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TRISH REGAN "THE INTELLIGENCE REPORT" HOST: Breaking right now everyone, the London City airport evacuated in a suspected chemical incident. Twenty six people are currently being treated for breathing difficulties and sickness. Two people have been hospitalized.

I'm Trish Regan. Welcome everyone to "The Intelligence Report".

This is a developing story and in just a short time we're going to our sister network for some live pictures out of London.

You are looking there at a picture of London City airport. All flights into and out of London City airport are currently halted. Passengers are being evacuated from that airport. They have moved onto the tarmac in some cases while investigators try and figure out just exactly what the source of this is. It's being described as, "a chemical incident."

So again, we're going to be getting some live pictures from London in just a moment.

But I'm joined by Ashley Webster. You know, Ashley, when anything like this happens, this is obviously a peculiar situation .


REGAN: . in that they're calling it a chemical incident. Are they suspecting terrorism?

WEBSTER: Well, you certainly can't rule it out of this stage, Trish, because it's a mystery. What we do know is that some 26 passengers or members of the public at the airport have been treated by London ambulance services. Two of those have now been transported to the hospital.

What we're finding from tweets and other small pieces of information provided by authorities is that these people, and as we say at least maybe 20, maybe 30, had difficulty breathing, as you say as being termed as a chemical incident, report of people feeling unwell. When you look at some of the tweets coming from people that are right there on the tarmac, they saw people coughing uncontrollably.

The London fire brigade is on the scene. There's a special hazmat unit from London that's there as well. Could this be terrorism? We don't know. Just that it's a chemical incident.

I should mention that just a few days earlier, have incidents of troops stationed not far from here, that's an underground station, not far from city airport where someone has been arrested under the terrorism act, although police are being very tight-lipped about that.

So, obviously, already on high alert but at this point it is a mystery. A fire alarm went off 4:00 local time, as I'm reading these reports, and they're coming in. Some people are saying was there a fire, was that fire alarm triggered by the chemical? No one really knows. But they're trying to get to the source of it. We're waiting to hear more from authorities.

REGAN: It's interesting the description of this, Ashley, and yet they're calling it a chemical incident, not a chemical spill, not a chemical accident but chemical incident.

WEBSTER: Which would lead to you believe that there is some sort of chemical in the air that made these people sick. I'm not sure what part of the airport this happened, and why just 26, because another 500 have been evacuated.

And you see that picture there, 500 members of the airport staff and passengers have been on the tarmac. Although I'm starting to see reports, you know, in this world of smartphones and twitter, we are pretty much up to speed. Some people say they are now being led back in. But we'll have to keep an eye on that. But a chemical incident suggests that, you know, could this be an accidental spill or something more sinister?

REGAN: Now we should point out, this is an airport that's actually located within the city of London, unlike Heathrow, which is a little farther away it's a smaller airport, correct Ashley?

WEBSTER: It is, it's near the financial district used by a lot of business people that want to fly in and out and get into the financial district. It's a very busy airport, it is small but very busy, already flights coming in from Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam and others have now been rerouted to other airports.

So, it is a busy airport, and again, just very unsure at this point what the source of this chemical incident could be.

REGAN: Lot of questions. All right, don't go anywhere we're going to come back to you as the story develops .


REGAN: . and we'll continue checking in. I want to get right now to our other top story. WikiLeaks releasing yet another batch of e-mails belonging to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The 14th installment of the e-mail leak reveals Clinton top aides discussing how to continue foreign sponsorship of the Clinton Global Initiative should Hillary Clinton become president.

Now moments ago Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton after those new e- mails show the king of Morocco would donate $12 million if and only if she had a meeting with him. Here's Trump moments ago at a rally in Fletcher, North Carolina, commenting on it. Watch.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Now from WikiLeaks, we've just learned she tried to get $12 million from the king of Morocco for an appearance. More pay-for-play.


REGAN: All right, is this more evidence of pay-to-play politics? Our own Peter Barnes is standing by with more on it. Hey Peter!

