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BARTIROMO: No, they didn't have - novbody had a private e-mail


DERSHOWITZ: Np. But they have provate e-mails. But, you knpw, It's a matter o f-"


BARTIROMO: Znd this is why people pay so much attention on why we have all these hacking. Because we know that the things that they say to us, we cannot trust. And that's critical for a Republic to work. We need to believe that there are some [crosstalk] Were secretary of state.

DERSHOWITZ: Well, we also need to believe in the results of an election. And you know who's going to be the hero of this thing? Pence is going to be the hero.


DERSHOWITZ: Because on the day after the election, if Trump gets up there and says, "I want my people to go out there and this was not a legitimate election," Pence is going to get up there and say, "No. I am disassociating myself from the President - the election is over. This was a fair election, we have to go on, we have to accept the results of the election." He's going to be the hero. Everybody is going to want to disassociate themselves from Trumps's claim about a fraudulent election.

BARTIROMO: Unless he wins.

MCDOWELL: Or unless it's really close. Unless it's very close in a state like Florida or Ohio.

BARTIROMO: No matter what he says, I don't think some of his supporters are going to let it go.


MCDOWELL: Well, and then we start talking about 20/20 and what happens with those supporters in, I'm assuming four years.

BARTIROMO: All right.

MCDOWELL: And that's already a discussion [crosstalk]

DERSHOWITZ: But you know, I can tell you this maybe inside story, but I was the one with lawyers and Bush versus Gore. And we were of course, very unhappy about the way the votes were in Palm Beach County had put the holes in the wrong side. Gore didn't want to challenge that. He didn't want to challenge that. He wanted a recount but he didn't want a challenge the way votes were cast.

And so, to compare what Gore did to what Trump is now saying he would do, you know, there's an automatic recount under Florida Law. And remember, the case was called Bush Versus Gore, not Gore Versus Bush. And so both sides were suing each other. It wasn't just that Gore was a sore loser. And certainly, he accepted the results in the end.

MCDOWELL: That's the distinction is that that Trump has said this before the actual vote, before election day. Versus as a result of the actual votes that were cast.

BARTIROMO: Yes. We'll see. Alan, good to see you.

DERSHOWITZ: Likewise. Thank you so much.

BARTIROMO: Now, Alan Dershowitz there. Pick up the E-book. Electile Dysfunction. We'll see you soon, sir.

DERSHOWITZ: Thank you.

BARTIROMO: Have enough Target-Spices up? It's the power over the new line from Victoria Beckham, more on the partnership, next. And then one group is angrier on the road than others. The surprising finding of a recent study on road rage, back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back in internal watch all. Concluding that the EPA should have acted more swiftly to warn residents of Flint, Michigan about the city's contaminated water. Here's Cheryl with the detail. Cheryl?

CHERYL CASONE: This is troubling, Maria. The Inspector General of the EPA admitting officials there had enough information to issue an emergency order as early as June of 2015. But the agency didn't act until January of 2016, 7 months later. The Inspector General also says, because the EPA didn't do enough at the time, Michigan state officials delayed taking any action. Including providing alternative drinking water supplies for the residence there. Flint's water became tainted when the city began drawing from the Flint River to save money.

Well, a big warning in space to tell you about. There are now three new crew crewmembers on board the international space station. You're looking at live pictures from NASA right now. It's been kind of fun to watch today. A Russian Soyuz space craft, carrying two Russians and one American, completed the docking maneuver. `Here it is. Just after 5am Eastern Time today. Two days after the three (INAUDIBLE) from Kazakhstan. They are now joining three other space station members who have been on this space station since July and due to return to earth next week.

Well, Victoria Beckham is expanding her fashion business by launching a new line at Target. She's been designing clothes for a while but this collection is going to be a lot more affordable and it's going to include a children's line. The clothes are only going to be available in stores for about a month starting in April. So, April 1 of next year. Remember, (INAUDIBLE) great at Targets, I will say.

And a new study finds that road rage affects women more than men. The study by South Korean automaker, Hyundai, says that female drivers are more likely to lose their cool behind the wheel. Researchers say that's because women have an instinctive early warning system that - you can't make this up. They also say, on average that women are 12 percent angrier than men while driving. Ladies, I'm going to send it back to you. Discuss amongst yourselves. Do you agree with this one?

