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A major story in the markets today, a flash crush in the British pound, the pound plunged 9 percent overnight then recovered. It is still down right now, off of the lows put down about 3 percent. We will look at the implications of the British pound following.

Where other markets around the world are mixed, future is indicating a lower opening here in the U.S. but we are waiting on that job's report, so that maybe will change. Industrial average expected to open down about 30 points.

In Europe, markets are mixed. Take a look. The FTSE 100 is gaining on that sell-off in the British pound. Stocks are higher on the FTSE 100 up almost 1 percent. The other majors in the eurozone lower.

In Asia, overnight as you see the mixed performances in Asia, China still closed for holiday this week, the other majors in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea lower this morning.

Residents in Florida are waking up this morning to the full impact of hurricane Matthew. Let's get the very latest right now. Adam Shapiro was live for us this morning. He's in Daytona Beach. Adam, what can you tell us?

ADAM SHAPIRO, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, the storm and the eye of the storm is still about 40 miles off of the Florida Coast, just a little bit south of where we are, but yes the wind and the rain has peaked up within the last hour and a half. Its minor damage we saw. Light pole has fallen over and smashed the car in a parking lot where I'm reporting from.

But as this wind peaks up, we've been watching -- Pete (ph), if you can just show the folks the roof over here. When the wind gusts come in pretty strong some of the tiles on this roof to the hotel where you can see they're flying up there haven't flown off yet.

But wind -- the sustained wind speeds near the eye of the storm about 120 miles per hour. And then here, it's about they're saying wind gusts anywhere between 70 and 80 miles per hour. So we're keeping an eye on that.

The important thing is that as of right now, what's remarkable is although we've seen electricity go off, it has come back on. Florida Power & Light an about an hour ago said 300,000 plus people without electricity. The storm is certainly not over yet, the storm surge still predicted on barrier islands of potentially 7 to 11 feet. Maria, back to you.

BARTIMORO: All right, Adam, thank you very much. Both presidential nominees meanwhile, putting aside differences when it comes to hurricane Matthew, watch.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: To all of my friends in Florida please know that we are praying for you, and everyone in the path you got to take care of yourself. You've got to get out of the area. You've got listen. You have a great governor, Governor Scott. And you got to listen because it could be a really, really bad one.


BARTIMORO: Hillary Clinton echoing that sentiment urging on Twitter for people in the path of the storm to follow evacuation orders.

Meanwhile, both candidates take the day off of the campaign trail today to start preparing for the second presidential debate, which happens on Sunday night. I want to bring in former "Apprentice" contestant and Trump supporter Erin Elmore with us right now.

Erin, good to see you. Thanks for joining us. Erin, pardon me, apologize. How can Trump win this debate? What is he doing?

ERIN ELMORE, TRUMP SUPPORTER: Measured, very Pence-like, calm, cool, collected, firing back, staying on message.

BARTIMORO: Do you think he'll do it?

ELMORE: I do. I think he knows how important this debate is. He is ready.

BARTIMORO: He -- what do you mean by he's ready? How's he ready?

ELMORE: He's been preparing. I think today, you know, he doesn't like to take a day off. Mr. Trump doesn't like to sleep. He doesn't like to relax. I can't really envision. I've known him for 15 years just relaxing in his pajamas. He is out there watching the news, practicing, watching the old debate, just getting ready to crush her.

KEVIN KELLY, RECON CAPITAL: Yes. I'm glad you brought it up.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS CORESPONDENT: May I ask you a question now, why in heck he didn't do it at first time? If you -- I mean, you didn't need to watch cable news to know that this was like a critical debate that we've been saying, you know, we've been saying for months that the first debate in particular could decide the election. So why didn't he do it in the first debate and took her bait?

ELMORE: It's such a shame, but I think, you know, people said be yourself. And now he's like, "OK, I'm going to come out swinging in the -- that version of Donald Trump, bigger, better, measured not taking the bait and crushing her on the things like her horrible track record, Benghazi, the never ending e-mail scandal, the litany of lies just keeps on coming."