PETER BARNES, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, that's right, Trish. We do have some more from the WikiLeaks e-mails. Today the Clinton Foundation has promised to stop taking corporate or foreign donations if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

But these new WikiLeak -- a new WikiLeak e-mail from last October shows the head of foundations Clinton Global Initiative trying to figure out how to keep the money flowing. Bob Harris e-mailed Clinton campaign chair John Podesta about it's -- the Initiatives future because of questions from employees, members and sponsors, purportedly, the e-mail says, "It is imperative that we formulate an answer to the question whether CGI", the Clinton Global Initiative, "can and will exist beyond 2016 if Secretary Clinton becomes the next president." He goes onto say that if yes, he needs to understand what we'll need to change at the CGI. He says Bill Clinton has to stay involved at least as the initiative's convener and, "The economic viability of CGI depends on its ability to attract members and sponsors to support the enterprise." He asks what kind of restrictions will be placed on sponsors, on donors. Then he wrote, "If corporate or individual or foreign sponsorship is precluded, is there an acceptable membership alternative for those organizations, and at what price point does that fee become unacceptable?"

Podesta responded he might be able to meet with Harris on the next day. We got a comment from the Clinton campaign referring us to these changes that the foundation announced back in August about not taking money from foreign donations or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

REGAN: All right, Peter Barnes, thank you very much.

Joining me right now is Trump campaign national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, along with Democratic Strategist, John Rowley.

Katrina, it seems as we look at those e-mails there, if nothing else, there was a recognition by the Clinton camp that the Clinton Global Initiative was tainted in some way, that there were problems that they recognized, in fact this conflict of interest, so much so that they needed to start to change things should she become president, correct?

KATRINA PIERSON, TRUMP CAMPAIGN NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON: Well, absolutely. And this goes to show you the reason why Hillary Clinton could not even answer the question of pay-to-play with her foundation at the debate, and which is another reason why Mr. Trump calls it a criminal enterprise.

And we are talking about Morocco here, and I think it's very disturbing that part of the story that's not being put out by the mainstream media is the fact that this is the same government that Hillary herself during her tenure at the State Department declared corrupt at all levels of government, and she wants their money. That question is why? But I think the most disturbing part of this is that she also authorized during her tenure of giving this government, a company for this government, 92 million United States tax-paid dollars.


PIERSON: This is absolutely absurd, and this is what the Trump campaign is all about.

REGAN: You know, John, if she had called this government corrupt, why on earth is she willing to do business with it after the fact to collect money for this charity?

JOHN ROWLEY, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: That mean, this is the 14th WikiLeaks leak, and we haven't really had any major smoking gun that proved Hillary Clinton did anything. It's a lot of she might have, could have, she maybe did, and it's really a lot of communications between her aides. And, I mean the Clinton Global Initiatives .

REGAN: You're not answering my question, John, which is .

ROWLEY: Oh, sure

REGAN: . you know, here she is, as Katrina pointed out, she called this government of Morocco corrupt while secretary of state. You know, clearly, we know Saudi Arabia doesn't treat women the way women should be treated, and yet the Clintons are willing to take all this money from these countries that, you know, frankly really don't abide by the same human rights standards as we do. Why?

ROWLEY: What's a thousand percent proven? I mean the secretary of state, she has to meet with interact with a lot of different people that maybe doesn't rise to the level of the president.

REGAN: You know, but this different. This is the foundation. The foundation is taking money from these countries that, again, violate human rights. So why do that? Why take that money?

ROWLEY: Well, they've already announced that there are going to be reforms if she's president. They're going to operate differently. President Clinton is going to be involved in different way. I mean if .

REGAN: It's going to be late. I mean, Katrina, if know you're running for president, for goodness sake, wouldn't you try and get your house in order beforehand?

ROWLEY: Look, they are .

PIERSON: Look, that's what Michelle Obama said back in 2008. That's what Michelle Obama said back in 2008. If she can't get her own house in order house, she's going to run the White House.

ROWLEY: But there are a lot more as damaging and demeaning things .

PIERSON: So the reason why.

REGAN: OK, one at a time. One at a time

PIERSON: 30,000 e-mails were deleted.

REGAN: Hang on, John. Ok, you know, I want to ask you .

PIERSON: There was a reason why .

REGAN: Let me turn to another topic.

PIERSON: 30,000 e-mails were deleted, because that is the evidence.

REGAN: We're getting word that Donald Trump has got a big appearance tomorrow, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he's going to be announcing his contract with America. Can you give us insight into what that is, Katrina?

