Countdown on for Final Presidential Debate; New Fox News Poll Show that Hillary Clinton Leads Trump by 6 Points; Undercover Video Released by



that Hillary Clinton Leads Trump by 6 Points; Undercover Video Released by

Project Veritas; Tesla's Model 3 May Be Delayed; WSJ: Salesforce Did Not

Target Twitter; President Obama Shares His Favorite Gym Tunes with "Wired

Magazine"; Ivanka Trump Breaks Her Silence - Part 2>

Scaramucci, Stuart Varney >


Hillary Clinton; Final Debate; Fox News Poll; Project Veritas; ISIS;

Department of Transportation; Delta Airlines; Bill Belichick; Barack Obama;

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Right, she's --

BARTIROMO: And President Obama's half brother said he's voting for Trump.

EPSHTEYN: Right --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He is. I think this angel moms also speak so much to Hillary's corruption. People have to remember that she literally sat there while these people died.

And I think when the American people are faced again with that, when Pat Smith joins him tonight, I think it will remind them about that national security thing that I think again, translates into women votes in the polls.

EPSHTEYN: And then Hillary Clinton said, verbatim, what does it matter? Remember she said --

BARTIROMO: What difference does it make?

EPSHTEYN: What difference does it make? --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What difference does it make?

EPSHTEYN: What difference does it make?

BARTIROMO: That difference --

EPSHTEYN: Even worse --

BARTIROMO: Could be, yes --

EPSHTEYN: What difference does it make?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But not only that --

EPSHTEYN: And then make --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She sold the Iranian -- pressure, she's taken --

EPSHTEYN: Believe it or not --


EPSHTEYN: It makes a big difference --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tens of millions of dollars -- hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments --

EPSHTEYN: Right --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That is support -- ISIS -- how a woman could vote for that? I don't understand, women are oppressed in these countries and Hillary is profiting from them.

BARTIROMO: But it depends on if it's resonating. Yes, that's all there, but is it actually resonating with people. We'll see, we're going to see tonight.

EPSHTEYN: And we'll see (INAUDIBLE) --

BARTIROMO: And we'll see you --

EPSHTEYN: And that's the big difference --

BARTIROMO: Boris Epshteyn joining us there.

Coming up, another beef for a major bank. We will breakdown Morgan Stanley earnings report it was better-than-expected. What it means for the business. And then there's a chance Florida could decide this election, our Adam Shapiro was live on the ground from the battleground state with what voters think about the candidates with 20 days before Election Day. Back in a moment.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Live from the MGM Grand Las Vegas for the final presidential debate. Once again, here's Maria Bartiromo.

BARTIROMO: Welcome back, and good Wednesday morning, everybody. I'm Maria Bartiromo. It is Wednesday, October 19, your top stories now at 8:30 AM on the East Coast. The countdown is on for the final presidential debate tonight, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off for the final time before Election Day. And Trump is already promising to make change in Washington, while Democrats are on the defense, over the quid pro quo question in Clinton's state department.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If I win it's going to be America first every single time that I can tell you. We're going to end the government corruption, and we're going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.

UNINDENTIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) administration -- of the FBI, investigation, that has concluded and found that there was not wrong doing, that they should proceed with any kind of --


BARTIROMO: We are looking at the key issues for tonight's big debate, straight ahead. Hurry up and wait, Tesla now saying they will take more than a year to get you a Model 3 in your driveway. That could be good news for the automaker. We'll tell you why. Then eyeing acquisition, the new Wall Street Journal reports this morning detailing a list of Salesforce targets, Twitter was not one of them. We've got the details on why the company walked away, and which company is looking to acquire now.

Morgan Stanley the last of the major banks to report earnings this morning, both earnings and revenue coming in above expectations, results were driven by a rebound in trading. Check the stock. We are expecting a higher opening for Morgan Stanley shares this morning. Broader markets, well, not much movement, futures indicating the broader market will open mixed. The Dow Jones Industrial average picking up some steam in the last half an hour, we're now at the highs of the morning, with the Dow expected to open up about 30 points, S&P and the NASDAQ also in positive territory. In Europe, stocks holding near the flat line. Take a look at European bourses this morning, mostly as you see mixed, fractional moves. But there, too, you saw a comeback with the FT 100 and the CAC quarante in Paris both moving into positive territory now. The DAX Index down just a fraction. In Asia, overnight, mixed performances with new data out of China, the GDP of China holding steady at 6.7 percent economic growth, strength in consumer spending offsetting weakness in trade out of China.