BARTIMORO: You say it, but, you know, the truth is it's not so easy when you're sitting there and you've got interruptions all the time, when you've got the other side trying to push their message.


BARTIMORO: It's not going to be -- it's not that simple story for him to follow because as Dagen said he would have done it first time.


BARTIMORO: What's changed that you believe he is in fact going to stay on message this time?

ELMORE: I think the importance on how much this really matters. I think he knows that he has to win this debate. He has to come out swinging and, you know, there's a few times that he could have pounced on her and could have had that one-two-punch and now he knows I'm going to take those opportunities. People say, "Oh, Donald Trump is a bully." Well, you know what, he was very timid last time. He is going to crush her.


KELLY: Yeah. I think that's setting the bar pretty high, because the last time he didn't bring up Libya which she said -- would she stated on campaign trail.


KELLY: He didn't hammer home a lot of his policies, especially when it came to the economy, the tax plans. He was very generic. He was like, "Listen, there's regulations that are burdensome to the economy, you know." The taxes are high. Do you think he's going to come out with substance to take downhill Hillary Clinton?

ELMORE: Mandatory, has to, and he will. And I think after seeing Mike Pence and how he just destroyed Kaine, destroyed him. He almost made him look like the caricature of the joker. I think Donald Trump is ready. He's measured and he knows exactly .

KELLY: Well, I think Tim Kaine actually, you know, took the news and hung it himself. I don't think Tim -- I actually don't think Pence actually went on the attack.

MCDOWELL: He did it to himself. He was actually -- Mike Pence crushed it. He was so measured.

ELMORE: Well, Pence was very good.


KELLY: Vice presidential, right and I think that was important. That's what Donald Trump is going to need to do. He's going need to come off presidential.

ELMORE: Yes, exactly. I couldn't agree with you more. I mean, that's what he has to do. He knows the importance of this.

BARTIMORO: Well, how -- let me ask you about that. How important is this debate? I mean, if he doesn't win this debate is it over?

ELMORE: I certainly don't think over, but I think that the American people want to see someone that comes across this presidential, comes across as someone they can bury Hillary Clinton and, especially her track record stands alone point out the specific things that she is failing on.

MCDOWELL: Well, I guarantee you though what she's going to do is, because she followed a very close script .


MCDOWELL: . in the first debate. But she went after his father, I meant went out -- I take that back. She didn't go after his father, but she made reference to his father learning in the money.


MCDOWELL: And that is the point one. That was point one and it was very well orchestrated.


MCDOWELL: And then she was a little nervous, but she got going after about an hour and he lost energy. Her strategy will be completely different these go around. And so it's very hard knowing some of the people who work on the debate prep with her, it will be a completely different strategy.


MCDOWELL: That is why -- it's not just memorizing briefing books and being able to talk about, you know, animal rights. It's actual strategy of how to behave when he does one thing.

BARTIMORO: So she had to surprise of having somebody in the audience, right?

MCDOWELL: Exactly.

ELMORE: She's not town hall material, she is robotic and scripted, whereas Donald Trump flourishes in that environment. So she is going to have to really prepare to be a human being, which is really not in her wheelhouse.

BARITMORO: So you think the town hall format will benefit Trump?


BARTIMORO: Let me ask you about this bombshell from the "The Wall Street Journal" this morning. "Newly disclosed e-mails from early 2015 show that the officials within Obama administration in close contact with the Hillary Clinton campaign about the potential fallout from her used of a private e- mail server during her time as Secretary of State." What do this e-mail say about the campaign?

ELMORE: Well, what it shows me is shock her that everyone thinks cahoots in Washington such a scam, such a coverup. It's almost like this is a scandal that doesn't stop being a scandal. They can't get out from under this. And to be honest, we told you about this. This is what Trump has said all along and it's proving to be true day after day. This keep -- it's keep on coming.

BARTIMORO: And that's the issue, Jack Otter. There are people hear something like this, "Oh, yes, the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign have been talking about, you know, how we're going to deal with the e-mails server when it comes out." They backed immediately what they think, more scandal, more corruption, more in cahoots.