BARTIROMO: Maybe we're just better at expressing the fact that we are angry when we are driving and our feeling -

HAWKINS: Come on.

MCDOWELL: Yes. But road rage, I mean, I'll speak from personal experience, can get you into trouble. Like, people, they're - it can go too far and I want to speak to a neighbor of mine in Connecticut who gets in her car when she is always - like, she gets in her way to big SUV and force it right out of her driveway. You know what? Lady, the speed limit is 25 miles an hour in our neighborhood and you're doing 50.

HAWKINS: I have more -

MCDOWELL: And if you blow your horn at me again when I'm out running, I'm going to kill your car.




MCDOWELL: Why are you - why are you always in a hurry? Where are you going? Oh, my God.

BARTIROMO: And here we have road rage.

MCDOWELL: No, I have run - I have runner's rage because I get run out of the road a lot by the people who are wide open and at 25. Wide open.

TIMPF: I have more road anxiety. I can't even drive. It freaks me out. I have to park somewhere. It takes, like, 20 minutes. Everyone's watching me and I hate -

MCDOWELL: Wait - wait until you get older. You know what you're going to develop? Bridge anxiety. That shows up when you're about in your 30s, going on the bridges.


HAWKINS: The thing is - the thing is, being blonde, when you're blonde and you got to parallel park, and you see a bunch of guys in there were all looking at you and you know, "Oh, damn." They're going "She's going. She can't parallel park." You start getting sweaty.

TIMPF: There were guys behind me one time, I was at the - I was, like, they were - I was, like, "Oh, they're stopping. Maybe they're going to help me." And they're, like, "We're waiting because you're not going to be able to do this." Isn't that mean?

MCDOWELL: By the way, you know how people kick cars here in New York City? If you get cut off or smack the car? Once, I saw some dude get out of an escalade and chase somebody down the street who did that and beat the living (INAUDIBLE) out of the man in the streets.

BARTIROMO: Yes. But right now, tensions are so high, particularly with this election, you don't want to make any mistake and have any [crosstalk] because it turn deadly.

MCDOWELL: Right. Ride the speed limit and keep your hands to yourself.

BARTIROMO: Those are two rules to live by.

MCDOWELL: Keep steady. You're going to be fine.

HAWKINS: Everybody needs tom calm down.

BARTIROMO: Yes, exactly. Just take it down. Coming up next, Colin Kaepernick may have started a trend that is hurting the NFL. The impact the national anthem protests are having on ratings. We could have called that one. And then Ryan Lochte hoping to strike gold in the new profession. The Olympians new role in Hollywood. Yes. That's next. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Well, the Packers offense coming to life last night but the NFL ratings? Not so much. FOX News Headlines Sports Reporter, Jared Max, on it. Now. Jared, good morning.

JARED MAX, FOX NEWS HEADLINES SPORTS REPORTER: Good morning. Happy Friday, Maria. Green Bay was without its top two running backs because of injury so Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers just kept throwing the football last night. Fifty-six attempts.

On third quarter, the Packers were down 10-6 against the bears. Rodgers spines (INAUDIBLE) for a five yard score and a 13-10 lead. Packers went to 26-10, and 4-2, the Bears go to 1 and 6. 39 completions by Rodgers. A Packers' record. And Brian Hoyer broke his arm for Chicago. Well, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, Tuesday, that the league does not think Colin Kaepernick led protests of the national anthem is a factor in the leagues' double digit drop and TV ratings this season.

A survey conducted by Yahoo Sports and Yougov found otherwise. 29 percent of NFL fans said they are watching fewer games this season. Why? Well, 40 percent of this number say it's because of the protests. 31 percent say lack of opportunity to watch, 28 percent say they have lost interest. And 17 percent say it's the presidential election.

WNBA Championship deciding game last night. The Los Angeles Sparks going up against the defending champion, Minnesota Lynx. And watch this basket by Nneka Ogwumike. She's going to hit the game winner with just three seconds to go as the Sparks won at 77-76. The MVP of the finals, Candice Parker saluted her former coach from Tennessee, the late great Pat Summitt.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All the person (INAUDIBLE) disappointment this year, what does this moment mean to you?