Well, there are over 12 hours remaining until tonight's final presidential debate. Everyone is waiting, and we are continuing to count down. Our own Adam Shapiro was live this morning from Miami Beach, to see how voters are accessing the two candidates. Good morning to you, Adam.

ADAM SHAPIRO, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: And a good morning to you, Maria. You know, you can't help ignore fact that right now the sun drenched shores of this resort they're going to give way to the pixelated hues tonight on the television screen, as people watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go at it for one last time at this debate. And we've been speaking to key influential people involved with both campaigns, you've got the mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, who's on the Clinton leadership council here in Florida, as well as Carlos Trujillo, who is a Florida state representative and Hispanic-Cuban American, who's on the Hispanic leadership council for Mr. Trump. And both of them say when they analyze how both of these candidates need to respond tonight. That they need to go on the attack on the weak points, for instance WikiLeaks. Here's what representative Trujillo told us.


CARLOS TRUJILLO, FLORIDA REPRESENTATIVE: Once she blamed Abraham Lincoln, it was a movie Lincoln, and who knows what creative answers she will come up with this week. But I can tell you one way she won't respond, she will not say the truth, she will not release the e-mails herself, and she'll never confirm.

SHAPIRO: Talk about what is your plan? Specifically, what is your plan?

PHILIP LEVINE, MIAMI BEACH MAYOR: I mean, I'm going to beat the so and so out of ISIS. What's specifically though, how do you plan to do that? Let's see if we can get Donald to actually answer a question.


SHAPIRO: So we're going to be watching the debate later tonight. We've had different portion of Dade County, Coral Gables. But there's a lot of interest not only in this part of the state, but throughout Florida, 29 electoral votes, Maria, this is key. Hillary Clinton already announcing she will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. The president will be trying to rally support for her tomorrow, here in Dade County. And, of course, we do expect Mr. Trump to hit his base, that I-4 corridor in the central part of the state, as well as Northern Florida. I mean, a great many counties in this state have majority Republican registered voter count. But, again, this state could be a difficult one to deliver depending on whether you can resonate with these voters, back to you.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, for sure. Adam, thank you. Adam Shapiro in Miami Beach this morning. So, for a while, Trump was winning Florida, right? And then it all turned around, Gina. How do you think voters are perceiving these two candidates right now, and how important is Florida?

GINA LOUDON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, Florida Key, we all know that Florida Key, and I know that they've both been playing hard in Florida, they want it, and they -- the people in Florida know it, of course, you have, Mr. Trump there spending a lot of time with some of the retirees in the retirement villages, and also playing very well, especially, with the Cuban communities, so it will be interesting to see. But, of course, there is a huge component there for Hillary as well, as we know, and her numbers have been growing there.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Cuban population, particularly, in South Florida is -- has traditionally been conservative, but there's been a huge growth in the Latino population, particularly, people from Puerto Rico, who have been moving to Florida. And there's large, large pockets of the Puerto Rico population which he is struggling with mightily.

BARTIROMO: It's a good point for Puerto Rico, yeah.


BARTIROMO: You think he surprises in Florida.

SCARAMUCCI: I think he surprises in Florida.


SCARAMUCCI: He had a very tough time in Pennsylvania. Why, because, he's very well liked in Florida, Maria, and so.

BARTIROMO: He's got a lot of business there.

SCARAMUCCI: . it's tight, but I think it will break his way.

MCDOWELL: Yeah. But the path to victory in the Electoral College, Karl Rove pointed it out, he's got to win all the Romney states, that includes North Carolina, which is he's neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in north Carolina. So that's not a sure thing. Then he also has to win on top of that. He has to win Florida, Ohio, Iowa and Nevada, and that still doesn't get to 270.


MCDOWELL: So, he's got to get -- that's why Pennsylvania is so critical.

SCARAMUCCI: It's going to be a hard time in Pennsylvania.

LOUDON: Depending on the exposure of the WikiLeaks where the campaign was dispatching Hispanics that could play a role depends on how much saturation that gets in Florida itself, especially into those populations.