JACK OTTER, AMERICAN JOURNALIST AND EDITOR WITH BARRONS.COM: Well, you know, that somebody is talking about the Pence-Kaine debate. That actually was on substance and all of the stuff gets really like, "Oh, who is worst, Trump or Hillary?" I mean that's what you hear over and over and over again.

Whereas with Pence and Kaine it was like, "Who's got the better idea?" Here's my philosophy of government and religion. Here's my philosophy of government and religion, and we actually really saw the sort of thing that you need to see to make an important decision about who should run the country.

Whereas, I really didn't see that a whole lot in most of the, you know, whenever you see Hillary versus Trump. It's Hillary on e-mail, Trump on discriminating against, you know, tenants in his father's building. It's actually -- it's this always all things that are, yeah, they say something about their character. You know, Hillary did showed insanely bad judgment by doing this e-mail at home, but, you know, I don't know .


KELLY: Well, getting to Maria's point, the collusion between this administration the Clinton shouldn't be surprising and you'd be na‹ve to think otherwise because the collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC was very apparent came out through e-mails.

And, listen, that just reinforces that this is four more years of the Obama administration and that's laying it there for everyone to see. So if you want more tepid growth in economy, go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton.

OTTER: But it's logical that it was John Kerry obviously is going to say, "I don't want to get tainted by this e-mails thing." You know, I mean, it makes sense that he'd -- his people would (inaudible) and say find out what Hillary is doing make it clear that we don't have to answer for her.

ELMORE: And that shows that Barack Obama lied. He said he didn't know about it. That's a lie. He e-mailed her from an alien's e-mail address. L-I-E, he'll splint (ph) out lie.

MCDOWELL: Shield us versus them. It's like they have a separate set of rules than the rest of us.

ELMORE: Right. And that what she's going to do on taxes. "Well, I'm going to make all the rich people pay taxes, but I am rich, I am not going to." I'm going to take everyone guns, but I'm not going to have mined taken away. It's lying, lying, lying.

KELLY: Especially with this administration and look at with the FBI, and look at what happened with the immunity there. So this situation is throughout all of his .

ELMORE: Provision.

BARTIMORO: All right, we will leave it there. Erin, good to see you. Thanks very much. We'll be watching that debate. Erin Elmore, Fox Business Network will be all over the debate, Sunday night. We are taking it live to the debate, Sunday night beginning 6:00 p.m. Eastern of that second presidential debate. We've got the analysis before and after.

And then the next morning will be critical, 6:00 a.m. Eastern on Monday as we find out what the world thought of that debate. We will have post- debate analysis right here, "Mornings with Maria" Monday, October 10th. Join us on Monday morning.

Still to come, airports are closed in Florida this morning. Thousands of flights have been canceled. We're monitoring the developments of hurricane Matthew. And then the Verizon takes to the skies to bring you the internet. The details on the plan to use drones back in a minute.


BARTIMORO: Welcome back. Airports are adjusting there opening times due to hurricane Matthew. Here's Cheryl with the other headlines this morning. Cheryl?

CHERYL CASONE, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Yeah, we're getting an update now that Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is delaying its reopening to 11:00 this morning and then Orlando Melbourne International going to reopen at 4 p.m. today. Orlando International itself reopening 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. And then you got St. Pete-Clearwater reopening at noon tomorrow. Those are the latest times that we have right now for Florida airports.

We're also following some other news for you this morning. Verizon is offering wireless data plans to companies for their drones. Verizon tells "The Wall Street Journal" it's going to work with drone manufactures to connect drones to its wireless network. Drones that are going to be able to stream video and pictures while they're in flight. Verizon's plans are going to start at $25 a month for one gigabyte of data, pretty much in line with what consumers are paying right now.

Well, other headlines as well, Bed Bath & Beyond trying to get away from its familiar paper coupons. Instead the retailer is testing a paid membership model for $21 a year that offers 20 percent discount on all purchases and free shipping.

Bed Bath & Beyond hoping the change going to help a better compete with Amazon, who else? Excuse me. And finally this, PepsiCo calling a lawsuit against its Naked Juice brand tasteless. A consumer advocacy group filed the class action lawsuit accusing company of misleading shoppers.

