing in things like the Klan. That's ridiculous.

Donald Trump may be a lot of things but nobody has ever been able to successfully say that the man is a racist. That's nonsense.


COURTNEY: I would agree with you Governor Huckabee because watching President Obama speak in the tone that he was speaking, he didn't sound very presidential and it was disappointing to hear that. I mean he still is our president.

And you see that it doesn't seem very genuine. You feel like, ok, he's trying to protect his legacy, you know.

BARTIROMO: And he is.

HOLMES: And wasn't it his wife who said when they go low we go high. He went into the gutter, let's face it.

BARTIROMO: We've been saying that a lot lately, just to remind Hillary what she said because she took that line from Michelle. And they're not going very high these days.

The Clinton campaign has announced plans for a huge election eve rally in Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton will be joined by President Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

President Obama and the First Lady have high approval ratings -- Erin. Will their presence boost voter turnout you think in the critical state of Pennsylvania? They both need Pennsylvania.

MCPIKE: But isn't it interesting that they are during this rally in Pennsylvania? Because the Clinton campaign has argued for months that Pennsylvania is not that competitive. So it is a defensive play for them to be having this last-minute rally before election night in that state.

But I would point out that of course Hillary Clinton does have a star- studded roster of these surrogates. But the thing I would point about President Obama is this is sort of a thing we haven't seen in the last 30 years or so, a sitting president campaigning for a potential successor like this because if you remember back in 2008 George W. Bush was not at all popular so the McCain campaign did not use George W. Bush on the trail really at all.

And in 2000 Al Gore did not want to use Bill Clinton because he was just coming off the Lewinsky scandal. So we haven't really seen a president go on the campaign trail quite like this in a really long time.

BARTIROMO: Yes. So that was specific stories related to the last two presidents having not done it. But you make the point that this is not atypical.

MCDOWELL: Again to the Governor's point, the Clinton campaign pays for this. If you look at it from the different angle, is he was not on the campaign trail and he was willing to be there and you don't use him, you're --


MCDOWELL: -- whether you like the man, the policies whatever, he's got a 55 percent approval rate.

BARTIROMO: Yes, for sure.

MCDOWELL: And his wife is beloved.

BARTIROMO: Yes. But she's also -- Hillary she has to walk this balance of yes I'm with Obama and yes I'm with Michelle but Obamacare is the craziest thing I've ever seen, which is what her husband said, Bill Clinton.

MCDOWELL: Well they want more government. She is going further left. And people think that Hillary Clinton is going to be kind of the second edition of Bill in terms of his fiscal policies and what he did.


MCDOWELL: Forget about it. The party has moved left and she is moving further left. She is further left on the Second Amendment and gun control than anything that we've ever seen.

She's further left on what she wants to do with Obamacare and health care in this country. They want a public option. They want a public option in Obamacare which is the road to single payer. And if anybody thinks anything different, well, they're living under a rock.

HOLMES: Just give it to Bernie Sanders.



BARTIROMO: Elizabeth Warren.

HOLMES: Exactly.

BARTIROMO: Right? Or Barack Obama. I mean this is what has happened to the party in the last eight years. No doubt about it.

Amy Holmes, Erin McPike -- good to see you both, ladies. Thank you so much.

MCPIKE: Thank you.

HOLMES: Thank -- Maria.

BARTIROMO: Appreciate your time this morning.

Stay with us because we are all hands on deck for the next five days. Live coverage on Election Day, November 8th. Fox Business Network will be there all day and then, of course, the next morning on MORNINGS WITH MARIA, we've got the best analysis and smartest conversation in the morning for you, post Election Day coverage on Wednesday, November 9th. We start an hour early, 5:00 a.m.

Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back.

The troubled airbag maker Takata reportedly considering bankruptcy for its U.S. business.

Cheryl Casone with the details now -- Cheryl.


A Chapter 11 filing for its Michigan-based TK Holdings is an option. Reuters says the Japanese company is seeking a backer to help pay the huge cost related to the global recall of millions of potentially faulty inflaters. But that is not a given.