CANDICE PARKER: This is for Pat. This is for Pat.

MAX: "This is for Pat," a great salute to the late Pat Summitt. The Chicago Cubs are one win away from reaching the world's series. For the first time since Harry Truman was president. For the second name at (INAUDIBLE) Addison Russell had a two run homerun (INAUDIBLE) Cubs has led 8-1 lead. They held of the (INAUDIBLE) 8-4. Cubbies now lead the series. Three games to two. So, tomorrow night, Wrigley Field, the Cubs will pitch Kyle Hendrix. The Dodgers' turned ace, Clayton Kershaw. If the Cubbies win, they're into the World Series.

And boy, doesn't life get better everyday for disgraced US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte? After he had a stint on Dancing with the Stars, now the 12- time medalist is going to make his debut on the silver screen. Ryan Lochte set and starred in new Sharon Stone movie called "A Little Something for your Birthday."


MAX: Boy, it just keeps getting better for Mr. Lochte and his (green) hair.

MCDOWELL: Which would mean something if Sharon Stone still had a career but she does not, like -

MAX: So, I guess it makes sense that Sharon and Ryan Lochte, right?

MCDOWELL: She still looks good but she just doesn't -

BARTIROMO: But what about him? I mean, isn't that interesting that he has this issue and then he gets a movie role?

MCDOWELL: We actually did an A block on Bulls and Bears on Saturday morning about Ryan Lochte - about Ryan Lochte when all that went down with the Rio Olympics. About what the endorsement bill is disappearing. And whether he would make s comeback or not. That was actually our A-block.

BARTIROMO: That he would make a come back in Hollywood?

MCDOWELL: Well, a lot of people dismissed what - dismissed, you know, what might happen in his career and, like, his career's over. Nobody's ever going to harm him again.



MCDOWELL: For telling a tail?

HAWKINS: Also, he's cute.


MAX: Where goes 13 dollars in cash?


MCDOWELL: It does matter, sorry.

BARTIROMO: Right. Correct. Not that (kid.)

MAX: NFL ratings. Something people really haven't been talking about, we keep talking. Is it the protest, something that you have to hear. As I wonder about fantasy football, we watch the games differently now that we use to.

We have less time, we have more options at our fingertips on hour foams.

BARTIROMO: Watching on Twitter?

MAX: Fantasy football, makes fan. One player on this team, another player on this team. It's no longer just - let me sit down and watch my team for three hours. And I think that may weigh in.

MCDOWELL: I think the election is also really, quickly is part of it, like, last night, I would have normally watched that game. But what am I watching? Maria Bartiromo [crosstalk]

MAX: Yes. I mean, the star.

MCDOWELL: Exactly. So, there's really no choice here.

MAX: By the way, yes. Maria. World Series, Game 3, with the Cubs, if they were to hosed up if they win. The cheapest take it together and stand in (INAUDIBLE) is over 1900 dollars.




MAX: Yes. Over 1900 bucks. That would be at the Cubbie's host, Game 3. And you see the prices. For Game One, Tuesday in Cleaveland, cheapest ticket together in $745.

MCDOWELL: I hope it's -- I hope it's Cubs and Indians. I'm really hoping for that. I love Chicago.

MAX: I hope so too.


HAWKINS: It will be a good game.

MAX: Sorry, LA.

BARTIROMO: Jared, good to see you.

MAX: Great seeing you.

BARTIROMO: Have a great weekend. Jared Max. Still to come. Health insurance premiums on the rise but President Obama says, he still thinks Obamacare is the winner. In the next hour of Mornings with Maria, we talked to one of the principal architects of Obamacare, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on the future of healthcare. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back everybody. Good Friday morning. I'm Maria Bartiromo and it is Friday, October 21st, your top stories at 8:00am on the East Coast right now. The dust settling from final debate. Both campaigns back on the trail, as Donald Trump clarifies his stance on whether he will accept the election outcome. President Obama went on the attack.

OBAMA: You can reject somebody who proves himself unfit to be president every single day and every single way, instead, you can choose as qualified a person who has ever run to lead this country.


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(Byline: Maria Bartiromo, Peter Barnes, Cheryl Casone, Stuart Varney, Adam Shapiro, Dagen McDowell)

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BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Said you can choose as qualified a person who has ever run to lead this country.

