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HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: (In progress) -- abuse across everybody.


CLINTON: We also see a similar problem in some international trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It sets up a dispute resolution system that favors large corporations over everyone else. That's one of the reasons I'm against it. I warned about this for years, I've written about it, and I opposed TTP now, I will oppose it after election, I will oppose it as president because it is one-sided and unfair to American workers.

And what about all those pharmaceutical companies that jack up prices for no reason? We're going to have to protect ourselves against that too. And when we find unjustified spikes in the prices of long standing life saving drugs, we should slap penalties on companies trying to cheat people who need those drugs.

And let's finally import safe alternatives from other countries like Canada, and speed up approvals to get more generic drugs on the market.

And it is long past time to allow Medicare to negotiate for better prices for drugs and get the cost down for Medicare recipients.

And I believe we should cap the amount working families pay out of pocket every month for medicine. No one should ever have to choose between paying the rent and filling their prescriptions.

So let's stand up for taxpayers, let's stand up for consumers, and let's stand up for small businesses which create most of the jobs in America.

I take this personally because of my dad's very small business. We need fair rules of the road so big corporations can't use their power to gain unfair advantages.

Now, when it comes to bullying small businesses, Donald Trump is the poster boy. I have heard so many stories of contractors and I've met some too who worked for him, produced the goods and services and never got paid for what they were owed. I'm talking about painters and plumbers, piano sellers, architects, glass installers, he stiffed them all, not because he couldn't pay them but he wouldn't pay them. And he told them, you want to get your money, sue me. My dad could never have done that. I'm just grateful my dad never got a contract with Donald Trump because I don't know what we would have done.

You know, more than 60 percent of small businesses face payment delays. That can cause a serious cash flow crisis, so as president, I will explore new ways to arm small businesses with the tools to fight back and level the playing field. Part of the problem is large corporations are amassing so much power in our economy. Sometimes it's called market concentration or even old-fashion monopolies but either way it threatens businesses of all size, as well as consumers. With less competition corporations can use their power to raise prices, limit choice for consumers, cut wages for workers, crowd out start-ups and small businesses, I mean, look what's happening right now in most of the country the three largest health insurance companies in each state control 80 percent of the market. No wonder premiums are going up. As president, I will appoint tough independent authorities to strengthen antitrust enforcement and really scrutinize mergers and acquisition so the big don't keep getting bigger and bigger.

I want every business -- I want every business to compete and thrive and I also want to do something else. Let's protect and empower workers who actually drive our economy. Everyone who works hard should be able to share in the reward, not just senior executive, so we are proposing new tax credits to encourage more companies to share profits on top of not instead of higher wages.

And I will defend your right to organize and we need .

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKERS: Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

CLINTON: We need and support new organizing strategies for employees who too often have never had the benefit of collective bargaining and we have to resist the assault on workers' rights. Let's say loudly and clearly, right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for Americans.

Let's also, my friends, let's raise the minimum wage and support the fight for 15 so you don't live in poverty. Let's defend overtime and go after wage theft. Let's provide family leave that is paid and access to affordable high-quality child care and, of course, you know what I'm going to say, let's finally guaranty equal pay for women.

Well .

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKERS: Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

CLINTON: You know, my opponent and his chief surrogates like to say I'm playing the woman's card and I will tell you, right, if fighting for working families is playing the woman's card, you know what, deal me in.

And then finally, I got a lot on my mind, but finally, we need to make it easier for companies to invest in good jobs here at home. As president, I will ramp up enforcement of trade rules by appointing a new chief trade prosecutor and tripling the number of enforcement officers. We will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new good-paying jobs since World War II. I want to direct $10 billion to create a make it in America partnership to support American manufacturing.

And I want to -- I want to take some of the -- some of the ideas that worked when my husband was president, we ended up with 23 million new jobs and income went up for everybody.

That includes incentives like the new market tax credit for creating good jobs in poorer or remote areas, from inner cities to rural communities, ravaged, ravaged by hallowed out factories, ravaged by mines that have been shut down, ravaged by opioid addiction. It all comes down to this. When I say our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top, I mean it. And we are going to do everything we can to make sure workers are treated like assets not costs.