MCDOWELL: The problem with those -- that video, just in general because when you watch it, it's as horrible as it is. You're watching someone who you don't know who it is, you really have to pay attention to it.

BARTIROMO: And you have to watch the whole thing.

MCDOWELL: And in terms of the impact of a video like that, you -- it goes to his base, but in terms of moving a voter over from one -- from one corner to another.

LOUDON: But there's the Catholic.


LOUDON: . disparaging comments there. The disparaging comments about Hispanics, now there are more about unions, about homeless people, about the mentally ill, and just it would be interesting to see how this plays with those various populations across the country.

MCDOWELL: Most important thing is the debate tonight, and how Trump handles himself after the debate.


MCDOWELL: How do you conduct yourself?


BARTIROMO: He could be tweeting at 3:00 AM.

MCDOWELL: Well, second debate he went after the Republicans. Did that help him? No.

BARTIROMO: It's all really important points. We'll take a short break and then, next, Trump's last stand, is it? Stuart Varney will weigh in on why it's so important for the Republican nominee to stay on message in tonight's final debate for him to have a shot. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Forty five minutes away from the opening bell for a Wednesday. Markets are looking higher right now, really it's an earning story driving the markets, and we're expecting a gain of about 30 points on the Dow Jones Industrial average. Morgan Stanley among the ones to watch, better than expected earnings. Meanwhile, couple of other movers this morning, Tesla, set to make a mysterious big announcement today, after a two day delay in that announcement. It comes after some bad news for anyone with their eye on the new Model 3, if you have not preordered that vehicle, it will not ship until around mid-2018. Well, it's bad news for drivers, it could be a sign of strong demand for Tesla. Salesforce, will be one to watch for sure, even before the buzz of a possible bid for Twitter hit Wall Street, and then Wall Street Journal report says that the company was eyeing more than a dozen possible deals. That list did not include Twitter. Tonight, of course, the third presidential debate live from Las Vegas, the last time these two candidates will go face-to-face before Election Day, voters are looking for the candidates to talk about the issues. But can Trump and Clinton stay on track, especially when it comes to the economy. Joining me right now, Varney & Co. host, Stuart Varney to weigh in. Stu, good morning to you.

STUART VARNEY, VARNEY & CO. HOST: Yeah, Maria, I think a lot of people would like to see the issues debated tonight. And I think they're going to be disappointed. And I think that's actually a letdown for America. I expect Donald Trump to -- well, he wants to dominate this debate, this is his last shot, is it not at getting back into a leadership position. Tonight's the night, he's got to do it. How do you dominate, I guess you go on the attack, if you go on the attack that means a lot of insult, a lot of personal stuff, and that would be really disappointing to me and a lot of people. I think the issue that I want to see debated is the growth of the economy, a return to prosperity.


VARNEY: . restore America's middle. And I don't think we're going to hear much about that tonight. I think it's going to be entertaining, but I think it's going to be essentially an exchange of insults. Big deal a rotten deal. Sorry about that, Maria.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. Can you believe, Stu, this morning, we've got the China GDP, and I know we're not talking about Apple to Apple, but Chinese gross domestic product was 6.7 percent, compare to what we saw on the U.S. just a week ago, 1.4 percent economic growth. Man oh man, is that the issue?

VARNEY: Yeah, look, underlying the whole thing, the state of the country, is the shrinkage of America's middle class. And that's reflected in this declining economy. Surely, re-growing the middle class, returning to prosperity, isn't that what we should be talking about tonight? But I don't think we will. And that comparison of GDP growth, I mean, China -- leading his hands-down, even if you do believe or a little skeptical in their numbers. They're expanding and we're really not, and that should be an issue tonight. And, again, I don't think it will be.

SCARAMUCCI: Stuart, how many voters do you think are out there, that are swayable by a debate like the one we're going to see tonight?

VARNEY: I don't know. I can't answer your question, I really don't know. And the undecided column, I don't know how big it is, I don't know whether a lot of people are undecided or not. I simply don't know the answer to your question. But, you know, look, Trump is in a hole. I think he is in a hole of his own digging, and I think he's got a long.


VARNEY: . way to go to get it out. And I'm not sure he can do it.