TRUMP: A campaign like Clinton's, that will incite violence is truly a campaign that will do anything to win. And a candidate like crooked Hillary Clinton who will lie to Congress, destroy 33,000 e-mails is a candidate who is truly capable of anything.


MARIA BARTIROMO, HOST, MORNINGS WITH MARIA: We are following the very latest as the candidates hit the swing states this morning. We're taking a closer look at the key down-ballot races today.

An American service member has been killed in Iraq. The details as the battle for Mosul claims its first U.S. casualty. A massive data theft at the NSA. The breath-taking amount of secrets that may have been revealed in this decades-long betrayal.

And the president makes his final push for Obamacare. Why he's calling for a public option now. A major deal highlighting an end of the year.

M&A push, the details behind British American Tobacco's $47 billion offer for Reynolds American. Big deal, a lot of deals recently. Earnings action driving the activity on Wall Street this morning.

Earnings this morning, better-than-expected, McDonald's just crossing the tape, beating expectations on both the top and the bottom line.

Company reporting $1.50 in earnings and revenue of $6.42 billion, stock is higher on the news, that is helping this market. General Electric meanwhile under pressure, that's weighing on the broader markets.

GE reported a revenue miss, it also narrowed its guidance for 2016, the rest of the year, as a result that stock is looking lower. In Europe, take a look at the activity, markets relatively flat, although you do have gains in London.

The FT 100 up about a third of a percent right now. And in Asia overnight, stocks were mixed, a typhoon in Hong Kong causing the closing of the Hong Kong stock market.

The Hang Seng index as you see there, closed, the other averages just fractionally moving. Nike laces up for charity, why they are looking to the past to fight for the future.

All those stories coming up this morning. And joining me to talk about it, Fox Business Network's Dagen McDowell, Tematica Research Chief Macro Strategist Lenore Hawkins with us and "National Review" reporter and Fox News contributor Kat Timpf.

Great show so far ladies --


DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS: You -- I don't know how you're doing it because you look phenomenal now, and you look phenomenal last night.

And I know how -- I know how little sleep you've gotten this week and I know how hard you've been working.

BARTIROMO: I understand --


BARTIROMO: Right back at you.

MCDOWELL: So, God bless you.


MCDOWELL: No, but I didn't look -- I will never in my lifetime look as good as you looked last night.

KAT TIMPF, REPORTER, NATIONAL REVIEW: You didn't break Twitter --

MCDOWELL: Not on planet -- not on planet earth will I ever look that good.

TIMPF: Yes, people have been tweeting -- I mean, you want to wear something more like Maria Bartiromo last night --


MCDOWELL: Not even with photo-shopping, not even if -- no, put my head on Sofia Loren's body, not happening. We're doing -- we're raising --

BARTIROMO: What a night --

MCDOWELL: The roof for you --

BARTIROMO: What a night, that was a lot of fun. I'm going to tell you about the Al Smith dinner this hour as well. We have this breaking news an McDonald's, the earnings hitting the tape.

Look, I don't know if this means the strength for the consumer, Dagen, but you focus on the consumer a lot, and whether or not we're actually seeing some spending pick up, what do you think?

MCDOWELL: McDonald's is more, it speaks to the broad consumer as well. And in terms of its ability to execute which it has and I know that it's -- I'm kind of going through a revamp right now in terms of trying to continue to win.

And in the fast-food business, you can see -- and again let's point to Microsoft. Microsoft is going to hit potentially when the markets open about an hour and a half from now. A new all-time high, topping that level hit in 1999.


MCDOWELL: Cloud-computing business is on fire, again, and it's still a fraction of the 31 percent in cloud-computing than Amazon controls at this point. So, there's a lot of room for growth with Microsoft, plus that dividend, very attractive.

BARTIROMO: Good earnings stories this morning --


BARTIROMO: And not GE, GE missed on revenue, but the other two, McDonald's and Microsoft really ones to watch.

The candidates meanwhile getting back to business this morning. Clinton and Trump both back on the campaign trail after joking last night at the Al Smith dinner. Peter Barnes is in Washington with the very latest there. Peter, good morning to you.