PIERSON: Well, he's going to do exactly what he's been saying all along, is he wants to be a champion for the American public. He's going to outline exactly what that is.

And I think it's really important that we take notes on what's happening considering how we see now that an NSA contractor Harold Martin is going to be going to trial for doing the exact same thing Hillary Clinton did except he didn't release the information to someone that didn't have security clearance, and she did.

This is very important moving forward, and the reason why my colleague over there says there's been no evidence Hillary Clinton did anything wrong. But, there are smoking guns in WikiLeaks. It's just that the mainstream media is choosing to focus on personalities not policy.

ROWLEY: Oh man.

REGAN: John, what do you say in response?

ROWLEY: Well, 500 days into the campaign, Donald Trump is going to come with some substance, you know, not a moment too late. I mean, and so, I mean he's way behind the curve, and there's an old Harry Truman saying, if you can't convince them, confuse them.

And I think that's why he wants to talk about anything except for up to this point, policy, anything except for sexual assault and women or .

REGAN: You know, I would point out .

PIERSON: That is the media not Mr. Trump.

REGAN: . he talked about a lot of policy. I mean, we got a tax plan from him actually far before anybody else including her.

ROWLEY: We watched the debate. We saw no substance, all three of them, zero.

PIERSON: A tax plan, a border plan, a economy plan, a jobs plan, it's all up here.

REGAN: Overall policy issues. But, that said, it is important in this final stretch that he stick to the policy because that's what people are going to be deciding on at the end of the day. Thank you so much, good to see you both. Thank you very much John and Katrina.

ROWLEY: Thanks.

REGAN: All right, moving on here, I want to get back to London because we get some live pictures coming to us right now. From our sister network, Sky News, the London City airport has been evacuated over what they're calling a chemical incident.

And it has left at least 26 people sickened as well as a couple people hospitalized. Passengers were evacuated to the tarmac as investigators are now looking for the cause of this incident. They at this point don't know what it is.

We were talking earlier with Ashley Webster who's continuing to monitor this for us right now. And there are questions about, of course, when something like this happens, could it potentially be terrorism?

Again, we do not know at this point but it is peculiar and that they are calling this a chemical incident in which 26 people has been sickened. I should also mention there is an American NFL game being held in London this weekend.

The New York Giants and the L.A Rams are going to be facing off. You've got thousands of Americans that are on their way to the UK right now for that event.

Again, to point out that this is an airport that is in the center of London. It's near the financial district. It's not Heathrow which is the bigger one outside. We're going to continue to stay on the story. We've got more details after this.


REGAN: We're still following this breaking story out of London, where the airport had been evacuated after at least 26 people fell ill. They became sick and what is being described as a chemical incident. Here at the very latest, Ashley Webster. It sounds like they're saying that this may be contained and they're reopening the airport at this point, Ashley?

WEBSTER: They are indeed. The airport is now being declared safe in the statement. The London fire brigade said that firefighters and police officers conducted two complete sweeps of the terminal at London city airport, adding that they found no elevated readings in the building which was ventilated, searched, and then declared safe. So, a mystery as to why these people all became ill at the same time.

Reports of itchy eyes and uncontrollable coughing, but when the authorities arrived they treated those people. Two went to hospital, but no reason given and the airport declared safe. So, it's a happy ending.

REGAN: All right, well, I think there still going to be a lot of questions of to exactly what this chemical incident was.

WEBSTER: Of course. Yes.

REGAN: So, if you learn anything, let us know. We'll continue checking in with you.

WEBSTER: I will do that.

REGAN: OK, news today everyone that Donald Trump's campaign spending exploded last month. He spent more in that month than in the past four months combined. And now, Mr. Trump is entering the last three weeks of the election as the least well-funded presidential candidate in recent campaigns.

And he has spent way less money than anyone, and certainly less money than her. I mean, this is unbelievable. I can believe when I saw this.

Here, take a look. To the end of September, Trump had raised $163 million. Take a look at what she raised, $449 million. So the Trump campaign is taking to Facebook in a last-minute bid to rise in campaign cash, bringing in $9 million just on Wednesday this week. But, is it too little too late or, or might you ask, has his mastery of getting on television, going out, doing these rallies, these speeches, has that helped to neutralize the campaign cash issue?