CLINTON: And we're going to bring back infrastructure jobs, advance manufacturing jobs, clean renewable energy jobs, innovation, technology, small business.

Now, you don't have to look any further than right here in Northwest Ohio, just a few years ago as heard Kenyatta (ph) say, in 2009 you were in the eye of the storm, jobs, homes, savings, wiped out. The auto industry on the verge of collapse, a lot of people were ready to give up on it.


CLINTON: Well, that would have meant giving up on 850,000 people across this state .


CLINTON: . whose jobs were tied to the industry. Donald Trump for once said rescuing the auto industry didn't matter very much, either way would have been acceptable, he said. We could have just let it go and that's a direct quote from him. Everybody in Ohio who is thinking about voting for Trump needs to hear that. At the time of the worst financial crisis in Ohio in 2009, he would have let you twist and fall. And for his running mate he picked Mike Pence an artist opponent of the auto rescue.

Well, thank goodness the people of Northwest Ohio weren't ready to let it go. You never gave up. You didn't lose faith .


CLINTON: . and now after a lot of hard work and sacrifice the auto industry just had its best year ever.

But that's not all there is to the story because in addition to that hard work America, America came to the rescue. Taxpayers like all of us, not him, but us, provided the funds for the rescue. Union workers stepped up.

Communities like Toledo came together to make it work. And now that the industry is back on its feet, the auto companies have a responsibility to give back. So I was delighted to hear that Chrysler is doubling down on Toledo, investing $700 million here to start building the next generation Jeep Wrangler which could create 700 new good jobs, and tens of thousands of UAW workers at Chrysler plants should see a big increase in profit- sharing payments above and beyond wages and benefit. Now, that's -- that's the way it's supposed to work. When we all help each other out, when we stand together, we are stronger together.


CLINTON: So what I want you to know is if you join me in this campaign, I will always stand up and fight for you, and fight for your jobs, and fight for your families.

And I guess, you know, we have about 36 days left, the election is going to be close, every call you make, every door you knock, every friend you register to vote could make the difference. You can text join, J-O-I-N to 47246 right now or go to to sign up and volunteer.

Here in Ohio, you have until October the 11th to register to vote. And there are people at clipboards around that you can go actually register today on your way out of the door. So we have just over a week to register and then early voting starts October 12th.

Let's prove, let's prove that the American dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise. Let's prove that we are going to stand together, make the smart decisions that will get the economy going and growing for everybody not just those at the top, that we will stand up against special privilege and special interest, that we will be ready after this election to have an agenda that will really make a difference here in Toledo and across Ohio.


CLINTON: So I'm here asking for your help, asking for your work, asking for you to be part of this campaign, and then when we win on November 8th. Be part of changing our country for the better. Thank you all and God bless you!

TRISH REGAN "THE INTELLIGENCE REPORT" HOST: Breaking right now everyone, Hillary Clinton wrapping up a speech in the must-win State of Ohio. She is blasting corporate bad guys and blasting Donald Trump for not paying any federal income taxes.

I am Trish Regan. Welcome everyone to "The Intelligence Report".

You just heard a very fiery speech there from Hillary Clinton going after big-bad business, going after people who don't pay their taxes A.K.A Donald Trump, she didn't say A.K.A., she was quite implicit in her criticism their of Donald Trump.

Joining me right now with reaction to all of it, Former Bernie supporter turns Trump fan, Harlan Hill, plus Fox News Contributor, Leslie Marshall, and Conservative Radio Host, Howie Carr.

I'll start with you Howie. I mean I heard a lot of anti-business rhetoric in there. However, I also heard a real appeal towards the sort of populist sentiments that frankly has gripped the country right now in that. It is the middle class and underclass against the rich. Your thoughts on the speech.

HOWIE CARR, CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST: Well, Trish, it was rather amusing -- I mean she railed against Wells Fargo, the biggest individual shareholder, of course, is Warren Buffet, one of her biggest supporters. She railed against four profit colleges. Her husband Bill Clinton made $15.5 million from Laureate Colleges, the so called Honorary Chancellor.

She said again, she opposed TPP, you know, as we all know, that's -- she is a definitely a late convert to that cause after she did some focus groups and some polling. I mean, the hypocrisy here was fairly breath-taking, I thought.