PETER BARNES, FOX BUSINESS: Hey, good morning, Maria. Well, before heading to the Al Smith dinner in New York last night, Donald Trump walk back his statement from Wednesday night's debate that he would not unconditionally accept the outcome of the election -- kind of.


TRUMP: I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win!




BARNES: Now, New York's elite turned out for the Smith dinner later that evening, and let me after all my compliments in here now, Maria, saw you last night and you looked stunning as usual in your red dress and white gloves.

Trump was booed several times in his speech as you heard for calling Clinton corrupt, and saying she was pretending to like Catholics. The event was held to raise $6 million for Catholic charities.

Clinton got in a few barbs of her own.


CLINTON: People look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Donald looks to the statue of liberty and sees a four.


Maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.


BARNES: Both candidates back on the campaign trail today, as you said, Trump campaigning in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Clinton campaigning in Ohio. Maria.

BARTIROMO: You know, I think the boos had to do with the fact that the audience just wasn't in the mood last night for that. You know, they really just wanted to see --

BARNES: Yes --

BARTIROMO: The two of them roast one another. And when he went --

BARNES: Yes --

BARTIROMO: Down this road of where -- what he's talking about on the campaign trail, they got mad.

BARNES: Yes, this is supposed to be a light-hearted evening --


BARNES: A self-deprecating, lots of jokes about each --

BARTIROMO: He did get laughs --

BARNES: Other and --


BARNES: Yes --

BARTIROMO: Other parts of the speech, but --

BARNES: Yes, in the --


BARNES: Beginning, yes --

BARTIROMO: When he turned negative, Dagen, it was not a good thing for him.

MCDOWELL: And I think for both of them, it just was an illustration that comedy is hard. Because they've written -- somebody has written these speeches for them with jokes in them, and both of them struggled to deliver the joke.


MCDOWELL: That it was still -- a lot -- it was kind of plod -- they were plodding along to both of them --

BARTIROMO: They're not funny --

MCDOWELL: They both need --


MCDOWELL: To -- no, they both need to lighten up.


Need to lighten up.

BARTIROMO: Well, it's true, what an --


BARTIROMO: Election, I mean, you know --


BARTIROMO: We all need to lighten up probably --

MCDOWELL: He needs a little break --

HAWKINS: For fun --

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much. The twists and turns on the campaign trail continue as politicians across party lines clamor for votes with split- ticket voting and possibility again.

Democrats believe they could flip the Senate back to blue. Trump is visiting Pennsylvania and North Carolina today, two states that he needs which are two of the states that could change.

We'll see about that. Joining us right now is chief political correspondent for the "Washington Examiner", Byron York, Byron, good to see you.


BARTIROMO: So, let's talk about the down ballots. I mean, will Trump's campaigning help Senators Pat Toomey and Richard Burr for example today?

YORK: That's a really good question because what you see in all of the races where Republicans are vulnerable, you'll -- the Trump factor is the biggest factor in the race.

And every -- everybody who's running for Senate, every Republican running for Senate has had to take a position on Donald Trump. Support him, not support him, kind of support him, and it can be actually difficult.

Pat Toomey and Richard Burr in North Carolina, Toomey in Pennsylvania, two of the most endangered Republicans. Both of them a little bit ahead in the polls right now.

And if they survive, then Republicans probably keep control of the Senate.

BARTIROMO: I guess Trump is a catalyst for voters reconsidering straight- ticket voting.

YORK: Oh, absolutely --


YORK: I've heard -- I've heard from strategists in the states, who -- Republican strategists who were encouraged by the evidence they see in their focus groups in their research.

That a lot of voters actually do not equate Trump with whoever the Republican candidate is in their state. They kind of separated because they don't really view Trump as a Republican as much.

They view him as Trump. And so, it's entirely possible for them to vote either for or against Trump and then go and vote their preference for a Republican senator.

MCDOWELL: Byron, it's Dagen McDowell. Do you think that the Trump talk about the election being rigged hurts voter turnout for even him?

YORK: Probably not. As a matter of fact, I think you might be able to look at it as the opposite --


YORK: As kind of Trump's version of get out the vote. He doesn't have the millions that Democrats are spending to physically get voters to the polls, and this is his way of saying, hey, they're trying to steal it, you've got to vote, you've got to vote.