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Killed; Spirit Flight Evacuated; WSJ: GE, BHI Deal Near; Europe Edges

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KINGSON: Yes, and you know, I think the other thing that we'd still have to get back to is Huma Abedin said she turned over all of her e-mails. Now were finding that maybe as many as 650,000. You know, so much of this could have been avoided if Hillary Clinton did in fact do what she said she was going to do, which cooperate and turn over all the e-mails.

It's obvious that they did not. Now because of Wikileaks or because of disgruntled FBI investigators within the bureau, there is a lot of pressure on Comey and others. We really don't know what Wikileaks is going to disclose in the next few days. There maybe more, maybe they won't. I do think Comey was in a damned if you and damned if you don't position.

LT. COL. TONY SHAFFER, LONDON CENTER FOR POLICY RESEARCH: This Tony -- for you, Dennis. Look, our friend Kurt Walden when through a lot when he suffered the announcement of the FBI investigation. He ended up losing election (inaudible) as you know and let's be clear on this. Kurt was never charged.

The innuendo itself was sufficient, but let me just say this in defense of what I think Comey is doing here. I've heard rumors that there maybe things like espionage, the word, espionage was used in some of the folks I was talking to Friday.

So Dennis, don't you think that despite everything that's happened in the past if this is something where you have the "e" word included, wouldn't that rise to the level of Comey having to do something now.

KUCINICH: Here's the problem. You're talking about doing something based on rumors. If there is something specific let the American people know. But the fact that it is infiltrating the media with sources say with the possibility of there might be something. Hey, wait a minute, we're electing a president.

If you have something, say it. On the other hand if you're not sure don't talk about it. I want to go back to the Kurt Weldin case. Kurt Weldin was a fine member of Congress. He was smeared by the FBI and cost him the election.

And you know what, that's -- I'm saying this is not a partisan matter. We've got to be careful how the great power of the Justice Department is used on evil in elections -- it could turn an election.

MCDOWELL: Isn't it more than a little ironic that the Clinton campaign is now gotten religion on transparency in the last three days when in fact that was the whole reason that the server was set up in the first place before she became the secretary of state it was to hide information from FOIA request and from the American people.

KINGSON: Another thing, when I hear people like John Podesta say we'd like the FBI to disclose what they're looking at. Well, why don't they just start with Huma Abedin saying here's everything I've got, guys. I don't care about the -- I mean, there's nothing to prohibit her as I understand it from going ahead and saying here's everything. I'm putting it out for the public.

I know there's not much time, but there's enough people in the world that can look at all of these e-mails and say they are about yoga and carpooling. We know that's not the fact.

KUCINICH: What Jack just said is worth considering. Think about this, 650,000 e-mails, I mean, my question would be, were they using a computer as a backup. I've been in many campaigns, I've never seen that volume of e-mails. I don't understand that volume. I don't get it.

BARTIROMO: The other issue, you know, Huma Abedin said that she would send lots of her e-mails to that e-mail address because it was easier to print stuff from home. There was too much clutter to print at the office. So she wanted to print at home. She would send all of her e-mails to her Yahoo account so she could print it. Let's not forget Yahoo! was hacked. Again the national security issue is front and center.

KINGSTON: There's no way in the world that you could take this information home. Dennis and I sat through classified briefings. You can't have a Blackberry or any kind near it and you can't even take notes, Maria. You cannot write down what the CIA is testifying. You can't write that down and walk out of the room with it.

You can write down as long as that note stays in the room. It's really very carefully guarded information so there's no way in the world she could've just taken us home. I believe that they felt like they were above the law.

That they have some special exemption from the rules, which by the way, we all know Hillary Clinton sent an e-mail to all the State Department employees saying that they could not use their personal devices.

She was trained on all this stuff. Whether Comey is in the right or the wrong or his timing is horrible or not, the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton could have avoided all of this by following the law in the first place.

And then once there was this allegation she could've said here's everything and said the same there's one device and I turned over everything. I did not use bleach bit.

KEVIN KELLY, RECON CAPITAL PARTNERS CIO: Congressman Kingston, I think it's funny because you bring it up too. I mean, the Clinton campaign, all day on Friday, they said, listen, none of it had to do with her server. She didn't send any of it. It wasn't to her or from her.

It was pretty interesting, but we know we have 650,000 e-mails that some will prove contrary to what they're saying. They came out and said it was a partisan thing. James Comey only sent it to the Republicans, which was a lie. So they are just consistently going out there smoking mirrors going around.

So I guess the main question is how can they recover from this? Both of you, I mean, is there a way to overstep what just came out?