REGAN: You know at the same time, I mean to her credit, Leslie Marshall, she said, look, you know, if you're willing to work, if you're willing to work, and I think that that actually is that -- that's something, Hillary Clinton is giving up some ground there. And that she said if you're willing to work you should be able to get a job. You know, it does seem as though this is bottom line the most important thing for Americans around the country right now. The economy, the economy, the economy, and they want to know that if they're going to put the hours in they have a shot at getting somewhere essentially, you know, at its core. Isn't this exactly, though they have different way to go in about in, exactly what Hillary and Trump are both campaigning on?

LESLIE MARSHALL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it's similar. I mean, the differences are -- and quite frankly, I was surprised she didn't point it out in the first debate. When you talk about the economy and even Donald Trump himself said, one of the problems is the outsourcing jobs to China and Mexico which he and his corporations have done time and time again. That is a clear problem especially for the middle class, especially for both union and nonunion workers in places like the State of Ohio and specifically in areas of that state like Toledo.

So, one, you got to bring the jobs back. I think she kicked every box that middle class hard-working Americans look to. Which is -- like you said, Trish, we are working hard. We are not asking for a handout. We're simply asking for good-paying job that we can support our families on and that is a message that I think is going to resonate.

I think she might get a little bounce from this in Ohio.

REGAN: She was going after Trump pretty hard, you know, over and over again throughout the speech. She took some shots at him. Let's hear one of those examples right now.


CLINTON: Now, while millions of American families including mine and yours .


CLINTON: . were working hard, paying our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. Imagine that.


CLINTON: Not fair, nothing for pilgrims to help kids go to college, nothing for veterans, nothing for our military.


REGAN: In other words, Harlan Hill, she going to hold him up and say, look, this is a guy that is exactly part of the problem. He was able to gain the system to his advantage and thus contributed nothing to America. How will he respond?

HARLAN HILL, BERNIE SUPPORTER TURNED TRUMP'S FAN: Well, frankly, this was pretty anti-business. I mean anybody that ever run a small business before which I have, knows that if you take a loss you're able to deduct that from future earnings. And so, for her to hit him on that is so intellectually dishonest and the media is for taking in it to.

REGAN: And why do you think that it's -- I mean -- I mean .

HILL: It's a cheap shot.

RAEGAN: We know the reason you doesn't like her, but, you know, understanding tax in terms is also pretty complicated stuff.

HILL: Right, I mean look it's a cheap shot. Right, most people hear then they're like, this guy, oh, this guy is, you know, he's stepping out on his duty to help pay for all of the Pell grants and infrastructure and all of these things. And really couldn't be any further from the truth.

When he makes money he pays on that income. It's pretty standard.

REGAN: You know, to continue on that sort of tax thing, Howie, you know, she took a shot at anybody who is not paying their fair share. She would say Donald Trump is not, and also said she's going to enact something called the Buffet Rule, where in other words Warren Buffet not going to wind up paying less in the way a taxes than his secretary, of course.

You know, it's all very easy to say to some of surfers (ph), because the reality is you're talking about income versus investment, complicated stuff that, you know, hey, why bother getting bogged down in the details. But, Warren Buffet, as one of her supporters maybe he should just be willing to fork over a little bit more money to the American system and do his duty.

CARR: Well, sure, get back to the fact that he's the major stock holder in Wells Fargo. I mean the whole speech was intellectually dishonest. What she -- she said tax .

REGAN: But isn't that just politics, Howie, to a certain extent. It's who can be better .

CARR: Of course it is.

REGAN: . at this game now.

CARR: Yeah.

REGAN: Who can sell it in a way that resonates more in the hearts and minds of American people.

CARR: But you know, "The New York Times" took a tax write-off last year, the Clintons took tax write-offs. They used to take tax write-offs when he was a governor of Arkansas for his used underwear. You know?

But the real scandal here is the illegal leaking of Trump's tax records. We never going to know who did it, but we do know we have at Wallace (ph) Internal Revenue Service, lowest learner but the tea party (inaudible).

REGAN: May I -- All right, you know what, it .


REGAN: And there's plenty of time for that. At some point, but we're five weeks away from election and whether you like it or not, it's out there now. The question is how much it's really going to hurt him? And I think Harlan and Howie you're both making very good points.