BARTIROMO: I'm going to push back. I think we are going to hear about the issues tonight, Stu. Because I think that that's what American people are desperate for, and I think they know it. Look, obviously, there's a lot of mud to go around to throw, and there will be a fair amount of that. But if we don't hear about economic growth, and job creation and national security, Americans is going to be mad at both of them.

VARNEY: Well, the moderator, Chris Wallace, he's going to direct it in that area.


VARNEY: And you see the list of subjects that he's going to ask question about. He's pushing it towards issues quite obviously. And I guess, in retrospect, I guess Trump could be aggressive, he could attack on the issue of prosperity. I think he could turn it around and say, you don't have a growth plan, I've got a growth plan, I mean, that's attack mode of sorts.


VARNEY: I'd like to see that. Let's pray for that, shall we, let's pray.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. We'll see about that. Stuart, we'll see you in about - less than 15 minutes on Varney & Co.

VARNEY: You got it. I'll be there.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much. And we'll be there, too. Varney & Co., begins every day at 9:00 AM Eastern, right after Mornings With Maria. And join Stuart in the next 15 minutes. Coming up, a big boost for Morgan Stanley from trading room, break down the banks earnings report just out this morning, tell you what's setting the tone for markets. Back in a moment.


BARTIROMO: We have breaking news right now, we want to bring to you r WikiLeaks just releasing more Podesta e-mails, Fox Business' Peter Barnes is sorting through the latest dump of e-mails, and we will bring you the headlines as they come in on that breaking news right now. Meanwhile, markets this morning looking higher, U.S. futures indicating a higher opening, just in about 30 minutes from now, we are looking at this market being driven by earnings, Morgan Stanley reporting a better-than-expected earnings report for the third quarter, earnings of .81 cents a share, revenue of $8.9 billion, Kevin Kelly back with us from New York. And Kevin, banks have been pretty much better-than-expected across the board, right?

KEVIN KELLY, RECON CAPITAL CIO: It's done very well, especially in light of trading volumes, and those trading volumes can be attributed to a single off event, the British referendum. So, investors need to be very conscientious if they think they -- that these types of trading volumes are going to continuing going forward. Now each bank is differentiated from itself, right? So we have Wells Fargo, we know -- particularly a traditional consumer bank. Then you have Goldman Sachs, is known as mostly a trading shop. And then, you also have Morgan Stanley here, which has positioned themselves to take over, more of a welt management role. So, they each have a different style, but what's important to notice if we look at Goldman Sachs' trading volume they had about $2 billion worth of profit from it. If you look pre-crisis that trading profit in the same unit was about $9 billion. So, it's -- people need to be very concerned about investing in the banks going forward, especially because they're focused on cost-cutting and expanding in operations and compliance, which does not drive revenue.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. I guess there's still in their cost-cutting mode. What else are you looking at this morning, Kevin? What other earnings are you watching?

KELLY: Well, so this week we're going to have some technology names come out as well and Microsoft is one that I'm circling around because they are doing very well, in the cloud they are a dividend player and they are growing. And we're seeing a lot of investors over the last couple of months, position in the technology taking it above the 20 percent level in the S&P 500. So technology will dictate the market move going forward. So we've had the banks helps stabilize the markets and keeps it here at this level. So the next leg up is up to the technology names in stocks.

SCARAMUCCI: Kevin, when you're putting your portfolio together for 2017, is it big component financials now because of what you're seeing in fundamentals?

KELLY: No, one of the ways I'm looking at the financials is going into the exchanges. If you like the trading volumes and you're seeing what's happening there, look at CBOE, look at I.C., which owns the New York Stock Exchange. Go to those names because they benefit more from the trading volume. So you can have exposure to financials, I would just stay away from the large money center banks. You can start looking at some of the regionals. But we like the defensive names, so Clorox is a great name that you can look at. Johnson & Johnson got hit on earnings yesterday. That could be a good entrance into it because they're growing their pharmaceutical business. So dividend means that our defensive that have top brand names that can grow.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. It's interesting when you think about dividend names and you put some technology names in there, right? Because recently you're seeing all these companies begin to pay dividends. And you said that tech is really going to be the area to watch because of the earnings coming out.

KELLY: Yeah. And tech -- think about what tech companies can do, they can grow their dividends, they can do share buybacks, as well as they can do M&A. So they're in that sweet spot right now, especially in this low- interest rate environment, and they're not trading at absurd evaluations that people are really concerned about in this type of market.