KUCINICH: Maria pointed out at the beginning of this segment that three out of ten Americans are concerned and less likely to vote for her. One out of ten, you know, are not Republicans according to this poll. If that's true, you're talking about -- all you need is like a five-point swing to change an election. This could change the election, which is one of the concerns I have because there's a lack of specificity in the information.

BARTIROMO: Yes, it's a fair concern. The only worry is that we were to find this out at some point and it would've been after Hillary Clinton became president. Then what happens? What are the American people think about the system.

If in fact, they go, they vote her in and then they find out information that would've changed their minds. I still standby it's never too late to do the right thing.

KINGSTON: I think, Maria, this is what they're going to do. They're just going to push their way through this. They will use this tremendous ground game, which isn't just the Clinton campaign, but it is the DNC and Sierra Club and the National Teachers Union.

They're just going to go all their target counties and all these swing states and push and push getting their people to the polls. They're going to say whatever it takes to say there is nothing to do this, just go out and vote for me, trust me.

Donald Trump hates women remember that. I don't know that they even have a choice, but I think what you just reported about social media to me is one of the scariest things about this election in our society today. Clinton is going to be aided by some of these people who are in this rigged system.

BARTIROMO: By the way, you're talking about the Clinton machine. If they do have anything else on Donald Trump, expect it to blow today or tomorrow because they are probably looking for whatever they can to change the subject again.

Congressman Kucinich, Congressman Kingston, good to see you. Thank you so much, Gentlemen. Dagen, you want --

MCDOWELL: I was just going to say just like the weekend before the 2000 election where the opposition dumped that bomb that President Bush had had a dui. Look out, it will happen on Sunday.

BARTIROMO: Absolutely. Still to come, taking on Tesla, why one luxury carmaker is telling Elon Musk's company to hit the road jack.

Then dinosaurs on the mind, the prehistoric discovery that has the scientific world celebrating next. Back in a minute. Do stay with us.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Looking like it's a good day for the market at least at the open although we are off of the highs of the morning right now. Take a look at futures indicating a gain of about 11 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Nasdaq looking up about 14 points.

We have got a two-day fed meeting this week and the jobs numbers out on Friday. We are watching shares of Solar City this morning. Elon Musk unveiling the company's first linked product with Tesla, solar roof panels.

The debut was key for Musk as he looks to convince shareholders of the benefits of combining these two companies. Shares of Solar City down nearly 60 percent year to date.

Watching Chinese shipping companies ZTO Express. The company delivering its biggest IPO of the year last week. ZTO Express raised $1.4 billion. The stock has failed to pop as investors (inaudible) however. The company deliver packages for the likes of e-commerce giants Alibaba and JD.com.

New video of a horrifying scene at a New Orleans airport terminal. Here's Cheryl Casone with the details there -- Cheryl.

CHERYL CASONE, FOX BUSINESS: Yes, Maria. So we are just getting look at this chaotic incident that happened in 2015. Watch as a deranged man ran through a terminal with a machete last year at the New Orleans International Airport. You see it happen in just a moment.

The 63-year-old Richard White was stopped at a security point. He went on the attack spraying two TSA workers with wasp spray before pulling out that machete. The attack ended when a sheriff deputy shot White three times. White died in a hospital the next day after refusing treatment because of his religious beliefs.

The European Union signing a landmark free trade agreement with Canada. E.U. officials saying the deal would remove more than 99 percent of tariffs and boost trade with Canada by $13 billion every year.

Canada was due to sign it on Thursday, but the E.U. could not get unanimous approval because of a small region in Belgium refused to endorse the deal. Belgium was finally able to give its endorsement Saturday after several rounds of talks with that one particular region.

In sports, the World Series is heading back to Cleveland. The Chicago Cubs were on the brink of going of home (inaudible) losers again, but Chris Bryant's solo home run ignited a fourth inning rally lifting Chicago to win 3-2.

Fireball recorded a final eight outs. His last pitch 102 miles per hour. Chapman would tempted more to go the two innings than the second time in a career. Cleveland still leads the series 3-2. Game six going to be to be on Tuesday night back in Ohio.

Finally this, Maria, scientist had discovered that what is believed to be the first fossilized dinosaur brain. This remarkable find is thought to have come from a large plant eater that walked the earth about 133 million years ago.

It is believed that the creature must have died near water with its head buried in sediment possibly in a swamp or a bog allowing its brain to be pickled and preserved. It's something that scientists had never seen in a very exciting discovery for them. Back to you.