The Michigan unit accounts for nearly half of Takata's global sales and the airbag maker is struggling to supply replacement inflaters which have been linked to at least 16 deaths worldwide.

Well, we are watching shares of GoPro this morning. The stock is plunging nearly 19 percent in premarket trading as the maker of cameras for those adrenalin junkies out there swung to a net loss for the fourth straight quarter -- revenues falling 40 percent from a year ago. GoPro also says it expects to stay in the red next year and it lowered its sales forecast for the current quarter due to production issues for its new Hero5 camera and the Carmadrone (ph), its first drone. But Apple, Samsung -- they're really kind of getting the bigger market for them. The stock is down 88 percent from its 2014 high.

And the Golden Globe Awards show is now owned by a Chinese company. Dalian Wanda Group is buying Dick Clark Productions for about $1 billion. This deal marks Wanda's first step in a television production and gives it the right to shows like the Academy of Country Music Awards, Miss America and of course Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest -- Maria. Wanda already owns AMC Theaters and they've also -- they own Legendary Entertainment. They've got the most movie theaters world wide actually. So the buy makes sense for the company.

Back to you.

BARTIROMO: Yes. But there's something wrong with it. Miss America being owned by China.

CASONE: A lot of people are saying that this morning.


MCDOWELL: How about, there's wrong with beauty pageants in this day and age.


MCDOWELL: Why are they still strutting around for scholarship money in bathing suits? For the crown.

BARTIROMO: Yes. Ok. That's good. You're right.


BARTIROMO: Just ahead --

HUCKABEE: There she is.


BARTIROMO: Donald Trump is digging into Hillary Clinton on allegations of pay for play at the Clinton Foundation. The final four-day stretch, coming up.

And then could collard greens wind up on Neiman Marcus' list of Christmas fantasy gifts? The upscale retailer selling the Southern staple for a ridiculous price, customers are eating it up. You're not going to believe this story.

Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on national security. Donald Trump really slammed Clinton about national security four days before Election Day. Watch.


TRUMP: When I look at these great admirals and these great generals and the great Medal of Honor recipients behind me to think of her being their boss. I don't think so. And you know, they are incredible patriots they would never say a thing. But I know what they're thinking. It's not for them -- believe me.

She's under multiple criminal investigations at this very moment. Her criminal conduct --


BARTIROMO: Joining me right now is Fox News strategic analyst and the author of "The Damned of Petersburg", Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters. Colonel Peters -- good to see you. Thank you so much for joining us.


BARTIROMO: So I guess Bret Baier reported earlier this week that there was a 99 percent chance that foreigners hacked Secretary Clinton's server. What is your take on that and on Trump saying military members do not take Clinton seriously? What do you hear from the military community?

PETERS: Well, all of this is so utterly overheated. And you're hearing wild rhetoric from both sides. On the issue of Hillary's emails irresponsibility, folly and indeed I believe criminal behavior -- look it's a genuine problem.

I am actually, personally much more worried, much more alarmed and concerned about Donald Trump's adoration of Vladimir Putin and Putin's evident intent to do all he can to help Trump get elected. There's more back story there.

And you know, as far as the military goes it is divided. The people I tend to hang with, with one exception, everyone I know that I pal with they fear Trump, they fear him deeply. But there are other people in the military obviously who support him.

I mean the military reflects our country. It too, has its internal political divisions. But at the end of the day as a national security person, you know, I detest Hillary Clinton. I find her despicable. But I still think she is a safer bet for president than Donald Trump with his attacks on NATO, crazy statements about Aleppo and Syria, about Iran. His insistence that he knows more about ISIS than the generals -- Maria, you know, I just can't swallow that.

BARTIROMO: Governor -- what do you say about that?

HUCKABEE: Well, you know, Colonel -- I hear that but we had been run over by the Iranians. I mean we didn't even try to get anything out of them. We just handed them a big check. We paid for hostages. I mean how can that possibly be a policy that we want to continue?