Leslie as an advocate for Hillary Clinton, I know you're going to refute this, but to a certain extent doesn't it take one to know one? Another if Donald Trump knows how to get around the system with his horrid of accountants. Shouldn't he be better equipped to make sure that no one in the future is able to get around the system?

MARSHALL: Well, yes and no. I mean, if you look at the Clintons who have amassed certainly between the two of them a great fortune, there's a difference between using the tax loopholes (ph) to your benefit to reduce the amount of tax you pay and paying zero.

Certainly, people, you know, might say, well, if you're such a good businessman and how did you, in a sense, lose all that money to be able to make such deductions to get to that point to pay zero taxes?

REGAN: Well, .

MARSHALL: And like you said Trish, that's very complicated. But, honestly, I have always thought and I have liberals who disagree with me on this vehemently, I really don't think at the end of the day that people who are undecided are going to vote for Hillary or against Donald based on this revelation necessarily in his supporters. I don't think this is going to change their minds.

REGAN: Yeah. No, I think you're right only because I think a lot of people that are being fully intellectually honest with themselves will say, OK, well, you know, he's running a business, and (inaudible) it was a big business and it was a big write-off.

But, you know, that is the way the tax code now stands and he did something that was fully legal. So, she's going to have to get him on something else. And, well, there's plenty of stuff out there.


REGAN: So, we'll see. Harlan, Howie, Leslie, thank you so much. Let's continue to stay on this.

You know, Donald Trump is struggling a bit here. He's got some troubles that he snow-balling here and Hillary Clinton keeps highlighting them. You heard her there in the speech today, certainly, going on about some of the economic issues.

Well, how is he going to be able to deal with her in the next debate? We saw her needle him over and over and over again. In the first debate, he basically fell for every single one of those. And then she's up there on stage there in Toledo, Ohio needling him again today.

Bush -- Former Bush Adviser, Brad Blakeman is joining me right now with his thoughts on how he can best to be prepared.

So, we know some of the ammunition just judging from the speech today, she basically had a few good one-liners there about Trump saying, "It's always Trump first and everyone else last."

And she pointed out that he basically had taken advantage in her view of a lot of people including, you know, piano shift own -- piano store owners, along with a number of other small businesses that she cite.

So, he's got to be prepared for this in the next debate. Will he be?

BRAD BLAKEMAN, FORMER BUSH ADVISER: He should be. He's got enough ammunition if he sticks to the facts. Now, Hillary Clinton got rich for being famous. Hillary Clinton got rich off her service for the country.

She took advantage of 300 million Americans using her position to ingratiate, not only herself, but Bill Clinton.

And by the way, it's a fact she did not report a couple of $100 million of donations to the Clinton Foundation. How do you do that? Did you do it so that you don't have the evidence .

REGAN: All right.

BLAKEMAN: . of people who are putting in to the foundation .

REGAN: But you know .

BLAKEMAN: . who probably shouldn't be?

REGAN: Everything you're saying is very important right now, but yet, she's having the opportunity to attack him and he's still talking about Alicia Machado.

BLAKEMAN: You're right.

REGAN: I mean, he's got to get out there in front of the story, does he not and start talking once again about things like the Clinton Foundation?

BLAKEMAN: You bet he does. There is enough there to talk about. The American people are sick and tired of the Clintons, they've overstayed their welcome.

And all you need to do is bring home the fact that the Clintons everything they touch turns to crap.

REGAN: Oh, boy.

BLAKEMAN: And it's not me saying it, it is Colin Powell who said it about the secretary of state.

The Clintons on their record can be beaten, but the Clintons you cannot beat by .


BLAKEMAN: . just tit for tat insulations issues.

REGAN: OK. So, let me ask you this, strategy wise. I mean, she needled him, she poked him, he fell for it every single time in the last debate. Could he turn the tables on her? Could he needle and poke her with the likes of what a surrogates are talking about right now, potentially, bringing up Bill Clinton's indiscretions?

If he does that, how do you think that will go over?

BLAKEMAN: No, it will not go over at all. When people go into the voting boost, they're not going to be voting on whether Bill Clinton is a decent person. He is not on the ballot. They're going to be going in to the ballot box saying how .

REGAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but they're voting on whether she is a decent person or not. And Brad .

BLAKEMAN: But they've already come to the conclusion that she's not.

REGAN: She went after the women that had the affairs with their husband. And, you know, look, I get, you know, people saying here she's a woman who felt like, you know, her husband's seem to think advantage off and this is not and the other and these were the women that her husband cheated on her with.

But, you know, at the end of the day, she as a woman, you think she kind of want to stick up for the women and say, you know, I got a husband that's kind of a bad apple?

BLAKEMAN: Look, they were in this together. She knew full well the tendencies and behavior of her husband, there's no doubt about it. And she went after the women in order to preserve her place and his place in power.

But that's not for Donald Trump to do.

REGAN: All right.

BLAKEMAN: That's for surrogates to do and better off is for surrogate women to do.

REGAN: All right. Thank you so much Brad!

BLAKEMAN: Thanks Trish.

REGAN: We're going to continue our coverage of that big speech out of Toledo, Ohio right after this. We'll see you here.



CLINTON: Trump represents the same rigged system that he claims he's going to change. The whole story tells us everything we need to know about how Trump does business.


REGAN: All right, there you go. Hillary Clinton slamming Donald Trump's business practices over and over and over again there in Toledo, Ohio. She's saying there's no way he can fix our economy.

Well, guess what Mrs. Clinton, according to a new Fox News poll when it comes to handling the economy, Trump leads you by two points, 49 to 47. So, what's he going to do about it?

Joining me right now for more analysis on all of it, Pollster, Lee Carter. Good to see to you, Lee.


REGAN: This is the issue that people care about and, interestingly, this is an issue that they see him being stronger on him. Is this because of his business background?

CARTER: I think absolutely. And he's been hammering on jobs, on trade, on things that really do matter to most Americans. Because through out, we've seen that he has won on the economy. She did deliver a very good speech.

And one other things that we've been saying over and over again is a lot of this election could depend on outside events. Unfortunately, would there be another terrorist attack? Who does that favor?

What we've had is Wells Fargo and, you know, and Pharma pricing coming up, very close to the election, raising that big business -- anti-big business sentiment which usually favors Democrats. And she's playing that card, card.

REGAN: Although, I mean, he, you know, I was just saying it in the last segment in some ways, they knew each other and that they're both sort of the projecting this anti-establishment. Now, granted, she use establishment.


REGAN: She's been a, you know, politician or married to a politician for most of her adult life. He is a business owner, so we come with a different perspective, but they're both sort of saying, OK, we need to create a better system for the middle class. And that's something that's very important right now. You've been crunching the numbers?


REGAN: You've been looking at this. A lot of people are saying, you know, Donald Trump's behind here, how does he catch up? There is a path?

CARTER: There is a path. And I just want to say, right now when you look at the polls week by week by week, he is not doing as badly as he was August 28th, September 2nd, September 11th. All these days he was in worse shape than he is today.

REGAN: It could be worse then.

CARTER: It could be worse. We've seen him bounce back is my point. But, right now, she has the momentum. All the polls right now are showing us right now is where the energy is going. The energy is going 100 percent towards Hillary Clinton.

REGAN: Is that in part, do you think, because she is out there lobbing these attacks at him and he's responding instead of being on the offensive himself?

CARTER: Look, you can almost predict who is going to win by who's reacting and who's acting. And it's been this way through the whole election cycle. Whoever is acting is winning, whosever reacting is losing.

And he is on his heels, and he needs to get off them. He needs to stop reacting to the nonsense and start talking about the issues that matter most. He needs to get back on economy, back on jobs.

He needs to be lobbing his own offense against Hillary Clinton. There's plenty of things that people upset about, the Clinton Foundation being one of them.

There's many, many things. She is going after him about his taxes and big business, well, why isn't he going after her about what happened with the Clinton Foundation and pay for play?

It's just -- it's unfortunate right now, he cannot get out of his own way to be acting.

REGAN: And he's losing control of this .

CARTER: He's losing control of the narrative. And he is a master controlling the narrative.

So, what he needs to do in the next 24 hours is not -- it's not enough for it to happen at the debate. It has to start happening today. He needs to start controlling the message and getting back to what people like about him most.