Joining me right now is Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes, good to see you, Fred.


REGAN: Hi, I mean, I don't know how you compete when you're up against the likes of her and she's got nearly -- you know, nearly $500 million to play with, and you got a fraction of that. How much of a disadvantage do you think that puts him?

BARNES: Look, it would be a huge disadvantage for any other candidate in the universe except for Donald Trump. And the matter is you touched on it a moment ago, has he gotten his message out even though she spent, you know, many multiple times of what he spent and raised.

And, when he's gotten his message out, I mean Trump is a unique figure. This huge personality, and so, he doesn't need to spend as much money.

REGAN: All right, so, he's gotten his message out. But, you know, there's a caveat out there and that the media has this love-hate, mostly hate, relationship with Donald Trump.


REGAN: And so, sure they put him on TV and they broadcast these rallies. And then, talk about him at nauseam and they basically just say, you know, one bad thing after another.

BARNES: That's right.

REGAN: So, at some point do they get neutralized, do you wish if you were running that campaign that you had more money and you could just go the old-fashioned route and put commercials on TV?

BARNRES: Well, I supposed you could buy more commercials, if you could finance a bigger ground game. You could do things that would be helpful. I mean, look, I'm not dismissing money altogether, but Trump it has been able to get by with less money than almost any other candidate I ever could ever think of.

REGAN: It's remarkable. It's really interesting to see how he's reached out and touched so many Americans. Let me ask you this.

BARNES: He's also very clever. You know, this is why I think he, you know, look, the mainstream media would like to declare him dead today. Dead in the water, can't win, so what keeps them from doing that? You know what it is? Its Trump saying, well, I'm not guaranteed you I'm going go along with the outcome of this race. And so they.

REGAN: So, you think that's strategic?

BARNES: And, I think it is, and then they -- because they all want to go and dead try to forcing him into saying he'd accept the final result no matter what.

REGAN: This race isn't over. You know what else I find remarkable about him and he's very gifted in this sense that he has been able to transform what the Republican Party has typically stood for.

I mean, it's certainly as to the likes of Mitt Romney, had the reputation of being the party of the elite spread.


REGAN: You know either or get lower taxes is nothing about being elite. Lower taxes is about is really about empowering the people. But he has been able to embrace that message in a way that frankly, you know, Republican after Republican after Republican has failed to do so, why?

BARNES: Well, look he did -- look, Trump -- you're right about that. You know, I mean Republican elites are not in control of the party at least during this election. I mean Trump and Trump has attracted a lot of middle class and lower middle class voters. We don't know exactly how many. Then it's been a remarkable transformation. Then his attract to them particularly by issues that an awful lot of Republicans in Washington in particular don't agree with. And those issues are immigration and trade.

REGAN: Really, really fascinating to see. And as you point out, we don't know how many he's really brought in, which is why, you know, his camp would argue that these polls are flawed (ph). That they're not taking into account the people that, you know, are afraid for whatever reason to say that they're going to vote for him?

BARNES: Well, you can't really count somebody who won't tell you who they're going to vote for. So you can't blame the pollsters, but you have to raise doubts about it. You know, polls used to be easy to do 20, 30 years ago. You could call somebody and get them on the phone at home.

Now, that so many people don't have a home phone. And so many of them -- you don't trust pollsters. They don't want to answer their questions.

I never do. I can't take go out with some pollster. I don't tell them what I'm thinking or what I might do. And so many people are like that. And so you wind up with this thing of shy voters. You know, in England you had the shy torreys that didn't vote the torreys and didn't vote for Brexit. I didn't vote against Brexit and I think it probably had .

REGAN: Anything could happen.

BARNES: Some shy Trump voters.

REGAN: Indeed.

BARNES: How many? We don't know. But I bet there are some so I'd .

REGAN: We'll find out very soon.

BARNES: We will. Indeed.

REGAN: Fred, thank you so much, good to see you.

BARNES: Thank you.

REGAN: All right everyone, a denial of service cyber attack taking down several websites today, including Twitter and Amazon. As if you tried to load tweets on Twitter, you couldn't get them. Amazon's website was under attack. And my next guest says these attacks have all the hallmarks of a nation state attack. We've got the very latest Tom Kellerman join me next.