PETERS: Well, I certainly don't want to continue it. I just think, look, Hillary Clinton is a much better man than President Obama. She's much tougher. And I'm not doing a commercial for Hillary Clinton. We in our history have never faced such a wretched choice of candidates. But I am trying to be honest and I'm not getting on anybody's bandwagon.

But when asked a question, by God, I will give the American people my honest view. And my honest view is on foreign policy and national security Hillary Clinton is clearly preferable to the irresponsible and madcap Donald Trump.

HUCKABEE: Do you think though she would surround herself with the kind of people that would make it safer versus Donald Trump? See that's a big concern to me. It's not just who the President is but who do they put around them? Who do they employ? Who do they appoint? What kind of world view do they have going in? How do they look at our allies like Israel versus how do they look at our true enemies, like Iran? That worries me -- Colonel.

PETERS: Well -- look at the people who are backing each candidate. And again, I don't want to be partisan about this. But the generals and admirals I respect, the people from the intelligence community I respect are overwhelmingly behind Hillary Clinton not because they think she is great, not because they even respect her but because they fear a Trump presidency as do I.

HUCKABEE: But Colonel -- if I could throw one more thing and there's nobody I --

PETERS: You throw all you want -- I'll hit the balls right back. You just pitch.

HUCKABEE: You know, I absolutely admire you tremendously but if we have Hillary Clinton, here is a person who has shown an utter contempt for the law. Colonel, if you had done what she had done with classified information --

PETERS: I would be in jail.

HUCKABEE: And the destruction of documents -- where would you be right now? It wouldn't be on Maria's show.

PETERS: Well, unquestionably, I would be in jail. But there's no question about that. Hillary Clinton is indefensible. She is the worst possible choice to be the United States of America's president except for Donald Trump.

BARTIROMO: So in other words, what you're saying is it's about what he has said versus what she has done.

PETERS: Well, you know, I keep hearing all this stuff about how bad experience is. Experience counts. We saw naivety with Obama coming to office who had no foreign policy experience. And again Hillary Clinton she knows what Putin is about. And Putin fears her or he wouldn't be trying so hard with these leaks to get Trump elected.

I mean there's a lot more back story here. Putin clearly has some kind of hold over Donald Trump. And Romney was right --

BARTIROMO: Well, just to be clear.

PETERS: -- Putin is our number one enemy.

BARTIROMO: Just to be clear -- the FBI said that they have no evidence of a Trump-Russia connection. That's what Jim Comey said the other day.

PETERS: 16, 16 intelligence agencies say that the WikiLeaks one-sided dump, the WikiLeaks, the hacking has come from Russia.


PETERS: Maria, you're smart, you can connect those dots.

BARTIROMO: Right. Well, I'm just telling you what the FBI said.

PETERS: Well, yes but the FBI is in shambles right now. And look, we can argue this back-and-forth but Maria, when I come on your show which I love the show --

BARTIROMO: Thank you.

PETERS: -- or any show you run the danger of getting honest answers.

BARTIROMO: Yes, absolutely. And we want honest answers. That's why we love you.

Thank you so much, Lieutenant Colonel. Good to see you.

PETERS: Thank you -- Maria.

BARTIROMO: Colonel Ralph Peters joining us there.

Coming up Hillary Clinton struggling to shake her controversies as the White House race enters the final stretch. Why the renewed investigation into her private server scandal has some in the FBI calling the bureau Trumplandia.

And then President Obama firing back in defense of Obamacare -- his message to Republicans trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. That's coming up.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. I'm Maria Bartiromo. Thank you so much for being here. it is Jobs Friday, November 4th. Your top stories right now, 7:30 am on the East Coast.

It is a tale of two campaigns, as Hillary Clinton fights off scandal, Donald Trump is closing the gap. Clinton's former foe, Bernie Sanders, doing all he can to help the struggling candidate now.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I), VERMONT: This campaign is not a personality contest. We're not voting for high school president, we're voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world.

MELANIA TRUMP, WIFE, DONALD TRUMP: He could not sit by anymore and watch what's happening in our country. And that is when this campaign, this movement began.