Well, the lawsuit argues that well Naked Juice say it is a no sugar added beverage, it is actually a high sugar beverage. Naked Juice officials say the higher sugar content of certain Naked beverages should not takeaway from the fact of the drinks do not contain added sugar.

That is for me because I'm coughing over here. I'm going to send it over to Dagen McDowell though, she's got something special she wants to say, Maria.

MCDOWELL: Well, number one, you are honored at an event last night or yesterday.


MCDOWELL: It was the -- tell me the exact .

BARTIMORO: It was the International Radio and Broadcasting Society.

MCDOWELL: It was Tom Brokaw.


MCDOWELL: And Dick Ebersol.


MCDOWELL: And Maria Bartiromo.


MCDOWELL: And -- there's Maria coping (ph) her blue glass bowl. And Steve Kroft from "60 Minutes," Tom Joyner and I got to be there and it was spectacular.

BARTIMORO: And there are all the awardees (ph).

MCDOWELL: And so deserved.

BARTIMORO: Thank you.

MCDOWELL: I missed some of the individuals, Susan Stamberg .

BARTIMORO: There's my husband. He was there.

MCDOWELL: I got to meet the husband for the first time, but well deserved.

BARTIMORO: Thank you so much.

MCDOWELL: And, you know what I really wanted to do? I was doing the polite clap, but I really wanted to jump up and go "whoa," like that.

BARTIMORO: There's Susan Lucci (ph) accepting and she was so cute. She was so cute.

MCDOWELL: And then today is the 20th anniversary of the Fox News Channel.

BARTIMORO: It's true. It's true. Congratulations Fox. When you consider what Fox News Channel has done in 20 years it's pretty extraordinary. I got to give a huge shout-out to the company, and .


BARTIMORO: . Roger Ailes.

MCDOWELL: And a testament to their smart that they got you over here.

BARTIMORO: Thank you. You know where I was the most proud of, having the team there. We had many of the "Mornings with Maria" team members with us yesterday and I was so proud to have the whole team because it's all of the team that put the show together every day and I'm so proud of it.

MCDOWELL: And I've have been here pretty long time. I've been here not full-time, but .

BARTIMORO: How long have you been here?

MCDOWELL: More than 13 years.


MCDOWELL: But, again, I think it's the testament that we all feel supported and we actually like one another and I never felt like anybody was out to get me. I always felt like there were a huge collection of people to support you and prop you up.

BARTIMORO: I totally agree.

MCDOWEL: It's like a family.

BARTIMORO: It really is.

MCDOWELL: And we all work really hard.

BARTIMORO: That's why it works and that's why Fox News is number one and that's why Fox Business is beating the competition. On that note, we'll be right back.


BARTIROMO: Welcome back. Hurricane Matthew, reeking havoc on the sporting world, events are being canceled and rescheduled. Fox News Headlines Sports reporter, Jared Max now on that. Jared.

JARED MAX, FBN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning Maria. The NFL says it is conducting contingency planning for two games this weekend. The Miami Dolphins scheduled home contest against the Tennessee Titans, Sunday afternoon and the Monday night here in Charlotte North Carolina between the Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NFL said it is in close contact with state and local authorities about Hurricane Matthew, overriding concern public safety. Not diverting important resources from communities in potential distress.

For the second time in as many years, the LSU football team will be affected by a hurricane. Tomorrow's scheduled game between the Florida Gators in Gainesville and LSU postponed. It will be played Sunday instead.

And also the PGA tour canceled its season ending tour championship. That was supposed to take place near Jacksonville, Florida. Several other college football games also affected. Those are the big ones.

Blaine Gabbert, not getting it done in quarterback for the one in four San Francisco 49ers. Last night they were chanting, "We won Cup! We won Cup!" Maybe it's Colin Kaepernick time. 49er's Coach Chip Kelly said with the one and four a record, we're going to look at everything on baseball.