REGAN: This is a bizarre story, a massive cyber attack today taking down a whole bunch of website including Twitter, Amazon and Netflix. If you try to log on to this there was what they called a denial of service. You just couldn't get on. And my next guess says it looks like this was an attack by a nation state.

Joining me right now, Tom Kellerman of Strategist Cyber Ventures. Good to see you Tom.


REGAN: All right. What makes you think that this was state after (ph)?

KELLERMAN: Well, most amount with service attacks are not this widespread, nor do they involve this much data. It's almost like someone set a digital forest fire against these e-commerce entities by targeting this domain name server company.

What's interesting here is it aligns within days of significant arrest of as -- of a Russian hacker in Prague. And as we see geopolitical tensions escalate, you could assume here that the cyber malicious, the cyber criminals that have been acting patriotically on behalf of Putin could have leverage this denial of service attack. As retribution for that arrest and as retribution for the commentary and the tension that have been spouse in the media against them.

REGAN: Again, sorry I missed that last part. WikiLeaks you said or against Russia?

KELLERMAN: Not just WikiLeaks just the commentary about Russian hacking. And the reality here is that when it comes to Russian hacking they wildly utilize cyber criminals as cyber malicious.

These patriotic hackers are largely responsible most of the significant intrusions or incursions in the wild. And to leverage this type of denial of service attack without extortion demands and this widespread only targeted the Eastern U.S. and Southern London are really make the statement about the capacity to do harm and the escalation of these types of destructive attacks.

REGAN: You know, we're hearing different things from different people. Some sources that were Fox News are saying that or telling Fox News that it likely wasn't a nation state. What's your reaction to that?

KELLERMAN: Well, like I said, I think this is more the cyber malicious, the cybercrime community that exists in the dark web forums of Eastern Europe. And I feel like they acted out.

REGAN: Why not go after the U.S. government, Tom? Why not go after a government site? Why go after private industry?

KELLERMAN: There's more of an impact. There's more of the financial impact for these sites to be down and decrease and loss of revenue associated with the downtime not being able to service their customers and service their advertisements.

I think the mechanism here is to be punitive financially and economically. And again, I think it's the cybercrime community of the dark web forums in Russia that leverage this attack not necessarily .

REGAN: Not necessarily that Russian Government itself. Let me ask you this.


REGAN: Do we have similar capabilities? Are we employing similar types of strategy?

KELLERMAN: We have .

REGAN: Do we need to be working on this? Because if they're coming after.


REGAN: . us in a cyberway, you know, one would hope that we have the capability to also go after them.

KELLERMAN: What's the difference here, Trish, is simply that, you know, in that culture, the cybercriminal community has protected by the regime. They remain untouchable. And then the one they're called upon to be patriotic, they do so.

As evidence in certain cases, where's we hunt our hackers here and other parts of the world hackers are viewed as national assets. They will be called upon to act as cyber malicious in certain times of tension.

But I do think this is retribution for the recent arrest and coordinated efforts to go after a significant personality who is detained in Prague to two or three days later.

REGAN: Well, look, you know, it is brave new world for sure out there. Tom.


REGAN: . good to have you here.

KELLERMAN: Thank you.

REGAN: Tom Kellerman everyone.

KELLERMAN: Appreciate it.

REGAN: All right, breaking today, everyone, a seven-ship Russian Armada, including aircraft carrier and warships capable of launching cruise missiles is currently sailing through the English Channel en route to the Eastern Mediterranean sea to launch more strikes on Syria.

Military experts say it's a show of force and capabilities and that they could have launched the strikes with aircraft. They already have in Syria. It is perhaps Putin's way of putting the world on notice.

President Obama, likening ObamaCare to, "a starter home", just a starter home, needs to be built upon, fixed up a little bit.

An interesting analogy given his signature law is facing a death spiral as skyrocketing premiums and more and more insurers are just dropping out of the exchanges altogether. He also wants to make it a states' problem. We've got the details what it means for you and your health premiums. All of it next.


REGAN: Onto the crash of skyrocketing premiums. President Obama is now trying to spin ObamaCare. Spin at big time, I mean this is his signature legislation. So he wants to (inaudible) in some way, right? So why not just say it's a little like buying your first home. It needs a little work, take listen.