BARTIROMO: Wow. All right, Cheryl, thank you. Up next, the anti-Tesla. We've got an inside look at the luxury car aiming to take on the electric car darling. Back in a minute. Stay with us.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. It is a car being called the anti- Tesla. The 2016 Porsche Panamera is the closest conventional car to the Tesla Model S performance wise, but which is better?

Last week, our foxnews.com automotive editor, Gary Gastelo was one of five people who got to drive the Porsche before it goes on sale in the U.S. next year. Gary joins us right now to tell us a bit about it. Gary, good to see you. So how was it?

GARY GASTELO, FOXNEWS.COM AUTOMOTIVE EDITOR: It is a great car. It was Porsche's first four-door sedan, actually a five-door, it's got a hatch back, and it really changed people's perceptions about a high-performance sedan. It really had a lot of that Porsche DNA. It was a big hit, but it's old now. So now they have an all new car even though it looks a little bit similar, but new technology, new platform and outstanding performance.

BARTIROMO: Do you call this a sports car or a sedan?

GASTELO: It's absolutely a sports car. You know, Porsche's line is we build a sports car and we turn it into a luxury car. Obviously that's going to be at their line, but really you do get that feeling when you drive this compared to some of the high performance cars from the other brands.

BARTIROMO: So all (inaudible) and automakers these days are about autonomous vehicles? Is this also autonomous?

GASTELO: Not getting there yet. Porsche is taking its time as a lot of the major automakers are. This has the basic stuff, the automatic breaking, the lane keeping assists, which actually works pretty well, but not quite as good as Tesla.

It's got night vision camera, which is pretty cool. But Porsche's plan is again their line are people don't buy cars they don't want to drive. OK, that said they realize if there sitting in traffic, you're not going to want to drive it sometimes too.

BARTIROMO: No, that's true. You don't buy a Porsche to be autonomous.

GASTELO: Exactly, but eventually, people are going to expect the car to do that. Every car is going to need to do it to some extent. Their plan is over the next four or five years to introduce highway, stop and go driverless technology so you'd be able to go 30, 60 miles an hour with your hands off the wheel.

As far as full autonomy, though, they're not putting a timeline on it. They're basically saying, look, when the regulations are there, we'll do it. We're not in a rush.

Even though companies like Tesla have made a big part of their brand, five, ten years from now, it's good to be a commoditized technology. Even if you're not working on it right now, you're going to be able to just to do it. I mean, it's going to be plug and play technology eventually.

BARTIROMO: Aside from it being gorgeous and obviously with speed. What are some of your favorite features?

GASTELO: You know, it is a very different flavor then the Tesla Model S, which is a quick car and straight line, but it's kind of big and heavy and it's not great as it turns and you can't drive it fast all day. It sort of starts slowing down. It goes in a low power mode.

This is a car built by the company (inaudible) 118 times. You can try this as hard as you want all day. Probably quicker than that. They are usually conservative with their numbers.

Top speed 190 miles hours. It just handles fantastic. It has rear wheel steering so rear wheel is turned with the front wheels and an air suspension. A lot of other technology that's similar to what's on the Porsche 911.

You sit very low in the Panamera compared to a lot of these other hot rod sedans. It has a finesse that you don't find the lot of these cars.

BARTIROMO: So what's the cost? Coming to the U.S. soon, how much is it?

GASTELO: It should be on sale in January. They are to going to be about 100, 150. There will probably be about 12 models running from probably $80,000 up. There will be a hybrid coming next year as well. You'll be able to go about 30 miles on electricity alone. No plans for an all- electric Panamera, but they have seen the writing on the wall.

They're working on that new car. It will be out throughout the end of the decade. That's going to have similar performance to the Tesla. The big difference they are saying is they're going to be able to charge twice as fast current Tesla charges.

And like this you will be able to drive it all day on the track. It's not going to give up and overheat and slow down on you.

BARTIROMO: Really good stuff. It looks beautiful.

GASTELO: It is a great car. It's almost too sporty for some people.

BARTIROMO: Gary, thank you so much. Gary Gastelo there.

We'll take a short break. Next hour, the decision to reopen the Clinton e- mail investigation puts the heat on both the campaign and the FBI Director Jim Comey. What it means as voters prepare to head to the polls just eight short days from now Election Day. Back in a minute. Stay with us.


BARTIROMO: Good Monday morning, everybody. Welcome back. I'm Maria Bartiromo. It is Monday, October 31st. Halloween. Your top stories right now at 7 a.m. on the east coast.

Eight days until Election Day and a new poll shows the race is neck and neck. Donald Trump coming within one point of Hillary Clinton and that poll was taken before the FBI's latest probe of Hillary Clinton's e-mails - -


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