Blue Jays in first blood against the Rangers in a big way. And the Indians had three home runs in the span of nine pitches in the third inning against Sox. 22 game winner Rick Porcello. Four more games today including the National League Division Series, Dodgers, Nats, Cubs, Giants. You will found the both of those games on "Fox Sports One". Maria?

BARTIMORO: And good news right now. Former NFL player and U.N. Ambassador, Jack Brewer. Jack, you live in Florida. You do work in Haiti and the Caribbean. Tell us about the devastation that you have been seeing.

JACK BREWER, THE BREWER GROUP CEO: It's been very bad. You know, it seems like particularly, Haiti, just continues to get hit with catastrophic events, you know. You know, we have several initiatives on the ground there, so I have been in touch in real time. And I mean, you can see the images, people are suffering. And unfortunately, obviously, we have our issues in the U.S. with the hurricane. You know, with these people, you know, there's deforestation that's causing, as you can see, rampant flooding and plants getting washed out. And they need a lot of support.

Last time, Haiti had had such a devastating earthquake back about six years ago. And unfortunately, a lot those funds didn't really get to the people. And so, you know, we have a big push with people on the ground now that are trying to make sure that every dollar gets to the people, and actually helps to try to relieve some of these hard times that they are facing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think it will get to the people this time around just given what happened last time, how the money didn't flow there appropriately? Do you think the Red Cross is set up and a bunch of other organizations are ready to help?

BREWER: Well, I'm a big advocate of helping the people on the ground, you know. Our organization prides itself on empowering from within. So, we work with the people directly on the ground, those individuals that are there, living their lives there each and every day. And so, the organizations like ours and others, we have tremendous partners on the ground that ensure that those things actually get to the people. And so, that's the way we would usually approach our giving.

BARTIMORO: What do you need to see? The death toll in Haiti reaching 330, officials are saying, 15,000 people displaced. What do you want to see on a government level?

BREWER: On a government level, obviously, you need to have a bigger focus on actually long sustainable development.


BREWER: You know, the projects that they have now in Haiti, you know, need to be sustainable. They need to reinvest in environment. Get the trees back growing there. And actually, you know, just try to rebuild some stability in the place. I mean, there's over 350,000 people displaced right now in Haiti. And if you see bridges are cut off.

So, you know, right now we have helicopters dropping off, you know, water and food to people that are starving. The problem is really bad. And so, you know I appreciate you all highlighting this because if you hadn't, I don't think it'd be in the media as much just because, you know, we have our own problems here as well, which is understandable.

BARTIMORO: Right, sure. Dagen.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FBN CORESPONDENT: Yeah. And the problem is that our attention turns to a nation like Haiti during the natural disaster. But then do you feel like then ignore a nation in need when they are in need all the time. Not just when our mother nature is bearing down on her.

BREWER: Definitely, you have fatigue and that's the issue. You know, people are constantly seeing Haiti and Haiti is a rich place. And I say that because it has natural resources and it has -- at this location and its climate, it should be a thriving nation.

BARTIMORO: Incredible potential for agriculture.

BREWER: Yes, incredible potential for agriculture.

BARTIMORO: Why isn't there more than production on that? I mean what needs to happen to actually capitalize better on those resources?

BREWER: First stop, people need to stop taking advantage of the country. We have some organizations saying in the United States that, you know, I don't feel really did a good job last a time. Haiti raised almost $11, $12 billion. And that should have totally revamped that nation and it should have put them on a road to prosperity. And it didn't and that's very unfortunate.

BARTIMORO: Yeah, it sure is. All right, good to see you. Thank you so much for joining us, Jack Brewer. Appreciate it. We'll be watching your efforts, Jack Brewer and Jared Max as well.

Still to come, we are monitoring the developments of Hurricane Matthew. Things are moving fast. We will also bring you the September Job's report out in about 30 minutes. We are expecting job growth in the month of September. We've got the analysis. Stay with us.


BARTIMORO: Good Friday morning everybody. Welcome back. I'm Maria Bartiromo. It is Friday, October 7th. Here are the top stories, 8:00 am on the East Coast. The September Job's Report due, out in about 30 minutes, right now. We will bring it to you live and talk about the health of the labor market and what we are see --


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