On the CBS MoneyWatch, interest rates holds steady and another Blue Bell ice cream recall.



Bell ice cream recall.>

wrapping up a two-day meeting. But the Fed did warn that it`s likely to

raise interest rates by the end of the year.>

MEG OLIVER: On the CBS MoneyWatch, interest rates holds steady and another Blue Bell ice cream recall. Jill Wagner is at the New York Stock Exchange with that and more. Good morning, Jill.

JILL WAGNER: Good morning, Meg. The Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged after wrapping up a two-day meeting. But the Fed did warn that it`s likely to raise interest rates by the end of the year. The central bank found evidence that the economy is improving and the job market is strengthening, but Fed Chair Janet Yellen said there is still room for growth.

JANET YELLEN (Federal Reserve Chair): We judge that the case for an increase has strengthened but decided, for the time being, to wait for further evidence of continued progress toward our objectives.

JILL WAGNER: Experts predict that the Fed will increase rates by about a quarter point in December.

Well, the markets reacted favorably to the Fed`s decision ending the day with solid gains. The Dow added a hundred and sixty-three points. The S&P close up twenty-three points higher. The NASDAQ added fifty-three.

The man in charge of the IRS says that he did not lie to investigators looking into why the agency subjected Tea Party groups to extra scrutiny. John Koskinen defended himself yesterday to the House Judiciary Committee amid efforts to impeach him. He had testified in 2014 that no documents were destroyed since the investigation began. It later turned out thousands of e-mails were mistakenly deleted.

Well, gasoline is flowing again through a pipeline that shut down earlier this month and caused shortages throughout the Southeast. The pipeline reopened last night nearly two weeks after more than two hundred and fifty thousand gallons leaked out in Alabama. The resulting shortage caused gas prices to spike in the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. It will still take a few days before all gas stations are resupplied.

And Blue Bell Creameries is recalling certain ice cream that it sold in the South due to possible listeria contamination. The company`s chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie two-step made in its Alabama plant are affected. No illnesses have been reported. Last year, Blue Bell recalled all of its products due to listeria contamination. Meg.

MEG OLIVER: All right. Jill Wagner for us at the New York Stock Exchange. Thank you.

Up next, an update from Charlotte. We`ll take you back to the scene, where protesters clashed with police for the second night in a row.


MEG OLIVER: Now, another look at this morning`s top stories. North Carolina`s governor declared a state of emergency after a second straight night of violent protests in Charlotte. Don Champion is there on the ground. Don, good morning again.

DON CHAMPION: Yeah, good morning, Meg. The chaos here in Charlotte stretch- - certainly stretched well into the early morning hours here. Even at this hour, there are heavily-armed officers lining some streets here, trying to maintain order. As you walk around uptown, which is essentially Charlotte`s downtown area, you see scenes like this behind me--shattered glass and damaged buildings up and down this area. We do know there were some reports of lootering last night-- lootering last night. Also, we do know that three civilians were hospitalized. One of them is in critical condition after he was shot-- head. Also, this morning, we are learning that four officers were hurt on this, the second night of violence in the wake of the controversial police shooting of a black man here. We do know that the governor has declared a state of emergency here and has called in the National Guard to try to keep the peace. Meg.

MEG OLIVER: Don, as you know, two very different accounts of what happened in the shooting death of Keith Scott. The family said he was holding a book while waiting for his children to get off the school bus; police saying that he had a gun. When are we going to see that video? We know the mayor, she is going to be seeing it later today, is that right?

DON CHAMPION: Yeah. That`s the big question right now. Last night, the city did confirm that the mayor will be watching, viewing some dash camera video from the shooting on Tuesday. Yesterday, we did learn from the police chief here that the officer who did open fire was not wearing a body camera, but there were other officers at the scene who were wearing body cameras and there is also dash camera video. So the police chief, yesterday, did say he had no-- he did not intend on releasing that video. We will certainly see what will happen next after the mayor views that video again sometime today.

MEG OLIVER: All right. Don Champion in Charlotte for us this morning, thank you.

And investigators in New York are looking for two people who made off Saturday with a suitcase that contained a bomb. Police want to study the suitcase as they gather more evidence against Ahmad Rahami, the suspect in last Saturday`s New York and New Jersey bombings. He is recovering from gunshot wounds.

More rain is on the way today for parts of Virginia, hit hard by storms. In Virginia Beach, streets flooded, stranding cars as drivers tried to plow through the deep water. More than a foot of rain has fallen in some areas as what`s left of Tropical Storm Julia lingers offshore. The worst of the rain though should be over.

Coming up after your local news on CBS THIS MORNING, comedian John Oliver.


MEG OLIVER: There was a vigil in Tulsa last night calling for unity following the deadly police shooting of Terence Crutcher. Hundreds packed the Metropolitan Baptist Church to honor Crutcher, who was shot last week. The mayor of Tulsa and other city leaders attended. The vigil sought to address the issue of police violence against the black community.


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