BARTIROMO: We're heading to campaign trail as the candidates make stops in at least three swing states.

Inside the FBI, as the investigation over Hillary's e-mail heats up, the agency gets a new nickname, Trumpland. But is it fair?

Turning to markets this morning. Futures indicating a lower opening for the stock market. We are off of the lows this morning. Leading up to the election, stocks are down eight days in a row. This has been the longest losing streak since the depth of the financial crisis.

This as we await in the critical October Jobs report out this morning, it's due in one hour. Economist expecting 175,000 new jobs to have an added to the economy last month with the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.9 percent. This is the last jobs number in major economic report before the election next week.

In Europe, markets were lower across the board, take a look. Global investors are concerned over the uncertainty surrounding the U.S. election.

And in Asia overnight, markets were also in the red. The worst performer there was Japan. The Nikkei Average down one and a third percent.

Another major insurer is pulling out on ObamaCare. The impact that the move could have on the plagued exchanges. Plus, President Obama response coming up.

And to Russia with love. Vladimir Putin welcoming a new comrade, action star, Steven Seagal. The story behind this unlikely friendship. You got to hear this one.

And Neiman Marcus goes green, the companies new side dish that could break your bank this holiday season.

All those stories coming up.

We kick it off this half hour though with the Clinton foundation under investigation. In fact, allegations of pay to play at the foundation have shockingly been under FBI scrutiny for more than a year. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to use the latest scandals to advance their own works. Watch


TRUMP: The FBI is investigating how Hillary Clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation of federal law.

CLINTON: What we have seen, what's been said and how distressful it's been. I know there are a lot of people who are upset about what's gone on in this campaign, aren't there? And as Michelle Obama has said the presidency doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are.


BARTIROMO: Joining me right now is the former assistant director of the FBI, James Kallstrom. And Jimmy, it's always a pleasure to have you on the program.


BARTIROMO: Thank you so much for joining us. So what do you say about this FBI investigation? We get lots of drips and drips and drips. What do you think is the most damning stuff here?

KALLSTROM: Well, you know, there's really never been a legitimate investigation from the very beginning because the justice department has not allowed a grand jury to be present. I mean, that's going way back on, you know, the e-mails.

So bureau has had to conduct -- the agents have had to conduct, in my opinion, a shell investigation, without subpoenas, without warrants. So they have to beg for information, they have to plead, you know. And the department gave immunity to some of the co-conspirators in this thing. And they left all this evidence on the table of the espionage, obstruction of justice, obstruction of evidence, you know, perjury. I mean, on and on with it so.

You know, now, yes. If they are investigating the Clinton foundation which I believe it deserves. And all of a sudden, enough out there in the public domain to at least look at it. You know, here's the foundation that gives less than six percent of the money to charity. At least, that's what is reported on their IRS returns. So I mean, that's really not a charity. And you can just look at Heidi, what they did in Heidi after the earthquake, how they collect it all, this money, and spent very little bit -- little of it if any in Heidi. So I mean -- but you cannot investigate the Clinton foundation without a grand jury.

BARTIROMO: Incredible.

KALLSTROM: You know, and I don't think we're going to see a grand jury until President Obama leaves office. So nothing is really going to come out of this other than -- you know, the agents are trying to collect information.

BARTIROMO: I want to get back to that six percent in a second because that's really incredible. So I'm going to talk about that. But first, on the Loretta Lynch and the politicizing of the FBI which is probably -- yes, the most damning and terrible thing about this. And I know this hurts you. Because you have been at the FBI for so long.

The fact is this, Loretta Lynch is supposed to be the top cop in the country but she's also a political appointee. The president appointed her. So she's going to be loyal to him and stop down any investigation. That's what she's done. We've learned this now.

KALLSTROM: I mean, it usually hasn't been a problem in the United States. I mean, in a few occasions, it has been if you look back but it's totally politicized now. I mean, you know, the head of the justice department and her minions are really part of the Democratic National Committee. I mean, they're acting that way. Just look at the stuff on WikiLeaks and see the connections and look at her going on that airplane.