BARTIROMO: All right. We'll leave it there. Kevin, good to see you.

KELLY: Thanks for having me.

BARTIROMO: Kevin Kelly. We'll be right back with final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning. Back in a minute.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning. Anthony Scaramucci.

SCARAMUCCI: I think Mr. Trump has two kill shots tonight. One is a little bit more on the WikiLeaks, Maria. And the second one is laying out his economic plan for growth. If he does those two things, I think he could really help himself tonight.

BARTIROMO: Gina, what do you think?

LOUDON: I think he has to focus, definitely, on all of the Clinton scandals and build this to where it is really, I think, and where it can be in America's mind. And I also think that he needs to focus more on the economy, that's where his strength is, and the new Fox News Poll last night, that's what it said and that's where his strength is, and that's still the number one issue with the American voters.

BARTIROMO: You guys have been saying this for a year. We'll see if he can do it. Dagen.

MCDOWELL: And then it's going to be the follow-up. It's going to all fall upon him to follow up whatever success he might have in tonight's debate. But he has to continue to hammer those points home in the days after. Don't take the bait. You know that Hillary Clinton's going to be laying traps tonight, don't take it tonight and certainly don't take it in the days to come. You've seen that after both the last debates.

BARTIROMO: So what happens now? I mean, we get through this final debate, they will have their opportunity for their final faceoff, but in front of the American people, then you've got less than three weeks, two and a half weeks left, then what?

SCARAMUCCI: I think it's going to be a slugfest right to the end. And I think that -- one thing about him he's going to stay in there. She may rest, but he'll be in there.

BARTIROMO: She's been a fighter.

LOUDON: It will be interesting to see if she keeps pulling more women out to say things about Mr. Trump, knowing that statistically that may not be the winning issue for her. Women she is winning with, but that may not be the winning issue for her according to the polling.

BARTIROMO: All right. We will leave it there. Dagen McDowell, Anthony Scaramucci, Gina Loudon, good to see you all.


BARTIROMO: Vegas night tonight, tune in to the Fox Business Network tonight for the third presidential debate, moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace. We will navigate the pre-analysis, we begin at 6 PM Eastern to join us right here. "VARNEY & CO" begins now, here's Stuart.


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MARIA BARTIROMO, FBN ANCHOR: Good Wednesday morning everybody. Welcome back. I'm Maria Bartiromo. We are live this morning at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. It is Wednesday, October 19.

Your top stories right now at 7:00 a.m. on the East Coast.

Well, the stage is set in Sin City as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prepare for their third and final presidential debate ahead of the election. It comes as new Fox News poll show that Clinton is maintaining her lead above Trump. Questions still surrounding her relationship though with the FBI and its investigation into the Clinton private email server.

President Obama forced to defend the agencies actions and conversations with her aides.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think you have heard directly from both the FBI and the State Department that the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: They even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths and we had even Republicans, oh that's such a terrible to say. Well, take a look at Philadelphia what's been going on. Take a look at Chicago. Take a look at St. Louis.

If you talk about them they say bad things about you. They call you a racist. By the way, speaking of that nobody will be do more for the African-American citizens.


BARTIROMO: The very latest from the scandal coming up. Tim Cook or Bill Gates for VP, WikiLeaks exposing who Clinton considered before settling on Tim Kaine. How the campaign decided who made the cut. We will tell you about it.

Talk about a costly exit -- why investors are warning of a major economic hit should (inaudible) follow up with plans to leave the European Union.

Markets this morning are mixed. Futures indicating the market will open fractionally better actually. We have been looking at a market that is really very close to the flat line.

Earnings season rolls on. Morgan Stanley out with earnings that beat expectation reporting just a moment ago, $8.9 billion in revenue on earnings of 81 cents a share. The stock is looking higher.

In Europe meanwhile, stocks are holding near the flat line. Take a look at the Eurozone indices and you will see, fractional moves here mostly to the down side as you see.

And in Asia overnight, mixed performances to report. We have new data out of China. And it was the GDP, economic growth held steady in China at 6.7 percent. Strikes and consumer spending offset trade weakness -- of course, compare 6.7 percent growth in China to the U.S.' 1.4 percent and you know what everybody's talking about in this country in terms of economic growth.